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Introduction to golf

One of ball games. Is Rod drop of an activity. Game player 2-4 are a group, in the service area of the stadium with a Golf Club in turn after the ball out of their own, together via ball road to the placement of the ball, continues to hit a ball until the ball into the hole. Hitting the standard number is 72, hitting the pole is less to win. When the competitions for the four rounds of 72 holes, need to loop on the 18 hole golf course four times.
Game there are two kinds: one for the \"match\"; a \"Stroke Play\". Originating from the Scottish folk, formed in the 14 and 15th century. Now popular in North America, Western Europe, Australia, South Africa, Asia and other countries. Was popular during the song, Yuan, Ming, China of a golf-like activity, known as the \"hammer\". Modern golf in 19th century China. Guangdong established the first golf course, in the 1980 of the 20th century. At the Asian Games in 1994 and 1998, Chinese athletes were Golf second and women\'s team third for male personal name.

Golf course

Golf venues. Stadium 5943.6-cent meters long, covers an area of 50 hectares to about 100 hectares. Located 18 hole, the hole between first and last ball road of convergence, ranging from more than 10.0015 million meters in length. To which hole the ball on the fairway length divided into long hole, Cave and short hole. Between the end of each hole \"service area\", \"lane\", \"Rough\", \"bunker\" and \"Water Hazard\" and \"hole\".


Golf equipment. Round. Ball cores made from hard rubber-like synthetic material, shell packages are covered with many micro-concave circular hard glossy synthetic material, or ball then a layer of rubber around line between kernel and shell. Diameter of not less than 42.67 mm and not exceed 45.93 grams in weight.

Golf Club

Golf equipment. For hitting. Rod about 1 meter long. Grip, shaft and Rod heads a three-part, hitting the bar head. There are iron rods and attack two. Wood poles by length is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5th, mainly hit long distance ball. Hardcore by length is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9th, easier to control the ball in the direction. In General, Club number, the greater the number of small, long shaft, hitting the bar head surface and the angle between the shaft axes also smaller distance hit the ball farther.

Golf venues and equipment

Golf venues

Golf course linearly (see left), laying on wide-open ground. Stadium include kick off lawns, supporting placement will kick off a ball on the lawn in the formation of a location, and then put the golf ball on the plate, after the ball with the cue out. Hitting the aim is to hit the ball into or hit a ball to the hole. Holes are dug in on a flat piece of turf, with a flag flag to indicate where the hole. After the ball is hit into the hole, the hole where the lawn is the new kick off lawns, a hole the ball down.

However, to hit a hole in a cave as described in the text above is by no means easy. First of all, between holes and hole ranging generally from 90 m to 540 m, two hole farthest in the world is Japan a Golf Club has a golf course between the sixth and seventh holes, 830.8 metres apart. Second, each hole has a natural or artificial setting around obstacles, such as: sandbox, and grass, streams, ponds, or bushes. But without the special permission, no matter where the ball landed in the stadium, are not allowed to move, must be in the Colony continued to hit the ball. If the non-moving to when hitting, player may stand in the placement Office, facing down a hole, hand ball lifted shoulder from behind the ball the next, and then continue to the new placement, hitting. Set between the hole and the hole usually kick off lawn-> open grassland-> undulating terrain or bushes-> obstacles-> hole lawn.

Currently the world\'s largest golf course is located in the United States, Massachusetts, Bolton Stadium 7,609 meters long, it provides for the standard hitting number 77. And the highest golf courses in the world is Peru\'s taketu Stadium, the stadium its lowest point at 4,369 metres above sea level. Lowest golf course in the world is United States Califonia death Canyon Creek Stadium, stadium 82.9 meters of below sea level.

Necessary golf equipment

Golf equipment including clubs, balls, shoes, ball caps, gloves and clothing. One of the most major launches world\'s first 125°c club. Ball bar and function in terms of differences, often affect the achievement of hitting. Therefore clubs is absolutely don\'t skimp.

1. the Club
Ball head rod by Rod, shaft and grip consists of three parts, its length of about 0.91-between 1.29 m. According to different needs of hitting distance, each player can take up to 14 different types of ball rod into play. The 14 balls Rod should be configured as follows: 4 wooden rod, 9 die and 1 push rod. For starters, just taking the odd rods is sufficient.

