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Practice swing accidentally hitting the ball is considered a

Q: SCOTT on the ball in the hole, he accidentally hit the ball when practicing putting actions aside, this time hitting you?

A: hitting the Scott Act does not constitute a. However both Stroke play or match in which he is due to move his ball was in the use of a rod of punishment (rule 18-2A). When an error committed when he was confused, importantly Scott be sure not to forget to put back the ball. If the location of the ball after he touched the ball hit the ball, he was in the wrong place to play ball (
Rule 20-7) in Stroke play was total in the holes in the bar or in the second match of the punishment. The rules on the definition of \"hit\" is so described: hitting is intended to play correctly and make it move the ball forward movement. In view of this, because there is no such awareness, practice swing even had contact with the ball is also not \"hitting\".

Only move the ball with a practice swing is not subject to punishment, that is, before kick off in the service area, the ball is not in use at this time the ball.

How will the following disposal?

Q: Scott in Stroke play, push hit the ball to the hole, in the case of very disappointing, he putting the racket out of the hole in the back area, what should you do?

A: normally, beat Scott anger take should not be regarded as a batting (case 18-2A/23). He moved the ball was in use one penalty. He should be placed back to the edge of the hole the ball back, but not in local play ball.

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