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Four soccer match with players helping each other set of scales

Asked: mark and Tom is four game of partners, they is studied mark of pusher line, Tom station in ball hole behind, wanted to told mark (he think) ball will in from hole 6 inches of local Steering, he to feet placed in he think mark may aiming of pusher route of extension Shang of a points, and will pusher head placed in ground of this is Shang, such do allows did?

Answer: no! In the match, mark and Tom in the cave bear. In Stroke play, they will each be fined two-bar: because Tom was foul, and mark profit as a result.

When the player when the ball on the Putting Green, players, partner or their caddies are available before hitting the direct line of putt, but this kind of behavior should not be touched on the Putting Green (rule 8-2B). Players or caddies used their feet to achieve the purpose of indicating line of putt is not acceptable. In the example above, Tom should use it to push rod does not contact the ground to indicate the point, the same rules apply with a flag to indicate that the line of putt ﹍ must not touch the ground. This rule applies only to the ball on the Putting Green. If you mark face a short ball or (hole zone) edge when you use a push rod, before Tom can hit a ball instead of hitting the ball touches the ground in the process to indicate line.

Q: mark and Tom is a four-game partner, Tom with his body shadows to Ma Kelai indicating line of putt, and with such persistence until after hitting the mark. Is this OK?

Answer: No. By shadow to indicate only in front of the ball instead of hitting in the process. So, in the match, mark and Tom in the cave bear. In Stroke play, they will each be fined two rods.

Noun explanation

Partner (partner): companion, partner in the match. The player with the party.

In the rule description: \"partners\" refers to the home player game party. A pair of two-game, two in the second game or four-ball match, without violating the meaning of the case, players including the term of its partners.

Four-Ball (four ball): two two-person game, each playing a ball, the parties select the best achievements of a ball in the hole. Also known as the Four ball match.

Line of putt (line): hitting the direction line; push hit the road.

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