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Still how the ball is moving the game should carry

This rule tells us that when the ball is still moving in a variety of different cases of how the game should go on.

Experience tells us of the match, \"stationary balls were movement-rest of the ball is back again. \"The principle is almost always correct, remember that can enable players to avoid risk of penalty and may be disqualified.

Of course, this is not all you need to know, because when the ball is moving in the case, there is still a question of whether punished. In General, only when you move the ball of the staff for this ball has a case of obligation or interest with the ball, will be punished.

Rule 18-1 discusses a stationary ball is outside the mobile situation. User means outside has nothing to do with the players in the match, not part of the game either in Stroke play, including referees, scorekeeper, observer and observed caddy (photograph). Once it appears, players are not penalized, but before the player hitting the next ball shall be placed back again. Is important to note that, wind and water are not uninvolved. For example, static ball on the Greens by wind blowing, it must be hitting on it is now the location of, like amplify luck, whatever is it. Therefore, as an exception to this disposition. Rule 18-2 is about the players, partner and their caddies or Equipment such as balls move a player still ball. This might cause a penalty, but limited in some special cases the ball is not by player has no intention to move the column. If the offset within the ball club after you reset the obstacles were touches of, the ball is moved, then regarded as the players move the ball, which should be added one penalty. If the player hitting the ball in the in the use of preparations is moved, the player is considered to be moving the ball. To this, he cannot claim to be the ball was moved by the wind. In all cases, the ball must be placed back again, unless the player has begun to swing and continued in progress. Rule 18-3 discussions in a match, static ball was an opponent of the player or his caddie or Equipment should be how to deal with problems when moving. If this occurs in the process of looking for the ball, is not subject to punishment. Otherwise, no one will go to help competitors looking for the ball! However, if it is not occurring in the process of looking for the ball, the opponent will be given a penalty. Regardless of what kind of situation, the ball must be placed on the original location. 18-4 talking about the rules in Stroke play ball is a partner of the players still in the game (or his caddie or Equipment) moving problems. Those who are outside, it is not punished, but the ball should be placed back again.

Finally, 18-5 describes the rules when a ball is in the use of static state another shot when the ball is in motion after the move, what problems. This stationary ball of--you guessed--should be placed back again. Next issue will introduce the appropriate questions about the ball in motion.

Now we discuss if the ball is moved without static was repositioned as required by rule 18 back issue, then what do I do? In Stroke play, this player will be given a total of two rod of punishment; if he had been a penalty, then it can only be punished in one; in the match, is sentenced to the tunnel. More serious is, if in the Stroke play on his scorecard didn\'t register the two rod of punishment, he will be subject to penalties was disqualified (see rule 6-6D).


Jurisprudence on golf rules, about 1000 pieces, to explain common special cases. Ruling eighteen-tenths pointed out that some things are not as clear black and white: the story is that a person walking near a bunker, and the ball is located in a nearby location and subsequent fall into the bunker. What should I do? Can be sure of is that this person caused a movement of the ball, the ball shall be put back again. If the person is any one player, partner or their caddies, the player is subject to a penalty. If the person is the opponent, in the match to be a punishment, unless the ball movement is to arise in the process of looking for the ball. If this person certainly not caused the ball to move, then hitting the ball now bunker position on. So, race referee officers how to deal with it? they based on the existing evidence, such as site characteristics, associated personnel and the distance between the balls. In the case of no evidence that this person move the ball should be found for this movement of the ball is a fortuitous coincidence.

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