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Juvenile catcher to 6 recommendations from the consolidation of basic actions

In practice, an increasing number of young players join the ranks of the practice, of course, they are with their parents to come to. Young players must have a club suitable for their age, height, and adults should have some differences in practice methods. Power of juvenile players of smaller, and the Club is not as hard as adults use clubs, are soft and elastic high, in addition to changes in their bodies in the day, so there is no need for pulling off a fixed set of actions, but must follow the basic principles of golf technology.

In General, as the juvenile is better, \"silent eyes\", \"silent feet\" for they are difficult to do, their actions will usually relatively large, and Professor for the correct, they may not be willing to listen, because they prefer to play in their own way. However, as a parent, even if you don\'t want your children to become professional players in the future, still have to monitor them, do the following: 6

1, up to low, close to the ground rods, swing should do after more fully, hands should be higher than the shoulders, back toward the target, don\'t let them learn adult half-swing hitting, even smaller amplitude of swing skills such as movement, because your child not to practice these techniques of the time.

2, when it reaches the top of swing, body weight should be on the right foot, hips and shoulders shift to the right. Because many children are direct physical on the rod to lift the ball up, feet average carry the weight of the body, you should tell him that this is wrong.

3, after the completion of swing, swing vertices should be a small pause, and then began to swing under actions. Many children\'s action special \"coherent\", you should tell him to slow down, so he gradually form a rhythmic concept.

4 when, down swing, the body Center of gravity shifted from right to left leg, which is led by a rotational hip point to the destination. Swing under Basic and path of the Pole on the same path. Do not tell his rod and rod under path on what\'s so special about differences, he does not understand.

5, must let the rod head edge inserted from the bottom of the ball, swept the ball out, to sweet and click on the ball, so as to make a ball fly. This is a juvenile player comparison difficult, tells his swing to keep knees bent can reduce the appearance of the Top, as mentioned earlier, many children do not have knees bent.

6, when received, or is sent before Rod must be goal-oriented, body weight to stay in the left leg, hands last high and left align. Don\'t let him circle, even after your rod move the position of the feet, you know, it is golf basic actions against, and many children is this.

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