(1) wooden rod made more use of persimmon wood. In accordance with their length and Rod clamp bevel angle can be divided into different number. Smaller the number, the length of the longer, hit the ball higher and farther. Wooden rod used in the service area, the most commonly used are 1, 3, 4 and 5th, for starters, 3rd rods more applicable.

(2) hardcore soft iron making Club heads, thinner than wooden pole, small. It is mainly used to control short range combat, hardcore can be roughly divided into long and short, three categories. Long hardcore is easy to grasp of directional; hardcore in easy swing, easy, suitable for beginners; short hitting the hardcore applies in a difficult position.

(3) putting bar head is made from soft iron, mainly used to push the ball into the hole. Push rod can be divided into t-, l-and d-type, surface flatness is their shared characteristics.

2. the ball, golf bags and shoes
Age of Golf from Scotland to the modern, great changes have taken place. Core-first golf is done with feathers, leather shell sewn together, not only process difficult, the authentic and low rates. Early 19th century, golf manufacturing craftsman can make up to four or five a day \"good\" ball. But feather-Golf is not durable, especially at a rainy day, sewing thread easily broken, often result in rupture of ball in flight, feathers flying all over. In the late 1850 of the 19th century to a \"rubber ball\", this ball is made of eucommia rubber similar to rubber. Solid at the beginning, back to solid substance or liquid core. Modern golf with liquid core, made of rubber shell. White rubber ball on the surface there are many regular arrays of \"dimples\" depression, in the interest of flight and improve accuracy. Rubber golf balls are divided into United Kingdom and the United States two. Ball of a maximum weight not exceeding 50.38 g. American minimum diameter of the sphere of 4.26 cm, for the United States domestic use. British type ball-the minimum diameter of 4.11 cm, for the United Kingdom, and Canada as well as international groups used golf.

Golf bags, mostly leather, diameter about 8 inches or so, good golf bag has reset Rod stable and smooth textures, the overall skeleton strong and so on.

Golf shoes sole soles of around 12 nails to prevent sliding, so that when players swing to keep the body balanced. Fixed these spikes screws must be secure. Otherwise, the screws a pine, shoes were also useless.

Origin and development of golf

Playing golf is a sport for item has a special charm. It is the people in the natural elegance of natural green environment, exercise, edifying, skill-raising activities.

On origin of golf there are all sorts of different story, one of the most widely spread is a Scottish Shepherd in ancient times when grazing or occasionally a round stone with a stick into the rabbit hole, get inspired, invented and later known as the golf sport. Therefore, the \"Golf\" the word first appeared in the 14th century in the files of the Scottish Parliament.

Lead soldiers involved in golf is the North coast of Scotland, then gradually caused the Palace court aristocrats and civil interest of young people, eventually became a traditional project in Scotland. Thereafter passed in England. End of the 19th century to the Americas, Australia and South Africa, 20th century spread to Asia. Prevalence due to play golf in the Royal Court nobles at the earliest, coupled with the golf venue equipment expensive, it is \"noble sport,\" said.

20th century Golf into our country. In 1931, set up a golf game centers. The same year, British and American businessmen in joint Golf Club, opened next to the mausoleum in Nanjing Stadium golf course.

The 80 \'s, golf in China to be quickly developed. In 1985, the establishment of the China Golf Association, in January 1986, China\'s first international golf tournament--\"Zhongshan Cup\" career, amateur mixed Invitational, held at the Zhongshan hot spring golf. Yihou, held once a year. In recent years, the golf has been the rapid popularization and development in our country.

As the identity of a fashion or a vaguely hinted that golf had gradually infiltrated into our urban life, and many people long for. \"Golf\", this is the English transliteration of golf. In English, is the word Golf from green (green), oxygen (oxygen), the Sun (light) and friendship (friendship) consisting of these four words begin with the letters. A movement, both of the above four attractive contents, in advocating leisure in modern society, it is no wonder that it has become the darling of the people. Most people\'s understanding of this fascinating sport may also at the stage of a face unfamiliar, here we will introduce to you a simple.

