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How to choose a good putting-golf splendid article introduction

Select a right push rod, recurrent training, master of its features, will be handy. Must remember do not randomly replace pusher, because each Rod shape, the weight of different, no change will need to be adjusted, go on like this, eyes, hands, arms, waist, legs, head and Club, can never be together, naturally not conditioned into reliable putting skills. Described below if you choose pusher:

On first appearance. Push rod Rod head into \"chip-type\" and \"hammer\" in two ways. Hitting the head looks on people\'s
Psychological impact is very large. Push rod must be feeling, visually if you like this style, feel it is reliable, this is the selection of the first step in putting.

On the second from the weight of it, stout man with a heavy rod, female and gentle man with a light rod. Because the rod head heavy pusher of stable, people who have difficulty putting with rod ball is heavy pusher will increase the scoring rate, even is gentle-man, going to use a medium weight of pusher.

Material of third watch. To use forged or cast out of copper or stainless steel pole. Carbon fibre or steel rod head can also, most importantly his hardness to moderate. Regardless of what material is used, preferably with sticky, holding in their hands to fit.

Fourth to test pusher\'s sense of balance. Balance is not touch out of sight, but he really is essential. There\'s a simple detection method, putting you placed on the index finger, with other hand moved him. Until you can hold the Centre of gravity. At this time, if the club heads can be flat, which is hitting on the face or down, the Club\'s centre of gravity is the best, most reliable; if tip points to the ground vertically, this club can also use; if head was reclining, there is no sense of balance about, it is recommended that you do not use the pusher.

V, select the length of the shaft problem. Push rod length of habits and needs of the individual to decide. In accordance with the customary method of holding the rod handle, Rod head gently touch the ground, the body naturally leaning, your arms and Club extension lines form angles less than 45 degrees, explain your hand position is too low, clubs are too short; on the contrary, your hands will move up, indicates that the Club is too long.

Sincerely hope that members will choose a suitable rod.

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