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Touches the ball in the hole line of putt penalties when the how to play

Rule 16: when the ball in the hole while the how to play

This rule tells us that when the ball when on the Putting Green, what should I do.

\"Holes\" (putting green) in the early Golf is not a jargon. However, the word green refers to all areas of the stadium, usually a piece of public grassland or grazing grassland, at that time, the service area, fairway, ball
Is no difference between hole or Rough.

Golf has been the ever-changing. Now, the hole area not only has a very distinct features, and more concerned than other parts of the stadium was. For example, the topic is always the players of the Putting Green.

Of course, Putting Green has its own rules. Rule 16 one of the important part is the line of putt. In normal circumstances, shall not touch on the line of putt or is to be punished. However, the fact is there are some exceptions. Players can be on the Putting Green sand, overburden and other bulk reset of barrier picked or not pressing actions with hand or club cleaning.

Another obvious exception is the player can repair (hole zone) on his line of putt\'s old hole buried mark or ball marks. However, any other marks, including traces of spikes, have to be intact reservations. Other exceptions include \"accidentally touches\", such as in the process of picking up the ball, hitting the line of putt.

In addition to not touch on the line of putt, player not to scroll ball, touch or scratching on the Putting Green surface wipe test.

When the ball when on the Putting Green, modern players are accustomed to pilling and wipe it. This content is only to come into operation until 1960.

Croquet-style push-strike later was known by Samu·sinide by four seas, in 1968 to prohibit the use of this law. Now players are not allowed to two foot hitting the stands on the line of putt on either side of the station. Carefully as well, because sometimes inadvertently violates a rule, for example when the player in the run-up to the ball at the hole with a slight tap to end when the hole tends to politely take across the State of law, to avoid another player\'s line of putt.

Hover ball near the hole, for rule makers tend to be a tough situation. Players are not moving is moving the ball, but allowed him to have a much longer time to wait for the ball fell into the hole he finds it? There have been many players in the past instances of more than 1 minute of time to wait, so in 1964 rule made the appropriate changes, that is allow in a few seconds to determine if the ball is at rest.

However, such a provision is ambiguous, so in 1984, it changed to within 10 seconds. In the 1985 United States open, Denis Watson at the edge of the hole took 35 seconds to wait for a small white ball falling into the hole, they have been given two penalties. Since then, until 1988 the development of the corresponding existing provision. Now, if the ball within 10 seconds later fell into the hole, he should be in the score on that hole with a penalty. Rules are not encouraged to wait too long, because that way, pole number of player points will be the same, but if he\'s Super time to wait, pursuant to rule 6-7 (unfair delay; delaying play), a two-rod of punishment.


Due to roll the ball along the ground in these places to the hole, Putting Green is usually maintained good maintenance status. It is unfortunate, natural factors sometimes result in unexpected circumstances. Rule 16-1A/15 is resolved he found mushrooms grow on his line of putt challenge. He has the right to remedy it? He may not move the mushroom, but may require the suspension of the match, the race Committee be handled in accordance with the regulations. If continuing on the stadium problem on the Putting Green mushrooms, they should create a local rule, mushrooms on the Putting Green to be treated as the surface being trimmed. Since interference from being trimmed in the ground is on line of putt on hole area, this allows the player the ball is placed in the mushroom is not on his line of putt on the last point.

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