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Push shot double-objective \"2D\" comparative distance and direction is important

In the technology of push hit, we have two objectives, which is 2D: distance (distance) and direction (direction), they are interdependent, less pushing any one is unable to complete a perfect strike, but anyway, the relative direction, distance is more important. Try recall that your balls are often stopped at the line of putt was short a few minutes, then direction well, distance is not enough; or rolling ball impact after the cave after the Cup edge to the other side, the same, good direction, and distance is far away.

You can see, direction is important, but did not have good distance, still is useful at all. Push shot outside as from 20 or 40 feet, if 2 step directions, distances are just words, next push only 2 steps, therefore, does not need three pushed into the hole, which is a prerequisite for par. Relatively speaking, errors led to three in the direction pushed into the hole or more chance of a number of smaller, without having the right distance is the Achilles \' heel.

Many people have this kind of puzzle: analysis cannot be correct observation of green and green. The key to solving it is, having the right push shot distance, which is also overcome the problem of turning the ball. \"If the ball enough, all push shot is straight. \"This is a fact, but if you do not have good speed, ball will cross hole Cup. Instead, the lower the speed, the ball on the Green, the more contacts, the greater the effect of grass, so it will turn, usually distance is shorter. It can be said that all push-click will turn, because at least stadium when setting slope for drainage. Observation effect of hitting the Green effect is to understand two important factors: slope and Grain, which is also affecting push shot distance of where the problem lies.

Green is a three dimensional body, we need to know the Green contours and the surrounding environment, such as, in General, green is always time to low-lying tilted, because this will help to drain. Downhill fast balls, distance; going up the slower ball, short distance, this is common sense.

Grass growth is sunny, so you can determine the Grain direction according to the direction of the Sun. For example, in the open where no tall trees, the grass to Nanchang, from South to West\'s push hit will be large resistance. In addition, the wind also affect the Grain, push against greater resistance of blow.

Next we need to consider the impact on the direction from where. One effective way is bent, Imagine Cup from hole out of a unit of water, the water flows where, where is the problem, that is, the ball will turn towards this direction. Next step is to set the speed and turning coordination.

People can\'t grasp the distance due to swing does not have a stable rhythm and speed. Different players will have a different rhythm, speed, therefore observe the green way also be different. Two different players not in the same angle to the bunker, as a result of different, as they strike the ball turning will not. Key is a good push hit the hand of a steady rhythm, they were able to grasp how to launch distance.

How to find the distance of feeling? First, find a comfortable rhythm of their own, launching the ball, and then to the original position pushing, if accurately stays in its original location, the feeling of this rhythm or control the ball speed already have. Once form a stable pace, distance control is changing the amplitude of swing. In fact, it is often said of pendulum motion.

For a short push, of course, you don\'t need too much amplitude; long push, we need more speed, greater range to at the time of the ball to the ball more dynamic. Do not need to violent knock balls, you need to change the swing on the line. So each push is to maintain a steady rhythm, changed swing to control distance.

Exercise: get 5 balls ladder, find a uphill on the Greens, 5 yards apart into a the ball one side of the ladder into a straight line slightly below the 5-step swing-ball outside, maintain a steady rhythm, hit the ball out, so there will be some turn, first hit the first ball, followed by the second, and so on. Note change of swing range and different distance relationship. When the control distance can be a good time, and then hitting the disruption of order. This approach can feel the distance changes the fastest.

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