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Breaking the push rod ball three myths have the correct set of push rod principle

Maybe a lot of people see on some skills instruction, use the rod swing hitting three principles: straight settling, which bar head has been parallel to the ground, close to the ground sway; settling lower ball club heads when lifting upward motion; swing to the rear as slow as possible. In fact, this is not necessarily effective, very often, it\'s just three easily shattered the myth of.

1, Rod head motion path parallel to the ground. In order for the push rod hitting more freely, swing should not snap when the ground movement, pendulum swing before and after the formation of the path is a slight upward at both ends, winding tracks. Each player on the push rod and its transport
Are very sensitive, when we should be able to feel the ball arc, if you stick to natural path of motion, Head-speed will get much easier than hitting the clubs sudden uplift.

After 2, swing low, close to the ground when the swing, to make the Club forward and upward motion in the ball. Many people push when hitting the ball forward, which is in the middle of the station in front. When settling down Golf Club, in a horizontal path forward, when the ball lift rod head. In fact, if you hit in this way, careful analysis, we can see that in the case of bar head lifting ball, the ball is snapped forward 8-10 inches on the ground, which means that the air moves forward as a whole, rather than rolling on the ground, so completely scroll ball will jump two times before, though very slight, we easily found. This jump causes the scroll ball to deviate from the correct route.

Correct action does not require the lower pendulum, but neither to natural arc of swing, but to slow down the next. If so, Rod ball left after surface within a very short distance (2-3) has a small stuck, start only after scrolling. Putting a priority is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. If you can swing by hitting the lowest point, then you hit will be stable.

After 3, slower swing speeds. The consequences of this is lost the rhythm of the swing is a topic many people are talking about, but few people can explain clearly. If placed after slowing, then also hem at the same speed, and then forward swing, bereft of an accurate rhythm. Slowly settling a certain level, the ball when the inevitable when sudden, have led to sudden, fast forward sent-bar, as well as lose rhythm. So, the swing to the rear must have a certain speed, and have a certain rhythm, hitting is not too far. Many errors that occur on the push rod is caused by the ball too far.

We\'ll review it again: discard of flat, low and slow swing to the rear, slightly curved arc, and after a certain speed and rhythm, in the lowest point of the arc the ball.

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