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Better posture balance = better = better golf

-Hagen said, wrong stance and posture of the body to a large extent affected the success of the entire swing.
Body posture refers to each of the major parts of the body is how to coordinate arrangements. Most simply, position is before the start of body movements and looks at the end. Posture affects many of the important swing foundations, such as balance, swing plane, and the movement of the body (). Any part of the Foundation for distance, direction, and tracks ball flight path has a significant shadow

Body balance is in the process of direct control and balance of the body, which will affect the control of the Club, swing plane and force the play.

Swing plane refers to clubs around the body across a plane, this is affecting the ballistic trajectory of the ball flight and in the direction of flight.

Body movement (moving) is under the back swing and bar until your bar the two stages on the transfer of body weight and body rotation control, this will affect the power of play and hitting.

It can be said that not playing the ball well, taking attitude and Address is the biggest reason not to do in place. If the Address when the body will not balance, the swing is no way to achieve stability, are incapable of, or consolidating a reasonable action. Once the loss of balance, the body increases the tension, clubs cannot be very well controlled, causes the lack of rhythm and not hitting the stable (thick, is shot in the back of the ball on the grass/thin, cut the top/right curve or a surface or Zuo Fei fly right/left). Wrong posture not only resulted in the lack of technical, but also caused or aggravated damage to the back, shoulders, and elbows. Tendons of the foot and back good flexibility is the basis of players complete the ideal Address position, provides stability and muscle strength, muscle endurance and let us repeat over and over again in this position, so as to achieve stability of the swing.

Of course, good posture not originally able to blow out. This takes practice, then go to the understanding and comprehension. Perhaps for many people this mode will help establish a balanced and stable stand:

Stand up straight, have to stretch on his feelings, do not bow. You can take a cue to measure it, put the Club back in the Central, head snaps the ball and the other end against the tail spine. (At this time the entire body is balanced. )

Feet and shoulder width apart, not strained knee, let the slightly bent. 34-38 degree inclination from the hips forward, if there is something behind, you will open things behind. Bow not arch back or, if there is a Golf Club on the back, head and back not to leave the Club, it can be said, is a straight spine and head. (This body while leaning back top, two opposite force to create a balance. Note that the focus should be on foot, not the toes, nor in the heel. )

Natural hanging hands hold the Club, don\'t stretch before. (Before the hands stretching or pulling back would be out of balance. )

To stand as the basis of a balanced, stable under, the arm will have adequate space to turn, allowing clubs to correct plane of movement, and the body weight can swing smoothly transferred to after his right leg, and then in the left leg swing naturally transfer to, either to the entire body relaxed.

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