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After hitting the ball on the fairway moved the ball penalty

Q: Bob out of the ball in on a drive, for remedial measures to be taken to consider, he picked up the ball, but then he realized that the area under the rules he will throw the ball most likely formed from playing ball. So he put the ball back to the place and play the ball on the drive. Doing so can do?

Answer: Bob picked up the ball in, and to add one penalty (rule 18-2A). He is entitled to for immovable Obstruction (rule 24-2) remedy the Pilling, this power in its decision to abandon the remedy is as invalid.

To decide on exceptions such as the provisional water or refurbishing and the stadium before the State and the Immovable Obstruction to take remedial measures, players should seriously consider their options. Bear in mind that there is a very special remedy point must be determined, a place in the point and the ball must be thrown within the Club. The remedies point is on the pitch, not closer to the hole, is not on the obstacles and Putting Green, and avoid prejudice. Such points may be within the deep grass, in the jungle or other undesirable place. So before you finally decide whether to take remedial, it is best not to move the ball first.

How will the following disposal?

Q: Bob out of the ball stops on the drive, he has taken remedial measures, but he dropped the ball has stopped in a hard place, so he put the ball back to the lane and hit the ball. How to deal with?

A: once Bob dropped the ball, the ball is to use the ball in, so he who moves the ball were added one penalty. When he is on the drive after you hit the ball, penalty becomes due to violation of the rules in Stroke Play 18 penalty in the second bar, the hole in the match.

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