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Crossroads of control of swing

\"Golf waved rod of crossroads\" is Asia PGA golf College Kai · Lu Newcastle Emlyn (Kel Llewellyn) coach on Hou waved rod to top Department of special appellation, Lu Newcastle Emlyn the Australia waved Rod genius yiqian in Professor Qian Asia ranking first of Lande Havana (Jyoti Randhewa), Kyi Hla Han (Kyi Hla Han) Shi are taught has this a concept, now he to Malaysia of Danny (Danny Chia), the 2002 macro base Taiwan open (Acer Taiwan Open) champion teaches Shi also special stressed has this.
Newcastle Emlyn Lu said: \"usually swing after I called the vertex for the moment of truth. This location is important, it basically determines the quality of the golf ball better Cup. Under the transition from the vertex to the start-bar required very smoothly, and cannot be rushed. In this critical link, under any stress and anxiety caused by Rod moving Rod head does not listen to the dominant hand. Once that happens, head to be consistent and hand coordination very difficult, it is bound to have a bending ball in or out the ball. ”

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