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Development of USGA Handicap System in China

In 1984, after the founding of the first Golf Club in mainland China-Chung Shan hot spring Golf Club officially opened in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, after which Golf Club, the clubs have sprung up in China prospered, more than more than 100 since the stadium opened, various golf competitions also came into being. But because China mainland lack a unified, and authority of almost management system, players cannot get unified, and effective of almost, most competition are only used \"new culture Leah\", and \"Colin Calloway\", does not need almost of competition way, this class competition often exists is large of contingency, by is out of almost also cannot full reflected players of play ability, to reduce has amateur competition of fair sexual and formal sexual. Mainland China in recent years the rapid development of golf, play number continues to increase, more and more players and Club members frequently travel, to the stadium to play in different regions and different countries, or participate in various amateur competitions. But because of the lack of an authoritative and unified, USGA Handicap Index that reflects their true level of play, making China amateur players to the stadium when playing some European and American countries are restricted, in their access to participation in the international amateur competition qualification also encountered obstacles. Therefore, establishing a uniform handicap system for Golf Club run have become higher in Concord golf industry for many years to achieve one of the goals.

1985 establishment of the China Golf Association. 1995 China Golf Association professionals to the United States California visited the United States Golf Association, and comprehensive review of the United States high society almost system and accept the United States authorized of the high society, in mainland China as the only authorized use of United States Golf Association of high society almost system. Zhihou, and Fortis global limited personnel to obtain the high society in the United States high Stadium assessment certificate. They board composed of high society in the stadium, beginning around the stadium to mainland China for the evaluation. Now has about 60 clubs throughout the country to complete the stadium difficult assessment. Laying a foundation for promotion in China use the USGA Handicap System.

As the popularity of computers and the Internet, in China\'s utilization of computer systems and network computing and access individual USGA Handicap Index is possible. High collaboration in the United States Golf Association only body authorized to use the USGA Handicap System in mainland China, with Shenzhen silver ancient industries limited and Fortis global limited cooperation, jointly developed a set of high society in almost system, the system is completely followed the rules and operation formulas of the USGA Handicap System. The thrust of which is from high society to almost total Systems Management Center, unified the country almost system, and individual USGA Handicap index card. Collaboration and local-level Management Center, responsible for their own Golf Club (or team) members create, query and update almost index. While participating in the system of members may query anytime, anywhere via the Internet, download personal up-to-date USGA Handicap Index.

August 21, 2000 in Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province, was held in high society in charge of the local high society almost system seminar, China Golf handicap system was formally introduced and participate in seminars of Guangdong Province and Hainan Province, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenzhen high society\'s representatives to discuss the promotion almost the purpose of the system and plan. Participants at the meeting unanimously decided to use the system as a service provided free of charge to evaluation of Stadium Club has been doing an installation, arranged by the local high society are responsible for regional clubs almost systems management, technical support, and professional training, so as to achieve perfect golf club facilities, better for the purposes of Member Services. On September 6, 2000, China hosted by Shanghai International Golf Association Golf handicap system in training courses held in Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club in Shanghai, which opened a China Golf handicap system first prelude to trial operation in Shanghai. Zhihou, has been assessed for the high society in Shanghai Stadium free installation of the system. On October 10, the assistance of the high society in Tianjin, China Golf Handicap System commissioning in Tianjin area and almost system training courses held in the Tianjin international spring Golf Club, and assessed the stadium installed. China Golf handicap system extension installed working gradually expand in various areas. By 2001, the high society almost system in Shanghai, in cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Guangdong provinces began to run over more than 20 in the stadium, with more than more than 3,000 members, and gradually expanding to the nation.

Almost Golf system on mainland China, China will play a significant role in the promotion of development. First, it will improve the standard of golf amateur domestic competitions. One or two years in the future, China will gradually implement \"high society almost card\" confirmed the players almost index as the basis for participating in various types of formal qualification of amateur competition, make major amateur competitions more fairness and normality. At the same time, as the domestic amateur competition gradually formalizing, internationalization, will attract more and more corporate sponsorship of amateur golf tournaments, thus expanding the size and influence of amateur competition. Second, some within the ball and Club members between matches will also be improving its due to an almost card use of fair and competitive, make members more interested to attend the ball almost golf competition of the organization. Third, has uniform of USGA Handicap Index allow amateur players on the level of their play has a correct estimate, especially for beginners and young players, to substantially increase their interest in playing, guess there is nothing better than to see their own almost reduce even more the players a little bit excited about.

Unified almost system use, on the Club\'s Golf operations management also will help. In particular, some private club membership, through effective almost to confirm the appearance of playing members and guests, and is based on this, arrangement of players end up playing time and order will greatly improve the efficiency of stadium management, effective way to avoid during peak playing low level players caught in a high level player causing the pitch in the middle of \"traffic jams\" phenomenon, improve the service quality of Club members. At the same time, advanced private clubs can also almost confirmed that control appearance playing levels, avoid the damage of some factors on the ground, lawns, which alsoInternational management are many famous golf course.

USGA Handicap System in China is still a new project, in the process of popularization, encounter all kinds of difficulties. But in order to make golf in China on the road to normal development, and gradually into line with international standards, China Golf Association will work to promote and use almost throughout the country system and hope to get the local high-Concord Golf Club, the strong support of the Club, and golf fans, and jointly promote the development of golf in China.

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