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Fat people play embarrassment 9 recommendations 5 remind you 1 a surprise

Maybe you know John. Dali won United States open, and don\'t know what his coach \"forced\" him to lose weight, fat people play inevitably encounters some embarrassing

9 recommendations

1. end play must own walk, after playing 18 holes, approximately 7 kilometers \' walk, 1750 calories consumed heat
, Go faster, often stabilizing effect in cardiac function.

2. a week to play two 18-hole, and sustained, not only lose weight can reduce the risk of recurrent coronary heart disease, and can prevent osteoporosis, increase body resistance.

3. prepare before exercise activities, relaxing activities after exercise, including static stretching exercises, easy walking, jogging, jumping, technical swing, swing and other empty-handed.

4. to select a different amount of playing time according to their own situation, the beginner in the first few weeks, play time not too long, slowly extend playing time and strength to you later.

5. belly fat people are generally large, so turning is a big problem, empowerment and bending the legs can make up for the deficiency waist.

6. develop perennial golf exercise good habits.

7. movement in the afternoon.

8. normally should be an appropriate diet, pay attention to the dietary balance and avoid engorgement.

9. when the following conditions, you must stop: feeling fatigue or legs to action coordination; any part pain exacerbation; appear dizzy; feeling impatient and tachypnea; low blood glucose symptoms occur.

5 reminder

1. with a few towels, if it\'s hot, you end up with a wet towel.

2. wear bright color of the t-shirt, thermal, sweating and not easy to leave India.

3. sports drinks with some bottles of frozen, in addition to immediate supplementary water, but also vitamins and trace elements.

4. research has shown that, 60 minute Golf playing 3 times a week, compared with 30 minute Golf playing 6 times a week, which is better.

5. people with diabetes, it is best not to go play golf alone, around and be sure to have drinks, cookies are easy to absorb food, to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

1 surprise

Micro fat friends not in addition to playing the ball deliberately lose weight, because based on the experience of senior Golf coach, insist on playing more than half a year, naturally lean down, than weight-loss drugs are effective.

(Zhang Liangli Yuan Yunping)

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