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Understand the golf swing 8 essential elements back to consolidate actions


Needless to say, the grip is the most important in the Golf Foundation. Grip affects all parts of the action during the entire swing. Grip is not doing, take the attitude aiming ball, hit ball, stability ball, ball\'s flight path, the distance will be affected, can also lead to thick or thin.

Stance and stand

Ball, how your stance is also affected to swing correctly. Must be based on the open pin hitting the different effects that you want to select, closed-toe, or flat feet-bit; stand and an error will also cause actions to lose balance and strength. Usually, the most common error is drooping shoulders and Arch the back.

Spine angle

This angle is the most important golf in the Address position. When you stand up and ground of the spine angle is 90 degrees, then bending the knee, hip forward in the upper body from about 45 degrees, it is a proper spine angle, swing to keep this perspective in the process.

The pointing direction

Most simple method is to see whether perpendicular to the goal line, if it is not aiming in the right direction, the ball will fly to the specified destination. In addition, in order to make the ball stays target impact point, and you may deliberately adjust the swing path to alter the trajectory of the ball flight, and this is wrong, and will bring a series of errors.

Back swing

This is the first step be smooth, strong, smooth swing (Basic stations must complete before the course). Swing do correctly after the start is crucial, and swing procedure laid mainly on the back swing to rhythm. Swing after should not be too fast, and Rod, pole, reached on top of swing a few steps in rhythm.

Top of swing

Swing vertices need to be a short pause. This is one of the mistakes swing too, which puts pressure on wrist, thus affecting the fluency of the swing action. If you swing the top penalty bar the wrong place, it will subject of swing and the delivery under.

Next wave

From the top of swing swing-down until hitting point, swing will create a correct under (or error) the swing path and swing plane, is doing the correct effects to a bar perpendicular to the surface can target line effectively hit the ball out.

Sent and received

Sent rod and received Rod easy let people ignored, but if body smooth, waved Rod smooth, in sent Rod zhiqian what are do was perfect, but sent rod and received Rod action no coherence down words, also cannot will ball playing good, because entire waved Rod process Shi coherence of, if sent Rod stiff, received Rod deliberately, that hitting moments has error, see ball flight trajectory on know has. Special attention is, please don\'t look up too early.

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