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Origin and development of golf

Playing golf is a sport for item has a special charm. It is the people in the natural elegance of natural green environment, exercise, edifying, skill-raising activities.

On origin of golf there are all sorts of different story, one of the most widely spread is a Scottish Shepherd in ancient times when grazing or occasionally a round stone with a stick into the rabbit hole, get inspired, invented and later known as the golf sport. Therefore, the \"Golf\" the word first appeared in the 14th century in the files of the Scottish Parliament.

Lead soldiers involved in golf is the North coast of Scotland, then gradually caused the Palace court aristocrats and civil interest of young people, eventually became a traditional project in Scotland. Thereafter passed in England. End of the 19th century to the Americas, Australia and South Africa, 20th century spread to Asia. Prevalence due to play golf in the Royal Court nobles at the earliest, coupled with the golf venue equipment expensive, it is \"noble sport,\" said.

20th century Golf into our country. In 1931, set up a golf game centers. The same year, British and American businessmen in joint Golf Club, opened next to the mausoleum in Nanjing Stadium golf course.

The 80 \'s, golf in China to be quickly developed. In 1985, the establishment of the China Golf Association, in January 1986, China\'s first international golf tournament--\"Zhongshan Cup\" career, amateur mixed Invitational, held at the Zhongshan hot spring golf. Yihou, held once a year. In recent years, the golf has been the rapid popularization and development in our country.

As the identity of a fashion or a vaguely hinted that golf had gradually infiltrated into our urban life, and many people long for. \"Golf\", this is the English transliteration of golf. In English, is the word Golf from green (green), oxygen (oxygen), the Sun (light) and friendship (friendship) consisting of these four words begin with the letters. A movement, both of the above four attractive contents, in advocating leisure in modern society, it is no wonder that it has become the darling of the people. Most people\'s understanding of this fascinating sport may also at the stage of a face unfamiliar, here we will introduce to you a simple.

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