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Disable long push rod---

May 20-European tour, held----German bank SAP Open (Deutsche Bank SAP Open), South Africa players teleifu·yimeierman (Trevor Lmmelman) following South Africa aviation open again after winning the European tour Crown, all in addition to shock---long pusher has also led to a gentle debate whether it should be disabled? The argument by ENNI·AISI detonated, he gave a long push rod of criticism after the game harm.

Complaint decisions difficult
US tour and European tour golf management groups of officials believe that many players are willing to abandon a long rod, but the biggest problem now is how will this decision implemented. Golf management groups together two opportunities each year to discuss rules and equipment, and by the United States higher Concord Royal Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) co-sponsored conferences often have long rod is to ban as one of the discussions. But so far, not yet listed by specific implementation of the programme, their given explanation is that solving this problem requires a process.

\"Every time we enter the subject is more difficult, cannot find a way out to resolve. \"United States high-society\'s Executive Director David Fay said,\" cannot say that we have not discussed. But first we have to find a solution. ”

When two weeks when Axworthy proposed to disable long rod, this again aroused the concern of everyone. Stimulating Axworthy remarks fuse comes from South Africa new horizons teleifu·yimeierman (Trevor Lmmelman), he was in the middle of May Germany-Bank SAP Open with an abdominal pusher to a advantage removal of Crown. Axworthy said: \"I asked for the courage and putting technology in the sport is a very important link. You must have the capacity to deal with, and not rely solely on equipment. \"Immelmann abdominal type used in the match after putting---Club is firmly fixed in the abdomen. This let him have his confidence, and also recognizes that he can play better.

Paul Azinger became the first in the 1999 Sony open abdominal type pusher and winning player, Vijay Singh was also used in the past few years a such a push rod, so as to board the bonus list No.1.

Axworthy said: \"I think this has become a push more easy way, you can easily get a perfect strike. But no matter how you grip, all may not be able to obtain a very good position. \"This question is not only against the abdomen push rod, also for long broom-handle pusher, the push rod can be fixed in the chest, players can stand more upright, to gain the pendulum effect. Fay believed that many officials want to disable the long putter. But how do?

\"If you need the body to a fixed ball bar, you need a pad,\" he said, \"but the problem is that this will not come into contact with the body yet? If you are wearing a windbreaker? More weight if the player is a group of players do? ”

Limited length to justify
One solution is to restrict the length of the pusher, \"so you\'ll have to use the old-style push rod. ”
The idea has been there for a long time. Fay has retained a old magazines, there is an article written by Paul Runyan articles above, is a 1966 as written by Golf Digest, why use long push rod mentioned above. Runyan referred to the 1936 Boston held----of Belmont open a storm under the game, when he was putting, are unable to keep the body balanced.

Runyan said, in order to let their stability, his standing broad, inter-and with his left hand to hold Rod fixation for lumbar, right hand grip. \"In a short push to play a greater good,\" Runyan wrote, \"but long when pushed out of control. \"Many years later he found the solution that is more long rod.

Axworthy will feel relieved when I read the following paragraph, and can understand why so many people choose to use a long rod. \"Another benefit is that I do not have estimated that, such a long push rod to reduce tension caused by poor performance. \"Runyan wrote that and said to Ben Hogan, to better reflect that advantage.

Fay said he hoped to hear had used this long putter to win victory in the players talk about this with the body to putting what disadvantages of fixed. It is worth mentioning is that never players had used this long putter to win any of the four competitions.

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