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Game suspended sandbox is flat how the bunker the ball handling

Q: when the game was when he announced the suspension, TOM ball got stuck in a sand pit, under rule 6-8C requirements as well as the balloon and pick up the ball. When the second day of the competition is recovered, he found the bunker has been site workers have trimmed, his balloon was moved, and obviously his original ball has been flat. At this point he should do?

Answer: TOM must be in place as close as possible to the original recovery location status and place of the ball after ball (ball remained stuck in the sand pit). If the original location of the State is a footprint, again as a footprint is required. However, the recovery of the initial
State depending on State. Players, there is no need to reposition the bulk reset or recovery, such as being of site workers cleared of obstructions where erosion or temporary water.

When the game is paused, players not necessarily must be required to restore same location before the Abort state. Natural factors such as wind, rain and the water will change the status change good or bad. While the above examples are being of site changes, not natural.

How to handle the following situations?

Q: TOM after a pause in the game ball for strikes in the bunker and picked up the ball. When the second day of the competition when restoring, the venue and no dressing bunker, but TOM\'s balloons were moved by wind or water, how to deal with?

A: If the ball was previously the location can be accurately determined (such as a ball into which the marks are still there), he put the ball in this position. If the location cannot be determined, he must be as close as possible to the original throwing (rule 20-3C). If before is a good location, then throw the ball may be the result of deterioration, players at this point there is no right to receive the same ball.

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