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Member of high society almost system

In recent years, with rapid development of golf in China, to adapt to this trend, Chinese Golf Association in China one can make China play all \' benefit in accordance with United States Gao Xie (USGA)--China almost almost computer system rules almost system system. The system\'s purpose is to enable different degrees of all driving amateur players in any competition. It allows a player pitches when playing around the world, with other players treated in the same way, so as to fully enjoy the pleasures of golf. According to the stadium difficult to serve different, players can get appropriate course handicap through individual USGA Handicap Index to determine the playing on that day the number of bars can be.

1. Receive USGA Handicap Index of players eligible

To strictly follow the USGA Handicap System \"ball friends supervision\" (PEER REVIEW) process requirements, need to join high society almost system achieved in USGA Handicap Index of individuals, you must first join a golf club or team, and is a member club or team given a handicap card and updated almost index.

According to United States Golf Association (USGA) definition of a \"Golf Club\" is a body composed of at least ten individual members, according to the rules of the Committee (including a handicap Committee) under the supervision of the management, Organization member golf activities, providing the ball friends monitoring mechanisms and ensure integrity and authenticity of the USGA Handicap System. Belong to the same Golf Club members are required to have the opportunity to regularly play together, and to submit my game scores, the same club members have an opportunity to view each other\'s playing achievements. Players join the Club of a strict enforcement of the USGA Handicap System, after he submitted at least 5 game results, you can build and make individual USGA Handicap Index.

United States Golf Association, the China Golf Association, among others, cannot be used as a golf club or team and therefore cannot be issued for individuals and USGA Handicap Index.

2. Your new handicap card

As a member of the USGA Handicap System, players will be almost similar to the card in the following figure. Front of the card printed with card player name, owning clubs and individual members. Is a player photo on the back of the card, and the current handicap index labels.

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