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Golf course with \"trick\" the two tips teach you to lay the Pebble Beach National Pro-am

In addition to the familiar with the rules, men and women take part in today\'s Pebble Beach National Pro-am also note what? see the following two \"trick\", perhaps today you are more likely to make good results.

Comparative stress bring equipment golf clothing, usually requires wearing a licensed sleeve shirt on, most of the pitches on the style and length of shorts provided, if not less than 4 inches above the knee. To protect the turf, stadium only wears on special plastic nail shoes. In addition you need to bring is a set of golf equipment: golf bag, iron set, wooden rod, Rod (aggregate, not more than 14). There are two points to note: hosting golf bag should first confirm their spherical package of brand-name, otherwise confusing; in his own mark on golf, peer players before kick off and confirm their ball.

Familiar Greens and golf courses qingchengshan this competition as international standard 18-hole golf course, 6,419 meters in length, standard 72, highest difficulty is the eighth hole, the hole fairway 419 metres long, it is the standard 4-bar, for the entire golf course fairway of a maximum of 4 hole. This hole kick off let one-step, from serving single look at the Green, about 100 metres of xiaohegou right in front and a row of plant disorders. Kick off minimum of 120 meters above the placement is enough security. On the strip of fairway to the right is a forest, artificial lake on the left is also daunting. \"Recommendations for men and women pair partner discussions of tactics, that show kicked off in the eighth opening ball. \"Luo Ling, head of caddie reminder.

Qingchengshan front 9 holes can only be warming up after 9 holes is the essence of the game. The back 9 holes don\'t be too quick to appreciate the Egret, although this is unique to Qingcheng golf course scenery. Connected, 10th on a giant artificial lake and 18-hole, the ball falls in the water is difficult. The 16th hole was the most challenging par three hole, 159 metres in length, connected to the 17th hole of the artificial lake will serve with green barrier, and on the biggest challenges this hole hidden in green---appears to be angled not actually model tricky, is three-layered, whole green leaning forward slightly. Have guests to have more than 10 times putting failed here, so should never be rushed. Reporter Juan Du

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