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Knowledge-how to obtain and use almost almost

People who are keen to play golf, particularly amateur player had such a wish, is to in any stadium with the different levels of competition with the ball friends, than the high or low, enjoy the fun game of fair competition. Obtain accurate individual USGA Handicap Index through the USGA Handicap System (Handicap Index) is the best way to meet the players desire.

By the Golf Club USGA Handicap Index is difficult to measure player to player in a standard play potential when playing the stadium capacity index, it is a reserved to a one-digit number after the decimal point, can be used for conversion of players when playing accurate course handicap, determine the number of players play ball, and may be changed with the players level of play and constantly changing.

Players how to obtain and use the concept almost
1. join a Golf Club;
2. as requested by the handicap Committee to individual USGA Handicap Index; before playing
3. determined in accordance with individual USGA Handicap Index of the current baseball stadium on the day almost;
4. determine I play on that day should be almost number;
5. According to the game or contest the decision in the form of almost distribution ratio should be used; in the course of play
6. in the number of bar-by-hole scorecard note playing; after the end of the play
7. in accordance with the USGA Handicap System rules adjust play gross;
8. submit score card and enter the USGA Handicap System.

Join the Golf Club and get a USGA Handicap Index

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