Basic knowledge of golf etiquette-

Chapter I basic Golf etiquette--you can\'t ignore knowledge on basic play

Golf etiquette – serving table etiquette

Good start-chapter III-serving table etiquette

Before you play golf etiquette-etiquette tips

Chapter II notes on etiquette before prepared to play--

Breaking the push rod ball three myths have the correct set of push rod principle

Maybe a lot of people see on some skills instruction, use the rod swing hitting three principles: straight settling, which bar head has been parallel to the ground, close to the ground sway; settling lower ball club heads when lifting upward motion; swing to the rear as slow as possible. In fact, this is not necessarily effective, very often, it\'s just three easily shattered the myth of.

1, Rod head motion path parallel to the ground. In order for the push rod hitting more freely, swing should not snap when the ground movement, pendulum swing before and after the formation of the path is a slight upward at both ends, winding tracks. Each player on the push rod and its transport
Are very sensitive, when we should be able to feel the ball arc, if you stick to natural path of motion, Head-speed will get much easier than hitting the clubs sudden uplift.

After 2, swing low, close to the ground when the swing, to make the Club forward and upward motion in the ball. Many people push when hitting the ball forward, which is in the middle of the station in front. When settling down Golf Club, in a horizontal path forward, when the ball lift rod head. In fact, if you hit in this way, careful analysis, we can see that in the case of bar head lifting ball, the ball is snapped forward 8-10 inches on the ground, which means that the air moves forward as a whole, rather than rolling on the ground, so completely scroll ball will jump two times before, though very slight, we easily found. This jump causes the scroll ball to deviate from the correct route.

Correct action does not require the lower pendulum, but neither to natural arc of swing, but to slow down the next. If so, Rod ball left after surface within a very short distance (2-3) has a small stuck, start only after scrolling. Putting a priority is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. If you can swing by hitting the lowest point, then you hit will be stable.

After 3, slower swing speeds. The consequences of this is lost the rhythm of the swing is a topic many people are talking about, but few people can explain clearly. If placed after slowing, then also hem at the same speed, and then forward swing, bereft of an accurate rhythm. Slowly settling a certain level, the ball when the inevitable when sudden, have led to sudden, fast forward sent-bar, as well as lose rhythm. So, the swing to the rear must have a certain speed, and have a certain rhythm, hitting is not too far. Many errors that occur on the push rod is caused by the ball too far.

We\'ll review it again: discard of flat, low and slow swing to the rear, slightly curved arc, and after a certain speed and rhythm, in the lowest point of the arc the ball.

Golf etiquette--fairway of golf etiquette

The fourth chapter in the fairway of golf etiquette

Avoid injuries increase body flexibility play warm up steps

First step: (choose one)
Walk or slow high leg lift. 2-3 minutes walk, body stretched out. This can speed up heart rate and muscle blood flow.

Squat stretch. Shoulder width with two-foot stance, hands holding a ball forward through the rod and stretched out, done 10 times in a row squatting
V campaign, while Rod lift the ball above his head. This will speed up the blood flow to the chunks of muscle tissue.

The second step: ribs stretch

Iron, picked up a seventh and seize the bar head on the left hand, right hand grasping the shank, and lifting as much as possible, and then bending to one side as far as possible the entire torso, but not let the other side of the pain. 5 seconds, and then change direction.

The third step: shoulder stretch

Hold the end of the shank on the left hand, right hand holding the rod head. Relax shoulders, keep the left elbow straight, and then try to stretch arm backward. 5 seconds and then change the other.

The fourth step: chest stretch

Left hand holding the end of the shank, raised baseball pitcher-like actions, right hand holding the rod head. Relax shoulders, left back, and keep the rib points forwards. 5 seconds and then change the other.

Fifth step: systemic expansion campaign

Hand holding the ball, the hands are slightly larger than shoulder width apart, and then do the fastest speed to lift ball-bar, you can feel the back muscles in the chest muscle stretching and compression. For 5 seconds.

Sixth step: rotation

A club across the shoulders, his hands crossed on chest, hold the Club, under the guarantee, and do the maximum rotation to the left, then turn right. 3-5 seconds at a time.

