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Pole number raise ≠ levels lower

You is note to in golf field of score card Shang, apart from the hole of hole,, and serve Taiwan distance code number, and standard Rod zhiwai, usually also has ball hole almost let Rod value (Handicap Strokes), it is by 1 to 18 of digital does not rules to distribution in 18 a hole, many people think these numerical representative of is ball hole by difficult to easy of arranged order, facts is not so. Almost let Rod value said in a wheel play in the, high almost players most need from low almost players Department get let rod of ball hole has order, in other words, almost let Rod value for 1 of hole, usually is high almost players and low almost players of play results difference larger, and high almost players most has may need get let rod of ball hole, instead, almost let Rod value is 18 of hole is representative a wheel in the high almost players last need get let rod of ball hole. As the United States high society are mentioned in the USGA Handicap System Manual \"players in a Regulation is not easy to measure the results of the players in the holes need to be a valid index. ”

Reasonable distribution of holes almost correctly value almost the race, especially the match fairly have almost decided to victory in the players played a very important role. To in the score card by as shown in than hole match for cases, entries players-a stadium almost for 13, players b Stadium almost for 20, in second people Zhijian for has almost of than hole match Shi, players b can from players-a Department get 7 Rod let rod, that is in almost let Rod value 1 to 7 of seven a hole in the, players b each hole can are 1 Rod let rod (with *, standard out). In almost let values for 3 second hole, although both sides were making a 6, because player b on the hole to be 1 bar, his net score is 5 on the hole, so player b wins the 2nd hole. In almost let the bar values are 4 18th hole, player a scores for the 4-bar, player b making a 5, player b on this hole are 1 rod, net result is 4, so both sides playing the 18th hole.

Golf course 18 holes nearly let the value of distribution usually has two methods: one is decided by the club almost Committee, another is based on a different level of players playing achievements of the Court to determine.

Method one: by the Club Handicap Committee to inspect and determine the hole almost let value

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