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Almost system Club notes: induced Member letter samples and application for membership

High society almost before the system during the installation and run, the ball will be subject to the following preparations:

1. USGA golf course difficulty assessment

1.1 to high society or Fortis companies to USGA golf course difficulty assessment the Club Stadium requirements.

1.2 arrangements Stadium assessment schedule

1.3 assessment certificate and obtain high society in the Stadium course handicap conversion table,

Recommends that the ball will be at the lobby, a \"nearly zone\", when nearly all Member index are published monthly. Stadium rating certificates in particular two-course handicap conversion tables, can be posted in prominent positions almost area for members and guests query me baseball stadium on the day almost.

2. Install and run the high society of the USGA Handicap System in preparation

2.1 considers suitable sites set to run the ball almost system of computers and other devices:
Hardware: computer: 586 CPU;64M memory 50M hard disk space;
IC card reader;
Plain A4 paper printer;
Software requirements: WIN 98 or WIN 95.

2.2 specifying a club dedicated to the members almost almost Secretary, requirements:

A) familiar with the operation of the golf and Member playing status;
B) responsible, and long-term work in the Club;
C) familiar with computer and Internet basics and operation;

2.3 high society almost from high society almost to the website to download the latest system and install it.
Note: just downloaded system is not available, from almost system support company--Shenzhen silver registered ancient companies obtain a user name and password.

2.4 from the download to download the system operating procedures, as well as the General Manager of the Club members believed caused by sample (in English) and the application form and issued under specific conditions the ball will the modified member, at the same time start collecting Member golf scorecard. Almost from the Secretariat in this manual to learn basic knowledge about the USGA Handicap System.

2.5 arrangements specified almost ancient Company Secretary and match silver contact by telephone system installation, operation, registration password and other training-related matters, as well as photos of members and an annual fee to pay. Tel: 0755 4987,0755 3,799,104 contact: Miss Wang Linlin, Mr Wang Yong

3. Established almost Committee

Established USGA Handicap System is one of the most basic links Golf Club USGA Handicap Index of each publication or representatives of members shall be by a Club Professional and Golf Association formed a handicap Committee, to ensure the reliability of USGA Handicap Index issued by. Almost members of the Committee should also monitor compliance with the provisions of the USGA Handicap System. As almost the Chairman of the Committee should have sufficient understanding of the USGA Handicap System. Chairman of the Committee to provide members with professional information better, the more members for their cooperation.

3.1 almost Committee duties

3.1.1 release notes

Each golf activities at the beginning of the season, almost should publish some notification to members of the Committee to remind members to provisions on almost system, stressed the importance of submitted to play ball and the Committee of the new requirements and so on. Members should know the following:
a. Where do I submit a scorecard;
b. How to receive almost latest USGA Handicap index card or label;
c. How to confirm that almost after every update index;
d. Update cycle of USGA Handicap Index;
e. Announced the members of new cycle of USGA Handicap Index report;
f. By the authorized Golf Association provides local non-golf events season period;
g. How to submit before the local golf activities season begins play offsite;
h. Handicap Committee have the right to adjust the unreasonable almost exponential;
i. Penalties for player who does not submit a valid result.

3.1.2 set ball club \"almost zone\" announced the Stadium Stadium assessed value--that is, the Group difficult to serve the course rating and slope values

3.1.3 released Stadium Stadium around assessment value

3.1.4 in the Club \"almost zone\" posted for members and players course handicap conversion table see course handicap

3.1.5 and confirmed the Club\'s USGA course evaluation value is reasonable, and reassessed objections submitted to the authorized Golf Association.

3.1.6 monthly in the Club \"almost zone\" post released its membership almost index

3.1.7 in accordance with the rules to adjust the player play gross, review contest results

3.1.8 save player records

3.1.9 for new members to establish a new record

3.1.10 for retired membership record keeping

3.1.11 changes and errors in the calculation.

3.1.12 guarantees new members keep informed individuals almost card, after the end of almost every month and update date, to grant each Member of the new USGA Handicap Index tag.

3.1.13 maintain cooperation and exchange with other Club Handicap Committee.


4 sought members views on a regular basis to review all aspects of the work if it is reasonable and meet the requirements of the USGA Handicap System

3.2 almost Secretary duties
Secretary of the club almost should be almost under the guidance and supervision of the Commission, specific action nearly system and provides members with almost services

3.2.1 member management
a. Accept membership applications
b. Enter the Member\'s name correctly in the system, gender and other information
c. Upload information, gets the system-assigned membership card number
d. Member photos and other information in accordance with stipulated procedures, and making members almost card
e. Personal information subject to change, timely updates in the system and upload the updated member information

3.2.2 scorecard management
a. Accept the scorecard and verification of member submitted, in accordance with the rules of the USGA Handicap System to adjust a need to adjust the results;
b. Membership entry in the system in time to play ball (after adjusted gross)
c. View membership trends almost at any time, verify whether almost record problem
d. Daily upload a new scorecard records to the system, and confirm the score card recording the correct upload
e. Before the end of each month to confirm you have processed all this month\'s scorecard

3.3 publication and management Member USGA Handicap Index

3.3.1 downloads the latest almost monthly index records

3.3.2 certification and verification of almost all Member index records

3.3.3 to confirm the correctness of the USGA Handicap index records, if found to be a reasonable amount of USGA Handicap Index, should be informed in a timely manner almost Committee, after the permission can be adjusted to almost.

3.3.4 1th each month, print new USGA Handicap Index tags for all members and to the Member.

3.4 provide almost query service

3.4.1 accepting Member\'s query, and to inform its latest USGA Handicap Index

3.4.2 venue equipped with IC card reader/writer and Internet conditions, enabling members to self-check their almost

3.4.3 release membership almost index in a timely manner, monthly updated almost all Member index report is printed and posted on the \"almost zone\".

Annex 1: ball describes almost caused by members of the system (sample)

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