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Avoid injuries increase body flexibility play warm up steps

First step: (choose one)
Walk or slow high leg lift. 2-3 minutes walk, body stretched out. This can speed up heart rate and muscle blood flow.

Squat stretch. Shoulder width with two-foot stance, hands holding a ball forward through the rod and stretched out, done 10 times in a row squatting
V campaign, while Rod lift the ball above his head. This will speed up the blood flow to the chunks of muscle tissue.

The second step: ribs stretch

Iron, picked up a seventh and seize the bar head on the left hand, right hand grasping the shank, and lifting as much as possible, and then bending to one side as far as possible the entire torso, but not let the other side of the pain. 5 seconds, and then change direction.

The third step: shoulder stretch

Hold the end of the shank on the left hand, right hand holding the rod head. Relax shoulders, keep the left elbow straight, and then try to stretch arm backward. 5 seconds and then change the other.

The fourth step: chest stretch

Left hand holding the end of the shank, raised baseball pitcher-like actions, right hand holding the rod head. Relax shoulders, left back, and keep the rib points forwards. 5 seconds and then change the other.

Fifth step: systemic expansion campaign

Hand holding the ball, the hands are slightly larger than shoulder width apart, and then do the fastest speed to lift ball-bar, you can feel the back muscles in the chest muscle stretching and compression. For 5 seconds.

Sixth step: rotation

A club across the shoulders, his hands crossed on chest, hold the Club, under the guarantee, and do the maximum rotation to the left, then turn right. 3-5 seconds at a time.

Seventh step: shoulder stretch

Left arm across the chest, right hand grasping the left arm and to the right, the left arm across the chest of more. This feeling of back muscle exercise can feel shoulder, but neither felt chest pain. 5 seconds, and then another arm.

Eighth step: wrist stretch

Straighten your left hand, Palm upward, grasping the left hand fingers right hand fingers and stretch back down. 5 seconds and then change hands.

Nineth: forearm stretches

Out of the left hand, elbow bent, palms up, clenched fingers, and then straighten the elbow, and push upwards. 5 seconds and then change hands.

Tenth step: leg stretch

Tilt, hands on the pole in a table or cart, left leg straight, right leg bent forward, and then leaned forward, until you feel tension force on the leg. 5 seconds, and then another leg.

11th: hip extension

On the right foot in a cart or table, left leg straight, tilted forward, until the chest against the knees. 5 seconds and then another leg.

12th: foot tendon stretch

Right leg supporting body, left foot live cart or table, facing the front torso. Gently bow low back, hips after warped, until after the leg-side to feel the stretch forces. 5 seconds and then another leg.

13th: swing preparing (repeat 3-5 times each action).

Action 1, rod. Keep the left elbow straight, begins shift to the right foot. Clubs play a parallel to the ground.

2, half swing action. From Address to ball bar perpendicular to the ground. At this point most of body weight should be shifted to the right leg.

3, full-swing motion. More transfer body weight to right leg, spine and hips for maximum spin.

4, swing process. Address to send the whole process.

Golf Swing action needs the flexibility of the body, you must warm up beforehand to avoid damage to the body and play better. Play after stretching the you may be referred to above will help.

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