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Requirements of the USGA Handicap System for players to submit to play ball

1. adjust the play achievement

Golf needs players making good grades in each time you play. To ensure that the resulting handicap index have accuracy, authentically reflects the player\'s potential ability to play, did not complete or failure to comply with the rules of golf on individual hole scores, and the hole than the system provides maximum performance, USGA Handicap System requirements to make the appropriate adjustments.

1.1 number of holes were incomplete or uncertain

If the player has begun to play a hole in a round, but failed to finish the hole, or the number of rods are uncertain, the obtaining of USGA Handicap Index, he can record most likely results in the hole, in which the cave has finished playing plus the number of players I estimate, completed the hole the rest of the required number of rods. The possible achievements should not be more than \"fair number of Rod control (ESC)\" under the maximum gross per hole. When it is recorded in the scorecard on yingbiao before the results \"x\".

Example 1: players a and b team game. Any players will not be in a hole. A after playing two rods, ball in the hole Putting Green distance 28 feet. B players to complete two rods, ball from the hole 25 feet. B a promoting the hole the ball, the holes are 3. A player then picks up the ball, in his view, would not achieve better results than b. A record results in the hole is X-4, because 4 is his most likely result.

Example 2: Player a, b help hole match, in a cave does not have access to both poles. A 4-bar the ball into the hole, b has hit 4-bar, the ball from the hole still have 30 feet. B has obviously lost the hole, he picked up the ball. In order to submit scores after almost system, his track record in this hole scorecard for the X-6,6 he most likely results.

Example 3 players a, b help hole game. In one hole a player get a rod. A ball from the hole 1 feet, has hit 5. B ball from hole 10 feet, 3. B putting is not into the hole. Even the default both sides of the hole. In order to submit scores after almost system, a player on the hole records X-5 records X-6,B players, it was their most likely result.

1.2 is not playing the hole or holes not completed in accordance with the rules of golf

If the Player did not hit a ball in a round hole, or a hole was not completed in accordance with the rules of golf (winter rules); in order to submit scores after almost system, he should be in the hole records is a standard of achievement plus the number of the hole should be. Results in the recording should be on the label before \"x\".

For example: a player\'s course handicap is 10, in the hole almost row per hole to get a hole in the top 10. Due to the stadium a PAR4 on temporarily closed the hole in the hole almost 6 can\'t play, then he plays ball when you are finished recording the results to standard plus 1, the X-5 bar.

Note: If most of the holes in the round ball did not comply with the rules of golf, then the round scores cannot be submitted.

1.3 How to deal with high achievement--a fair number of control (ESC)

ESC allow players to avoid a serious mistakes which affect the accuracy of the USGA Handicap Index. Once this happens, ESC allows players to adjust to the system provided an acceptable range.
18-hole equal number of Rod control table (ESC)

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