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Cold winter insisted on indoor exercises improve action spring

Winter has come, for some pitches, in the North, due to the effects of cold and wind, to end play has brought a lot of difficulties, even over a period of time, stadium closure may be required, so many people end up less playing time. Many people have such a habit, that is, in the end to warm up before exercise, and the end time less, less exercise opportunities. Wait until the following spring or after playing once in a while to the South, find their skills have been far less. Lack a certain amount and frequency of exercise, is taboo Golf, exercise does not need to end, or specifically to swing golf to complete, with home DVD player and a mirror can be carried out.
In the winter for a long time to do some basic physical training every day, checking their basic actions can give the following spring campaign a great deal of difference. Winter exercise is the basis of consolidation, is the technical preparation of the spring end playing for the coming year. If the consolidation exercise has been very good in the winter, that you do not need to waste good spring practice for the coming year on the field, when in warm spring breeze blowing, we enjoy the fun will be the end, rather than annoy people boring exercises.

Although we do not like hitting the golf swing, but still be able to stretch the body training in the winter, this exercise in swing. No effects of ball flight, it is easier to improve their swing, because we are not worried about bad results and deliberate pursuit of desirable course of action and any adjustments to the swing cause instability in the swing. Our goal is to form the body of the correct move, and by training do every movement is correct, and then the rhythm and the other the ball straight down near skills adjusted. These do not need to see the flight of the ball as feedback information, DVD player and a mirror was enough to give us to provide the necessary feedback, and these are no problem for us, in the Interior you can manipulate.

If you are an absolute enthusiast, you should rearrange their living room or find a dedicated a room (preferably a garage), body layout before a TV, and layout on the right side slightly higher than man in the mirror. Believe how using these two tools is self-evident. In short, winter still needs movement, adhere to bring more fun to the spring of next year.

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