Seventh step: shoulder stretch

Left arm across the chest, right hand grasping the left arm and to the right, the left arm across the chest of more. This feeling of back muscle exercise can feel shoulder, but neither felt chest pain. 5 seconds, and then another arm.

Eighth step: wrist stretch

Straighten your left hand, Palm upward, grasping the left hand fingers right hand fingers and stretch back down. 5 seconds and then change hands.

Nineth: forearm stretches

Out of the left hand, elbow bent, palms up, clenched fingers, and then straighten the elbow, and push upwards. 5 seconds and then change hands.

Tenth step: leg stretch

Tilt, hands on the pole in a table or cart, left leg straight, right leg bent forward, and then leaned forward, until you feel tension force on the leg. 5 seconds, and then another leg.

11th: hip extension

On the right foot in a cart or table, left leg straight, tilted forward, until the chest against the knees. 5 seconds and then another leg.

12th: foot tendon stretch

Right leg supporting body, left foot live cart or table, facing the front torso. Gently bow low back, hips after warped, until after the leg-side to feel the stretch forces. 5 seconds and then another leg.

13th: swing preparing (repeat 3-5 times each action).

Action 1, rod. Keep the left elbow straight, begins shift to the right foot. Clubs play a parallel to the ground.

2, half swing action. From Address to ball bar perpendicular to the ground. At this point most of body weight should be shifted to the right leg.

3, full-swing motion. More transfer body weight to right leg, spine and hips for maximum spin.

4, swing process. Address to send the whole process.

Golf Swing action needs the flexibility of the body, you must warm up beforehand to avoid damage to the body and play better. Play after stretching the you may be referred to above will help.

Golf swing to master the correct posture plays an important role

This is a part of \"different people have different views, and have expressed all kinds of\" issue, the author and do not intend to cause you to debate this issue, as a person engaged in research and sales of golf equipment, just from the perspective of the ball, with members to explore the importance of golf to play a good round of golf, ball friends in hopes for you when you purchase equipment to provide some reference.
Has begun playing friends have the experience, the correct golf swing posture more difficult to master one of the original
Is: because swing action is about the body (lateral) turn, while arms needs from top to bottom (vertical) movements, and to this moment of transverse and longitudinal movement in the ball reached relative co-ordination of integration, to hammer out a \"strike\". This almost no exercises in the normal everyday life, even rarely used in other sports projects, needs a lot of practice to make the body muscles to \"memory\" live this way, be able to master. Determination of professional bodies, a complete swing action time is 3 seconds on average and hitting the average time for a moment: five out of 10,000 seconds! In other words: to 3 seconds in the two completely different direction of motor coordination, and must be achieved to 0.0005 seconds \"perfect combination\", and in that moment you need to avoid any small mistakes.

It is the golf swing posture of this difficulty, to ignore the importance of the ball, especially for people who have just started learning to play golf, they become good at ball causes blamed insufficient action right! In fact, the most difficult to grasp the correct ball friends swing action of the main reason is because there is no use in line with their level of equipment!

You know, manufacturers of the brand is basically in accordance with the \"beginner, intermediate, advanced,\" this Division to launch its own product, its purpose is to facilitate your current level to select the right equipment!

First, we talk about why you want to use for beginners \"Starter Kit\"? A more extreme (Club driver) example: length 45 inches, Club face angle, shaft hardness of 8.5 x, total weight 350 g Club, golf enthusiasts in General see this data, will certainly feel that you can\'t use, let alone the beginner. Beginner ball who regular manufacturers on the market has generally followed such a specification, Club General aspect: light weight, swing weight is also lighter; bar head: low center of gravity, Club face angle larger; shaft: soft; whether it is hardcore rods, essentially this design specifications will be taken.

