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Competition with unclear results how to handle

When a contestant was not clear when results should you do?

Q: organised by the Club in the match, Craig 18th hole Putting Green and Brian left thinking that the result is a draw. They continued to hole, Bryan win on the 20th hole. Since then, both found in after playing 18 holes after Craig was actually \"lead\". Such situations should be sentenced to who is the winner of the competition?

A: Brian WINS. In the match, if the questions or disputes arise between players, any complaint must be in the match any of the players in service area made before playing the next hole (rule 2-5). After the above time complaint shall not be taken into account, unless the player is based on a complaint of a previously unknown fact or he was opponent provides information on the hole the bar number error message. Therefore, the event which--in which the player just judgement errors-any in 19th after the opening ball game that is, to draw on the. And so on, if Craig and Brian in the case of a draw after 18 holes, the results are incorrectly reported as Bryan Cave WINS, if no error information is provided, then the winning result will set up Brian.

As after the match had not submitted formally scorecard (rule 6-6 implemented only in the Stroke Play score), such confusion is likely to happen in the match. (Match) Player-by-hole results rather than just report results. Of course, each player carries a points card in case of dispute would be a good idea.

Encounter the following situations do?

Q: when 18 holes at the end of the game, Brian calls him spearhead, while Craig said they have the same results. Management Committee gathers proof of results on the field, but cannot determine exactly who spearhead. At this time, the authority should do?

A: recommends that the Commission take let two player competition way back.

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