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About high society Golf Handicap System

1. introduction

1.1 following the USGA Handicap System standard
Calculation method for the system almost completely using the USGA Handicap System standard, information after evaluation of the Stadium course rating (Course Rating) and slope difficulty value (Slope Rating), total and USGA Handicap calculation formula calculation formula of the same, ensure the system is calculated almost exponential conform to USGA standards, can be common in the international community.

1.2 provide perfect handicap service
This system can provide the almost services after difficulty assessing any club when the stadium and install client software on this system, we can almost services to members with the formal reunification.

1.3 provide almost real-time query systems worldwide
As a result of the global Internet data transmission technology, this system through the Internet browser, the client software and quickly query a member almost in real time, and is not limited by geography.

2. almost system network structure

Handicap system network structure is divided into three layers:
1, management: Central almost system, where all Greens and member information, calculate and publish the latest member of almost every month index.

2, communication layers: using computer Internet technology (ISDN or ADSL), safe and reliable delivery of data.

3, the customer layer: includes associations, clubs or teams, such as different levels of customers. Client-side software to be flexible and easily enter and query the scorecard, and uses the communication layer and central contact the USGA Handicap System update information.

3. almost system features

3.1 use of IC card management methods
Member almost card IC card, you can query and certified members of almost directly from the client.

3.2 using INTERNET networking technology
Use INTERNET networking technology, delivery information, convenient, fast and safe.

3.3 use of advanced computer software technology
A client with a graphical user interface, flexible, and convenient operation. Central system using a large database storage.

3.4 improving almost extension and service organizations
Efficient professional service, guarantee almost normal operation of the system.

4. Introduction to Central almost system features

4.1 maintenance and management of stadium information

4.2 assigning and managing membership number

4.3 user information storage and management

4.4 scorecard records storage and management

4.5 regular (the end of each month) to calculate and publish a full member USGA Handicap Index

4.6 Internet almost record queries

5. Introduction to client-side software system features

5.1 native member of information management

5.2 different types of Scorecard entry (in the Club play Home in others Club play Away, competition Tournament)

5.3 trends calculated member almost for easy audits

5.4 user submitted data and scorecard records

5.5 membership record information and the scorecard query

5.6 members almost record queries

6. almost system technical characteristics

6.1 Advanced to the central database, ensure the security and integrity of information

6.2 Advanced Internet technologies, global scorecard input and query

6.3 C/S,B/S and multi-tier distributed database technology

6.4 client software for easy operation, flexible systems

6.5 quick query, you can query almost in real time, intelligent action

7. Handicap system operation

Almost system processes, see the following figure:

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