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Short-term methods for improving the distance the opportunities for increased strength training two

Everybody wants to hit the ball farther, to this end, we often try to a number of technical adjustments, but to really achieve in the short term it is not so easy. To kick off in the short term to improve distance of 20 yards, a short distance of up to 15 yards, is this possible? Is worth noting that, in order to allow yourself to be able to play it even further, strengthening the strength training is required, especially large muscle training, which should enable us to drive a and b when strengthening the force. But this is not to say you must go to the gym in a long-term exercise, we only need to use equipment we can get, relying on two small exercises you can do the trick.
First describes the left-hand training method. You try using only your left hand (his left is his right hand) hitting you? Have not tried the ball maybe just practice connecting rods were to hold, will not be able to hit the ball out. If using only your left hand to be able to easily and simply hit the ball high and fly out, the purpose of this training has been reached, but must adhere to. Because this exercises of design is to enhanced left arm and left shoulder \"rally type muscle\" of, such as brachial three head muscle (is located in upper arm back of Junior head muscle, for stretch forearm), and triangle muscle (cover Yu shoulder joint Department of thick of, and triangle of muscle, for from body side lift arm) and oblique party muscle (from pillow bone roots extends to in the back of two block large flat triangle muscle in the of a, it support with head and shoulder, and can completed rise and shrugs of action).

Start doing this exercise must be slow and gradually increase the amplitude of swing. Don\'t try to hit a ball, you can use a PITCH WEDGE without deliberate force easily, try pedicled with ability to hit the ball. Note that the feet positions to be wider than the conventional stations.

Can feel his swing has been relatively stable, relatively easily with one hand on the control of the Club, and then try to put the ball in on the ladder, also hitting the PITCH WEDGE. Single hand hitting the bar head speed is slower than conventional hand hitting and up can also feel a little vibration, it can avoid the ball hit the ground. Don\'t do too much exercise, breath is to eat no fat, blow out 25 balls at a time appropriate. Will split up a good, if one hand is accurate and stable hitting, then try some other hardcore, such as or, 8th, 9th, but must remember to use ball pedicle.

Through a period of practice, you should be able to find themselves hitting the normal swing can make larger distances.

Another is the weight-training method. Give Head cover on a weight gain (in general equipment shop you can buy), and then swing exercises. This weight gain is generally set in the rod head and shaft joints, Rod undoubtedly increasing the difficulty when on, pole pole head when under speed is greater.

Take 5-10 minutes slow light on a practice swing, swing training 50 times a day was enough. Rod head added weight can increase the back muscles, and to guarantee more fully turning the shoulders. After a month of practice, I believe that each ball friends are able to do a greater arc of swing without losing control of the Club, of course, the ball will fly farther.

However, when you need to be reminded of, do not go far. After all, this is not the real needs of swing, adequate training, feel the fatigue will stop, but you must adhere to a period of training to receive results.

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