Total weight and waved Rod weight more light, is because consider to early scholars also does not using body of Rotary to led ball rod, if overweight will makes arm difficult, caused beginner subconscious to using arm of forces to waving ball rod, to cannot society by body of rotation to led ball rod of correct waved Rod posture; Rod head low gravity and larger of Rod surface angle design, is to makes beginner to easily to will ball playing up, if always to roll ball words, easy makes beginner lost confidence and interest. Soft shaft designed primarily to allow beginners to fully experience: once the body and arm coordination to achieve the \"perfect combination\" feel when, can also be called to achieve \"perfect combination\" of the evidence. When scholars occasionally and made a good, General specific feeling is: \"by what seems to be no effort, it is easy to hit the ball out very far. ”

Has has must Foundation of ball friends are know, to basic correct of posture for waved Rod Shi, in by body of rotation to led arm Xia Rod Shi, because Rod head weight of causes, people will experience to rod body of toughness (soft and rich elastic of bent), dang using good has this soft and rich elastic of bent will ball hit out Shi, on will produced out \"good as no with what effort, and is easily to on will ball hit out is far of feeling\", actually this on can proved you of waved Rod action comparison correct. Due to the swing speed is not fast enough for beginners, if the shaft is soft, cause the rod of the toughness of body feel more obvious.

For intermediate who,, select for own of ball rod on is more important, because in this a stage, because waved Rod posture has basic fixed, and almost all intermediate level ball friends of waved Rod posture are will exists such or is as of problem, if at this time then to correction posture is pieces very pain of things, PGA of occupational coach Gary Wiren had pointed out that: to corrected a errors action, need will correct of new action repeat 10,000 times above. For most amateur golf enthusiasts, this is almost impossible for, I believe many people will have the vital experience. At this point, the most effective way to improve your score too late to select a suitable for themselves in swing Club. Such as: If ball of directional does not stability, can select \"rod head around of inertial can rate\" more large some of, and or is to produced more Hou Rotary some of ball rod; and for often hit out right song ball of people: is can select Rod surface angle for close type of, or is ball Rod landing angle larger of, or is Rod head of gravity distance more short of ball with; for hope corrected Draw, and improve hitting distance, and effective hits, and adjustment ballistic high and low and so on requirements, are can take select has targeted of, and more for own waved Rod action habits of ball with, to for effective to adjustment, to reached improve results of purpose.

For a professional player, would have more emphasis on equipment, members will recall that, last year Tiger \"Woods\" have openly complained about active kick off wood good and 1 non-official game uses TITLEIST, first in wood, the NIKE company extremely embarrassing. Abroad, professional clubs are basically used is \"tailor\", he (she) of their equipment, particularly for shaft performance requirements are very high.

To sum up, learn from the first ball, to have the correct set of golf swing posture plays an important role if using equipment that does not fit at this time, people tend to subconsciously use some incorrect remedy actions for Hammer

Balls, thus did not have the correct swing posture. For intermediate and advanced players, and choice of suitable equipment for their swing habits, you can make up for their lack of action on the, quickly improve their grades, fully enjoy the pleasures of golf the sport. Of course, you should not have thus found the ball ball friends be more important than in swing, to ignore the swing action exercises in swing is a basic skill, the more solid basic skills, the more we can help you to maximize the power of equipment, more good results. Relationship between the two are complementary.

(Golf Zhang chaojie Takeda)

Golf etiquette-on green etiquette

The fifth chapter on green etiquette

Juvenile catcher to 6 recommendations from the consolidation of basic actions

In practice, an increasing number of young players join the ranks of the practice, of course, they are with their parents to come to. Young players must have a club suitable for their age, height, and adults should have some differences in practice methods. Power of juvenile players of smaller, and the Club is not as hard as adults use clubs, are soft and elastic high, in addition to changes in their bodies in the day, so there is no need for pulling off a fixed set of actions, but must follow the basic principles of golf technology.

In General, as the juvenile is better, \"silent eyes\", \"silent feet\" for they are difficult to do, their actions will usually relatively large, and Professor for the correct, they may not be willing to listen, because they prefer to play in their own way. However, as a parent, even if you don\'t want your children to become professional players in the future, still have to monitor them, do the following: 6

1, up to low, close to the ground rods, swing should do after more fully, hands should be higher than the shoulders, back toward the target, don\'t let them learn adult half-swing hitting, even smaller amplitude of swing skills such as movement, because your child not to practice these techniques of the time.

