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Caddie is authorized to determine a ball for not playing ball

Q: Sandy out of the ball got into trouble, his caddie believes that the ball is now in a from playing position, so in front of the Sandy came to seeing the ball come up. Should be disposed of?

A: the player is only able to determine their own ball persons for not playing ball or not (rule 28). Caddie implication is not entitled to announce from playing ball. Sandy\'s Caddy picked up the ball in violation of rule 18-2A, and players will Caddy any foul penalties (rule 6-4). So Sandy in the match or be added one penalty Stroke play, he should
Put back the ball hit or be added one penalty to disposal according to the procedures for not playing ball.

If the Caddy without authorized player picked up the ball in Water Hazard will also receive the same punishment. Regardless of whether the player decides to draw water obstacles the ball in the area, players who Caddy picked up the ball\'s behavior were added one penalty (if he chose the rules within a Water Hazard disposal, will be to add a pole). In fact, as long as the ball is in use in the State, Caddy must in any case before the pilling with player\'s consent, for example in a variety of remedial programs or after finished the ball on the Putting Green.

Following do?

Q: when looking for Sandy balls, after Sandy Caddy found a ball for identification and be picked up, he is not authorized by the Sandy, nor to Sandy in accordance with rule 12-2 notify its peer players to pick up the ball and make sure that opportunity. Confirmed this ball is of Sandy balls. How to deal with?

A: Sandy was his Caddy picked up the ball without authorization was a penalty. But will no longer append behavior of Sandy was not informed. In this case, the application of rules 18-2A and 12-2 ignore rules.

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