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Play top priority aim and in the right direction up

Many people overlook the Address position and direction, but this is the important part of the swing action. Before the bar, ready to hit directly affects the entire swing. Target orientation alignment, stance for accuracy, will affect the swing path, status and location of the body during the swing, and eventually affect the flight of the ball. Here said the most important thing is up and the target direction.

Aim orientation is one of the Foundation. Many people there is a misunderstanding, think target is determined by the feet
, This is just one of the right thing to do is: take when hitting the attitude, clubs (clubface), physical (body), including shoulder (shoulders), hip (HIPS), knee (knees), toe (toes) referred to parallel to the direction you want to target an imaginary line.

Checks for the correct way to do this: first, check the feet direction method: simple access and pose Address, drop a ball before the toes of both feet, and then aiming sight after the cue point to the specified target. Second, check the hips and shoulders point to the target, it is best to use a mirror. Put a mirror on the right side of the body (right hand, contrary to his left), put a ball in the shoulders and hips horizontal bar, and then look in the mirror ball bar points to a target. If there are no mirrors, you can also aim aiming down this Club before the Club with his feet parallel, if it is, that\'s right.

Aim orientation is important, as can be determined by the direction of flight of the ball. Is to be noted that many amateur players often play right or left curved curl ball, so the offset Address to the corresponding, although this will resolve the immediate problem, but there is no doubt is a very bad habit, this an expedient measure for improvement of skills is of no use.

Another point is right up. In standing posture is the most important thing is the back angle, or lean forward angle. When you lean forward beyond the toes of both feet, the appropriate angle of around 45 degrees, this is an ideal up because shoulder rotation that can be effective throughout the swing.

Wrong stance can affect many aspects of the swing, such as standing straight, caused his left hand before the turn to the left rear, and pulled the ball back to the left that is \"inside\". In sum up wrong, will cause the error location top of swing, swing under the influence and ultimately affect ball flight.

Decided to own up is correct, a simple method is to see whether their shoulders on top of the legs, ideal upright, shoulders is just over the feet.

Remember, before the ball out, don\'t forget to carefully prepare, look at yourself up is correct, whether the target alignment, which is affecting the entire swing basic issues of process and ultimately affect the ball\'s flight.

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