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Announced for not playing ball again after throwing

Q: Nick out of the ball under the bushes, after announcing for not playing ball, he choose the two clubs within the throwing of the ball point. Result dropped the ball hit the ground after the forward stop points than the touch location closer to the hole, but no better than its initial position closer to the hole under the bushes. Excuse me, Nick did need to throw the ball again at this time?
Answer: not needed! If you throw the ball behind the Nick in the initial position of the ball and throw a ball is rolled forward, Nick now only stops in more than the initial position of the ball near the hole needs to throw the ball, unless it complies with the rules in the 20-2C
On throwing again any of the other provisions, such as rolled to pitch the ball touches the stadium initially outside the scope of some of the locations of two clubs. In fact, if the Nick in these circumstances has been throwing again, he will be subject to penalty of two rods in the Stroke play; the holes of the penalties in the match.

If the toss is based on a Water Hazard or a Lateral water hazard area, ball park only than the original ball last crossed the barrier boundary point closer to the hole when need to throw the ball again. Under immovable Obstruction, abnormal ground conditions or when the remedy the wrong Putting Green, the reference point is the nearest point of the remedy.

Q: announcing not Nick after playing ball of choice within the two clubs in ball-point throw the ball. Throw a ball and rolled back to that under Bush, and Bush had prevented his swing, Nick can also throw the ball again, please?

Answer: No. Unless the stopping point of the ball more than the initial position of the ball near the hole or throwing the ball hit the ground after rolling out and stopped outside the two clubs from the touchdown point. He must be in the present situation of the ball State playing or announced in again after receiving a penalty for not playing ball.

Noun explanation

Immovable Obstruction: when an Obstruction requires exceptional strength, may cause undue delay to play ball and caused damage can be moved, then the Obstruction as Immovable Obstruction.

Note: the Committee may formulate local rules announced Movable Obstruction as Immovable Obstruction.

Abnormal ground conditions: Stadium of any temporary accumulation of stagnant water, Ground Under Repair or caused by the Burrowing Animal, reptiles or birds of caves, abandoned or channel.

Nearest point of the remedy: consisting of the Immovable Obstruction (rule 24-2), abnormal ground conditions (rule 25-1) or wrong Putting Green (rule 25-3) remedy the prejudice caused by impunity when the reference point. The point is located on the stadium, stopping point closest to the ball, and ball stopping point of the original is not closer to the hole, if the ball is placed the Department ceased to exist after the hindrance.

Note: the player he should be hitting the next time that you want to use when hitting the ball hitting the rods simulating their prepared positions and swing action to determine their own remedies recent points.

Wrong Putting Green: in addition to being playing hole Putting Green other than that of any of the Putting Green. Except as provided in Commission, on wrong Putting Green including court hitting the practice Putting Green and hole.

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