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Playing under the tree swaying trees to avoid getting wet to be punished

Q: kick off of Roy Keane stopped under a tree, have hampered his swing on a branch. As just a rain, trees are wet. Roy Keane met branches to avoid playing for clubs and get wet, it rocked the rain falling in the branch before the play, it would do?

Answer: no! Doing so violates rule 13-2, Roy Keane should be liable due to foul the hole in the match or Stroke Play penalty in the second bar. Players should not use moving, bending or breaking of any growth; in the manufacture of uneven ground or repairing the ground
Of unevenness; take or apply pressure to the sand, overburden and was put back from the cutting of grass, by the it Department to shop at a fixed location of turf; taking apart from dew, frost or water, and other means to attempt to improve his stance or swing area (or, location or position of the ball State; play line; will throw the ball or balls are placed). However, the following exceptions:

When the ball is in hole area channel or obstacles in the district, in the course of his normal stance is taken or being shot or hitting the ball close to the rear during exercise.

In this case, Roy Keane takes subject to rain on the tree branches to avoid (their) distracting, and so improve their attempts to swing area. If his swing on a broken or bent twigs to keep when will also get the same punishment.

Following and how?

Q: after Roy Keane out of the ball in the rain under a tree, to avoid distraction, he shook hamper its branches make rain fall. Then he decided to play in the other direction, at which time the branch has not prevented his swing, he should be punished?

A: Yes. Roy Keane to shake down the branches of water at the same time that violation of the rules of 13-2. Its subsequent change play direction\'s decision not to allow it to avoid being punished.

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