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Introduction to the USGA Handicap System

1. Overview
1-1 why the established USGA Handicap System

Purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to allow different levels of all Amateur Golfer at any stadium fair competition, so as to make golf more wealth to the fun. No matter how the player level, almost system to provide him with a reasonable individual USGA Handicap Index, and with the change of players playing level adjusted accordingly. USGA Handicap Index build will be ignored during some of the potential to play ball with the player is not in high performance, and maintain continuity.

Use the USGA Handicap System and prerequisites for establishing individual USGA Handicap Index is: every amateur players no matter where to play, each hole in the ball as much as possible in each play their best and submitted all compliance results to facilitate supervision complete ball friends (PEER VIEW) program.

Granted by the Golf Club or authorized Golf Association amateur player\'s USGA Handicap Index is can embody the players level of play value, containing a bit after the decimal point, for example: 9.2. USGA Handicap Index is only issued to Member of a golf club or association members.

USGA Handicap Index to a normal player can be in standard difficulty compared to the stadium of playing scores and a high level amateur players, players according to the different pitch levels of difficulty, and the different difficulty of serving different same stadium, its conversion for the corresponding course handicap USGA Handicap Index, and to determine his number of rods can be made in the stadium to play ball. Players each play results in conjunction with appropriate USGA course rating values along with, so as to establish personal track record. A USGA Handicap Index is from the most recent track record of not more than 20 times calculated. As USGA Handicap Index is selected from the playing of a certain number of results submitted by several best calculated (ideal situation is selected from the last 20 scores almost differential of 10 minimum), so it can reflect the potential of the player is currently playing ability.

Qualification requirements for 1-2

Only strict compliance with the USGA Handicap System provides for members to publish and maintain their USGA Handicap Index Golf Club or authorized Golf Association may use the \"USGA Handicap Index (USGA HANDICAP INDEX),\" \"handicap index (HANDICAP INDEX)\", terms, and printed in their published almost on a card or other document.

Golf Club or Association published principles of USGA Handicap Index is to members, must be consistent with the golf rules and provisions of the USGA Handicap System, an essential element of the USGA Handicap System is to require each may issue USGA Handicap Index of Club or association must have its own almost Committee (HANDICAP CMMITTEE), to confirm the release by the club or association the reliability and integrity of the USGA Handicap Index. Golf Club must be used by the USGA course rating issued by the authorized Golf Association (USGA COURSE RATING) and a USGA slope difficulty value (USGA SLOPE RATING). Temporary Stadium and slope difficulty value cannot be used as the basis for release of USGA Handicap Index, unless the stadium reconstruction or natural disasters cause temporary changes in the stadium, temporary stadium by the authorized associations to the ball and slope difficulty value.

Such as \"USGA?\" and \"USGA Handicap Index,\" \"USGA Handicap System,\" \"USGA course rating,\" \"USGA slope difficulty value\", \"course handicap\" entry and vocabulary, such as belong to the United States Golf Association\'s registered trademarks and service marks, USGA owns the exclusive granted to other associations or clubs the right to use the trademarks and logos above. Non-Golf Club, organization, Association of is not authorized and does not belong to any club\'s players may not use any such trademarks, logos or the USGA Handicap System, including the USGA Handicap formula, except for the authorized Golf Association or Club of the USGA Handicap System provided a limited number of products or services. United States Golf Association will confirm that the groups or individuals authorized to use its trademarks or logos so that its authenticity and reliability to ensure the maintenance of the USGA Handicap System.

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