2, when it reaches the top of swing, body weight should be on the right foot, hips and shoulders shift to the right. Because many children are direct physical on the rod to lift the ball up, feet average carry the weight of the body, you should tell him that this is wrong.

3, after the completion of swing, swing vertices should be a small pause, and then began to swing under actions. Many children\'s action special \"coherent\", you should tell him to slow down, so he gradually form a rhythmic concept.

4 when, down swing, the body Center of gravity shifted from right to left leg, which is led by a rotational hip point to the destination. Swing under Basic and path of the Pole on the same path. Do not tell his rod and rod under path on what\'s so special about differences, he does not understand.

5, must let the rod head edge inserted from the bottom of the ball, swept the ball out, to sweet and click on the ball, so as to make a ball fly. This is a juvenile player comparison difficult, tells his swing to keep knees bent can reduce the appearance of the Top, as mentioned earlier, many children do not have knees bent.

6, when received, or is sent before Rod must be goal-oriented, body weight to stay in the left leg, hands last high and left align. Don\'t let him circle, even after your rod move the position of the feet, you know, it is golf basic actions against, and many children is this.

Understand your swing speed teaches you choose fits your ball bar

Recent Sina online about \"playing golf friends survey\" form, one of the topics are: in choosing a ball with you what are the key factors to consider? Nearly 60% ball friends chose \"trial of after effects\". This shows that the domestic golf enthusiasts buying the ball with time more and more tend to mature, which promote the development of golf in China, I believe that is of very great significance.

In the store, we can see an increasing number of friends to ask sales staff for more some balls with specifications of the data, learned from the current situation, General friends notice are: Rod head size, Club face angle (LOFT), Rod length and rigidity. More professional ball friends also to understand the shaft torsional moment (TORQUE), bent (KICK POINT), and Club swing weight (SWING WEIGHT), these data basic clubs (especially dial products) to see. Even golf is not clearly identified above, also mostly from sales or recognition on the specification of the product.

But there is some data to non-professionals cannot understand, such as the rod head of centre of gravity position (including the focus distance, height, depth), inertial energy rate (including Club overall inertia ratio, head of horizontal, vertical inertia ratio), the angle of gravity, and so on, up to now, even if these data are also almost no records in the specification of the product. We should not look down on these data, in fact they are when we choose the right equipment, will play a very important role. For example, there are many brands of equipment in their clubs are low, deep focus, but the lowest Center of gravity of which brand? Ball friends are unknown. Provisions in accordance with the manufacturing of Golf: golf ball is 42.67 mm diameter, so to ball up on the fairway, the key point of their best was 21 mm or below bar head centre of gravity height 21 mm can be called \"low gravity\". That is: Rod head of gravity height in 21 mm following of ball with, will more easy to will ball hit up, but in ball road Shang grass in the of golf of focus on points may will more low, especially for waved Rod speed enough fast of ball friends,, select more low gravity of ball with very important, because we cannot always in ball road Shang using in the, and short hardcore to hitting. I collected data, KASCO\'s #44 universal members the lowest Center of gravity, is 18 mm. In fact, apart from these \"low gravity\" of ball Rod yiwai, also has many model of ball sleeper of gravity height are in 22 mm above, they is for waved Rod speed comparison fast of players design of, for waved Rod speed soon of \"storm type\" players,, apart from using more hard of Rod body zhiwai, Rod head of gravity height also cannot low, otherwise will produced excessive of Hou Rotary, not only distance by loss, fly out of ball anti-wind sexual also does not strong. Rod design specification for each brand and its various models are not the same, although the gap is very small, but the result is a big difference. And this gap is generally difficult to try out in practice, because the grass does not hit the pad and in the trenches.

