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Ball in stagnant water couldn\'t get how to remedy

Q: Ricky out of the ball on the fairway and stopped in a large temporary water. He saw the ball is on the stagnant water of Central, but he could never get knee deep in the water and confirm that the ball. He could accept the remedy please?

A: Yes! Players didn\'t have to pay an additional effort to get back and confirmed that he has seen temporary water ball in, meaning that there is sufficient reason to confirm its ball in temporary water. Sufficient evidence should be observed by an instance of the balls into the water or in fact the ball easily in the temporary area found near the water.

Ball and ball was found in a temporary water lost, the reference point for the throwing of two things is different (rule 25-1). If the ball had found, players can ball position of the nearest point of the remedy, and a toss in the context of the point. If the ball (in temporary water) was lost, he will use the last entered a temporary ponding point as its reference point. Therefore, if the player eliminates the need to pay an additional efforts will be able to retrieve the ball from the temporary water, then he must do!

The following and what to do?

Q: Ricky out the ball into the a in the service desk is unable to see the Rough, and in the region there is a temporary formation of stagnant water in Tai Shui Hang. He saw the ball is on pools of the Central fly past, but to get the ball is very difficult. This he did can be accepted for temporary water remedy?

Answer: because it is not reasonably sufficient evidence that the ball is in the temporary accumulation of stagnant water, Ricky was unable to confirm that the ball cannot remedy the temporary accumulation of stagnant water; that is, the ball may be lost in the grass next to the temporary accumulation of stagnant water. Under such circumstances, he probably should Wade to confirm their own ball; otherwise, he will lose the ball was a penalty and distance.

Noun explanation

Temporary water: Casual Water refers to the players before and after taking station in the Stadium are visible on any temporary accumulation of stagnant water, but water is not a temporary ponding of Water Hazard, snow and ice based on the player\'s choices can be naturally temporary water or sprinkle the barrier, but except for cream. Of artificial ice was prevented. Dew and Frost are not temporary accumulation of water. When the ball is in a temporary water or when any part of it touches the temporary accumulation of stagnant water, the ball is a ball located in temporary water.

Nearest point of the remedy: Nearest Point of Relief refers to by immovable Obstruction (rule 24-2), abnormal ground conditions (rule 25-1) or wrong Putting Green (rule 25-3) remedy the prejudice caused by impunity of reference point.

The point is located on the stadium, stopping point closest to the ball, and ball stopping point of the original is not closer to the hole, if the ball is placed the Department ceased to exist after the hindrance.

Lost ball: Lost Ball in accordance with the following ball to \"lost ball\":

A. player\'s Party or his, after five minutes of their caddies began to look for the ball, ball or Player cannot confirm is not found when his ball;

B. Player does not find the initial ball, and in accordance with the rules give another ball to be used when the ball;

C. player is considered probably the initial location or the location of the ball closer to the hole on the tentative when hitting the ball, after provisional ball becomes the ball in.

Time spent playing wrong ball excluding allows finding ball within five minutes.

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