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Stable swing rhythm brought speed to avoid deformation of swing errors

Ball flew much, if accuracy is lost in vain, and that major decisions in the stability of each swing. If the swing deformation, it is possible to send the ball into the long grass, or worse. Next bar maybe we dare not so risky, try half-swing, and special care, but the result is still the same. Swing rhythm and speed is unstable, that each swing cannot maintain consistency, this itself is not only a mistake, but will also lead to mistakes in other swing.
The key is to find vulnerable swing easy and powerful swing of unconventional point of compromise between, found the rhythm
, The next step is to consolidate it before you can better use. Here are some exercise suggestions:

To found most perfect of rhythm, first in exercises field in warm-up about, hit Shang 15-20 a ball, ensure own of muscle has relax Hou, and to ball took open, with kick off wood do own by can do a full waved rod, and Xia waved sweep to ball ladder, so repeat 10 times, Middle not stopped down, completed 10 times waved rod you should began Pant has.

And then a deep breath and rack up the ball, only do one-third swing, the ball out. Then you can feel the special swing easy, but you may also create their own surprises hitting the bar head speed and distance, this is the ideal swing speed. If we are a fully powerful full swing as 125%, that reduce the intensity of one-third is almost 85%. For most of the ball for friends, this is one of the most effective, as this could create the most Head-speed, without losing control of the balance.

A beautiful shot does not mean that played well to one down, played good rounds becomes even more difficult. Pressure, weather changes, the boredom of waiting--almost all of the external environment can impact your rhythm and speed. When these factors occur when everyone can give their own pressure, and his swing becomes excessive, to hit a ball into trouble. See how we can make your speed below to return to the perfect compromise.

Eliminate excessive hitting, and must exercise much more Kung Fu. We can get 10 balls to practice as a group, gradually reducing the amplitude of swing until reduced one-third. We want to get is two-thirds swing feel for speed, is not intended to reduce the swing range. Through this exercise (exercise), want to be able to grasp the full swing and one-third a compromise of different feeling of swing, resulting in a real swing to maintain easy, keep breathing, and then hit the ball out. Slower swing speeds, not to say that to reduce the swing range. In fact, 85% \'s efforts to become the most effective efforts but also shoulder based on full and natural stretching of the body. Shorten the swing will only shrink swing arc that leads to hands and arms trying to fill this gap, and the result was the opposite.

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