Golf famous brand TAYLOR MADE is first in Japan launched (this year April launched, then will will in Europe launched) of R7 series, was golf industry persons called \"has landmark significance of golf with\", its maximum of features is in kick off wood rod of bottom has 4 star can any demolition swap of distribution heavy (2 star 10 grams, and 2 star 2 grams heavy), ball friends by simple to swap this 4 star distribution heavy, on can get different of gravity location, to get different of ballistic. Such as: swing the ball friends fast enough, you can lower the center of gravity, to obtain a high trajectory to increase distance if the ball\'s trajectory is always the right song can change again the Centre of gravity position, shortening the distance to the center of gravity Rod head faster return of some correction curve ball to the right, but also against. Though the ball did not formally listed, evaluation of ball we do not know, but just from the design concept is of epoch-making significance, because consumers are more likely to choose to suit your equipment. In addition, the authors also speculate: the ball has launched, is able to get Golf brands as soon as more detailed data out, let the ball friends reference when buying. While author personal also think, the paragraph ball with of launched for domestic of ball friends, significance more major, because has too more ball friends too focus on technology and ignored has ball with of importance, after all most ball friends does not will playing golf as own of occupational, we impossible every day to exercises field playing Shang hundreds of a, and even Shang thousands ball, we cannot in short-term within makes own of action more perfect, effective improve results of another proven of method is: select a support for own waved Rod action of ball rod.

What about how to choose the right Club? You must first understand your swing speed, which is the selection of the most basic and most important clubs of the data, I found in the actual work 80% more consumers are not aware of their swing speed, which is very important to choose to use the hardness of the shaft, to know the club shaft in role of to account for more than 70%. Select Rod body probably of standard (kick off wood rod) for: 75 miles/hours (34 m/s) following: hardness for L;75-85 miles/hours (38 m/s):-a or R;85-95 miles/hours (43 m/s): r or S;95-108 miles/hours (48 m/s): s or X;108 miles/hours above: x or XX; in here members to note: the brand commercial of r, and s, and x of hardness standard is does not as of, more science of measurement standard is Rod body of \"inherent vibration number\", but to currently also no for the brand using. In addition to hardness, should swing speeds also determines the use of \"bend points\" of the location where the shaft, as a whole \"swing weight\" for how many clubs, in addition for kick off wooden pole, also determines how many degrees you should use (Club face angle) of the Club.

> Second, ball friends in for exercises and end play Shi, to note and own around of people for comparison, more observation own hit out ball of ballistic: is partial high also is partial low, and partial left also is partial right; flight distance enough enough; \"hoeing\" and \"shaved\" of phenomenon more does not more; effective hit rate high does not high aspects of status; these are is comparison easy understanding of information. There are other aspects that need little reflection, can be seen such as Rod surface better catch the ball well, Rod, and Rod surface speed: speed, what are the features your swing posture and so on. If you have access to this information, and the purchase of equipment, that information tell sales, are easier to buy the right equipment.

Third, we must fully understand their cue that you are using the basic data, such as what brand and model? Hardness of the shaft, head size, type of bar head and so on. If you do not know can take their existing equipment to equipment shop in order to put this information to those sales. In addition, replace the ball with time, not a and replace all of the equipment, at least to retain 1 today you sense the best clubs.

IV, actively participating in the brand organization trying to play, to experience to understand the brand, model, equipment performance. At the time of trial, for feeling better clubs, to time in what is now the best equipment to use compared to test for compatibility between them matches. Try again when you open the ball wood, each making one feel better after the ball, immediately using their now try fairway wood or iron type, just as if you were on the pitch to play ball. Because in practice we can\'t always use the same rod to hit the ball for all locations. If possible, you can use try rod end to play, in actual combat testing this bar is for yourself.

It is said that there were thousands of golf brands in the world, brand of equipment (and each brand will have a variety of types) should also have hundreds of species? I believe that they all have their own reasons to survive, but for consumers, how to find these many brands of equipment that suits their 14 clubs, certainly not an easy thing. Hope that the method described above, to give you a ball from friends in the selection of equipment to some reference. I believe that if you use the right Club, not only can enable you to rapidly increase performance, also for improving swing technology certainly plays an important role. (Golf Zhang chaojie Takeda)

Knowledge-how to obtain and use almost almost

People who are keen to play golf, particularly amateur player had such a wish, is to in any stadium with the different levels of competition with the ball friends, than the high or low, enjoy the fun game of fair competition. Obtain accurate individual USGA Handicap Index through the USGA Handicap System (Handicap Index) is the best way to meet the players desire.

