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Line of putt left traces other spikes on what

You can repair other players in the batting line traces left by spikes on?

Q: Jason with a coin will own a mark of the ball on the Putting Green, his fellow players Glen accidentally stepping over the line of putt and Jason to leave the spikes scratches. Should be disposed of?

A: as Ling has been injured, should be able to push through the spikes scratching to make the restitution. When the player\'s
Ball has still this situation under the general principle, players have the right to fix his position of the ball State and the damage caused by the line of putt then. Anyone can to fix the line of putt, if has been insufficient to repair the damage caused, players can request remedy the Committee in charge of events, the Commission can declare (damages) for refurbishment.

If Glen intend to trample Jason\'s line of putt, he will influence the ball\'s location or motion under rule 1-2 and penalties, which also included his intention to damage by jam on. Match penalty as the hole in the negative, Stroke play for the penalty of the second bar. If the Committee considers that this bad foul behavior, you can impose a disqualification penalties.

How to dispose of the following situation?

Q: Jason has no intention of stepping stepping on its own line of putt, he will reach his line of putt did and one under rule 16-1A be punished?

A: no, if this treading behavior did not improve the line of putt. However, if he damages the line of putt, he will not be able to repair it to the original state. If he is willing to go to improve the line of putt or intend to trample line of putt, Jason will be sentenced to the tunnel in the match or Stroke Play penalty in the second bar. Subject to exceptions in rule 16-1A, players were strictly prohibited touches the line of putt.

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