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Attention of the spine is the core of trunk rotation swing principles of spine

We know that you want to hit the ball far, need to be using the large muscles of the trunk, this is the main power source of the body. If our body as a machine, then the spine is the core of the machine, it has been consolidated in other parts of the body, making it fully functional. Correct use of the body of the large muscles, the most important is to recognize and correct position and angle of the spine. During the swing, while the torso is rotated, but the spine angle you want remain unchanged until delivery.
Because maintaining a correct angle than the spine during the swing is more simple to form this perspective, therefore, when in the Address on the spine should be allowed to form a good angle. We need to think about curvature and gradient.

1, bending

When the Address to be able to form the right spine angle, must start with hips forward incline and keep the spine straight as possible (we can make use of a stick across the spine above to check). Straight spine ensure torso leaning forward as a whole, rather than stoop. Natural droop and arm from the shoulder, leaning forward 6 inch until hands left thigh, that is, from which a fist to easily pass through, this is the correct bending of the spine. When we start with hips bent to it, don\'t stretch tight straight legs, but to keep the knees slightly bent. To go shoulder to a more fully, the spine must be as straight as possible. In addition, note Chin lift, not deliberately bow bow, top will bend the spine.

Tilt 2,

Many people believe that when the swing plane is vertical ground of the spine, actually hitting the from Address to this process we need some tilt the spine, which can store and play enough. When the Address, we assure the ball forward, at the same time also need to target some skew in the opposite direction. Head, shoulders, and sternum in the ball behind the head to get this up when Rod along the path of a horizontal sweep out.

Then tilt should be how much? We take a general stand (feet and as wide as the shoulders, knees slightly bent, and upper body from hips start leaning), hold the kick off wood posted live sternum, let stand up to his chin up bar head, shank natural hanging between two feet at this time, do not adjust the legs movements, tilted to the right body, until the Shanks contacts inside of the left leg. This is the head, shoulders, and correct placement of the sternum.

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