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How to replace the Club recommended brands latest prices good ball bar

We often come across such a situation, to the customer in the shop, is a COPY of the original has been used, with a COPY of a pole to nearly 100 per cent level, but further down beat, one COPY and the bar has indeed had completed his mission.

Due to problems of its own production must be replaced, there is now with COPY with humiliating, especially when many of his friends are playing with. Now what kind of problems to be faced is how to configure can
Completed within the shortest possible time and new bar-running process, and it also has the following three characteristics:

Well-known brand in 1, 2, appropriate prices (in particular comparison and Hong Kong) 3, style the latest

This is our recommended according to the guests themselves to the specific circumstances: first we will ask the customer itself almost, secondly there are guests preference of the rod itself, such as like rod rods, like high ballistic flight path, there are like steel or carbon shaft. Also has a general customer what is the most intractable problems. After roughly talked, we will make the following recommendations:

First of all, we recommend Taylormade 500 series of rods, ballistic and requirements of guests, we configure the 580 or 540.

580 focus is generally of a wooden pole was 4O0CC,10.5 D3, tolerance, and vertical height, distance. 540 rods are 350CC,10.5 General is also the center of gravity of the D3, tolerance than 580 came close, ballistic secondary, but the direction control and good wind resistance than 580.

We usually recommend gmelinii of Taylormade RAC LT, if the guest is not power-players, and the distances are not very good, being a PLUS that we generally will advise the customer to choose Rod r on a paragraph, as this adaptation is very extensive, and the shaft and does not appear soft. Many people, like steel shaft of iron, because the price is a good one, seems to have some nice again. But we believe that the only confirmed himself to be power-players, and the sense of distance has good ball friends select the steel rod would be better. Because the hits takes strength steel shaft, and at a distance of carbon than the same model on shaft distance of ten yards. And the choice of steel shaft was a standard, we usually advise the customer to select the hardness of steel shaft r, such as hardness is R100 RIFFLE steel shaft, universal customer reflects the better.

Select private likes and dislikes of the pusher is very important, especially feel, now very popular TWO BALL instead reflect many ball friends are not easy to use, and who are willing to choose traditional style push rod. Putting replacement period is the longest of all time, so must be carefully.

Should such a distribution of retail prices in the market for about 33,000, beat some discounts, 25,000 almost complete configuration.

We will also recommend United States brand Cleveland. this brand also recently sold very well, because the price is suitable and feel very good.

Cleveland launche series of rods, especially 400 a lot of people like it, it FUJIKULA is the shaft of a specially-crafted, shaft-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, hardness is generally R. its selling point is the shaft of the fine, and fault-tolerance is also very good. Cleveland has come out since the TA3, experienced TA5, TA7 now most new TA2, evaluation of these products has made the market very well, a unique micro-hole design, exquisite face, TUNE TEMPER of the shaft, there is reasonable price will undoubtedly become the darling of the market.

CLEVELAND complete configuration down market retail price should be around 23,000, when discounts are generally around 18,000. Especially the last customers always single a bunker of 56 or 60 rod, which is the best product of CLEVELAND, s ranking in the world it must be first.

Above is that we often recommend to customers the configuration of the two brands, write, and we learn from, Exchange together. (Zhang Yan)

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