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Competitive whether you can use the group \"x\" mark ball?

Q: Andrew participating in its club competitions use \"x\" mark ball, this type of ball when the manufacturer considers in making perfect sales wiped brand logos. Andrew\'s team players Tony put questions on the legality of use of the ball. So, from rules do allow use of x on the ball?

A: normally, allowing balls marked with x. As explained in case 5-1/4: most of the x mark ball is just for aesthetic reasons, such as spray problems on graphs and other in appearance, so unless there is sufficient evidence to prove that the
Ball does not meet the rules, or are allowed. If the ball is more important than 1.62 ounces (43.93 grams), diameter less than 1.68 in (42.67 mm), or there is enough evidence that ball in symmetry (for example, at design time for its considered and deliberately modify on the fly) or does not meet the requirements for initial velocity, then the ball is illegal.

If the Commission were used in the game United States Golf Association or requirements issued by the Royal ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in Scotland: ball registered in the list of criteria is used, it cannot use the x logo ball. Even (no x) the ball is in the list, if there is not in conformity with relevant standards and cannot use.

Question: once the Commission has adopted on the standard of players must be appointed with the latest list of condition of the ball. United States Golf Association recommended the Commission of the conditions (for breach of the player) has a penalty of disqualification. Then, United States Golf Association, whether to allow the Committee to provide for implementation of players in violation of the above conditions the hole in the match or Stroke play each hole fined two rod of punishment does?

Answer: Yes. If the ball obviously does not meet the requirements for size and weight specifications, the player will be disqualified.

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