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Match your manners

As we all know, golf is a gentlemen, then Stadium need a gentleman. Gentleman level only because it\'s expensive, its swing gesture handsome and charming, its stadium elegant environment informed, participate more should be reflected in the campaign of a true gentleman of style and grace.

Many requirements in golf ball friends must have manners and politeness. Say you play smoothly enough, feel very unhappy, what do you do? This performance and the gentleman actually has a far, and golf in small provisions on this point: when you fall to the ground rods, the next kick off fall bent rods was found while you do can change in the context of a piece?
The answer is: no!

In accordance with the relevant provisions, you can only replace \"in the normal way competition\" \"badly damaged\" clubs, such as shaft is damaged, either loose head, separation or severe malformations, and are within the scope of the normal game. If you throw the ball too hard or the ball is still in the water, or a damage swing when the ball, were not allowed to replace, not to say you have no grace broke it. Therefore, on the golf course is important to note that your manner, let the gentlemen can truly reflect your a gentleman.
In countries where golf, emphasis on personal style must in no way inferior to few. If you golf like a joke says, \"originally was a great walk, but be disturbed\", then in place in golf, many will say that disrupt it is usually part of people\'s gambling, cheating, drinking and noisy and abused your caddie. Following some phenomenon, hope so bad not your creation and play.

Phenomenon: noise
Michael could hardly believe my eyes. See a number of novices in the same location the hit and insulted the ball hitting the child did not remind him too fast easy to cut him. In other play ball friends still if no one drove the ball through, siren ringtones from time to time, Greens free to play loudly on the phone, do the unsavory guy from the Earth? Did he play golf?

Phenomenon II: temper
American Chinese Liu said a story: a business partner friend shot missed, the ball is still in the water, and let the children into the water to catch the ball. When you play golf like a \' blind \', deliberately ignored the ball and court rules, so personal positions, this play to them you have to eat humble pie, the ball hitting the ball deep grass area, he waved a few bar and move the ball out, but a rod is not too. Faced with this situation, what can you say?

Three: politeness
According to a General Manager of the Stadium said that some newbie seems to know nothing about basic etiquette for handball, waiting at the swing even when other people do not know how, can sometimes see some balls at the same time playing out, he said: \"in Hainan, I have seen scenes of 8 balls at the same time fly. ”
Golf is an elegant sport, but someone\'s point of view is: I don\'t mind, I had money, I want the ball to where the ball will be out there.

Four: rules
Alternative \"rules\": \"golf car can do whatever it takes to run I hit a telephone than to a person, time, and concentrate on more important; violence encouraged; scorecard can be free to fill out sth\"

V: speed
Bell is a traitor of the golf, slow playing slow, never raked sandbox and fix to the bunker. In his view, this is a matter of losing face.

Six: cheating
When a business celebrity in the game the ball flew into the Woods, he raced to the forest, took from his pocket a ball on the ground in shouting: \"my balls in it. \"Other people have a look at the quick, the next ball on the fairway of hole see\'s peer, go a few steps, step on a foot.

Seven: gambling
No gambling, no results. Gambling naturally slow, do not want gambling on football matches in front of a group in a hurry, gambling later in hope that when a group of slowly, 18-hole 6 hours is nothing, a $ 200 dollars a hole 100, RMB \"live\" (settlement) which tube etiquette.

Eight: dress code
Provisions on golf attire is someone bold contempt, end up wearing jeans, insists on not obey stadium staff representation, repeatedly shouted: \"Let me end, I will back! ”

Nine: abuse
In one case, caddy is ball bar into the fracture, fault was going to pick up a ball, but insisted on identification of the play ball was his.

For humans, golf is one of the most wholesome sport, it can improve people\'s temperament. This movement and are very similar to real life, is a Bell never-ending challenge, teach you to perseverance, broad-minded. For golf, play golf culture first, play second.

As the solemn Royal ancient Golf Club of sugelanshengandelusi (Royal&Ancient Golf Club), modify the rule in the additional provisions of wrote: \"to take into account the other participants in the campaigns, and follow the rules, that rely on participant an individual character. All participants should be self-constraint, any time you want to show a courteous demeanor and athletes. ”

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