By the Golf Club USGA Handicap Index is difficult to measure player to player in a standard play potential when playing the stadium capacity index, it is a reserved to a one-digit number after the decimal point, can be used for conversion of players when playing accurate course handicap, determine the number of players play ball, and may be changed with the players level of play and constantly changing.

Players how to obtain and use the concept almost
1. join a Golf Club;
2. as requested by the handicap Committee to individual USGA Handicap Index; before playing
3. determined in accordance with individual USGA Handicap Index of the current baseball stadium on the day almost;
4. determine I play on that day should be almost number;
5. According to the game or contest the decision in the form of almost distribution ratio should be used; in the course of play
6. in the number of bar-by-hole scorecard note playing; after the end of the play
7. in accordance with the USGA Handicap System rules adjust play gross;
8. submit score card and enter the USGA Handicap System.

Join the Golf Club and get a USGA Handicap Index

Fat people play embarrassment 9 recommendations 5 remind you 1 a surprise

Maybe you know John. Dali won United States open, and don\'t know what his coach \"forced\" him to lose weight, fat people play inevitably encounters some embarrassing

9 recommendations

1. end play must own walk, after playing 18 holes, approximately 7 kilometers \' walk, 1750 calories consumed heat
, Go faster, often stabilizing effect in cardiac function.

2. a week to play two 18-hole, and sustained, not only lose weight can reduce the risk of recurrent coronary heart disease, and can prevent osteoporosis, increase body resistance.

3. prepare before exercise activities, relaxing activities after exercise, including static stretching exercises, easy walking, jogging, jumping, technical swing, swing and other empty-handed.

4. to select a different amount of playing time according to their own situation, the beginner in the first few weeks, play time not too long, slowly extend playing time and strength to you later.

5. belly fat people are generally large, so turning is a big problem, empowerment and bending the legs can make up for the deficiency waist.

6. develop perennial golf exercise good habits.

7. movement in the afternoon.

8. normally should be an appropriate diet, pay attention to the dietary balance and avoid engorgement.

9. when the following conditions, you must stop: feeling fatigue or legs to action coordination; any part pain exacerbation; appear dizzy; feeling impatient and tachypnea; low blood glucose symptoms occur.

5 reminder

1. with a few towels, if it\'s hot, you end up with a wet towel.

2. wear bright color of the t-shirt, thermal, sweating and not easy to leave India.

3. sports drinks with some bottles of frozen, in addition to immediate supplementary water, but also vitamins and trace elements.

4. research has shown that, 60 minute Golf playing 3 times a week, compared with 30 minute Golf playing 6 times a week, which is better.

5. people with diabetes, it is best not to go play golf alone, around and be sure to have drinks, cookies are easy to absorb food, to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

1 surprise

Micro fat friends not in addition to playing the ball deliberately lose weight, because based on the experience of senior Golf coach, insist on playing more than half a year, naturally lean down, than weight-loss drugs are effective.

(Zhang Liangli Yuan Yunping)

How to replace the Club recommended brands latest prices good ball bar

We often come across such a situation, to the customer in the shop, is a COPY of the original has been used, with a COPY of a pole to nearly 100 per cent level, but further down beat, one COPY and the bar has indeed had completed his mission.

Due to problems of its own production must be replaced, there is now with COPY with humiliating, especially when many of his friends are playing with. Now what kind of problems to be faced is how to configure can
Completed within the shortest possible time and new bar-running process, and it also has the following three characteristics:

Well-known brand in 1, 2, appropriate prices (in particular comparison and Hong Kong) 3, style the latest

This is our recommended according to the guests themselves to the specific circumstances: first we will ask the customer itself almost, secondly there are guests preference of the rod itself, such as like rod rods, like high ballistic flight path, there are like steel or carbon shaft. Also has a general customer what is the most intractable problems. After roughly talked, we will make the following recommendations:

First of all, we recommend Taylormade 500 series of rods, ballistic and requirements of guests, we configure the 580 or 540.

580 focus is generally of a wooden pole was 4O0CC,10.5 D3, tolerance, and vertical height, distance. 540 rods are 350CC,10.5 General is also the center of gravity of the D3, tolerance than 580 came close, ballistic secondary, but the direction control and good wind resistance than 580.

We usually recommend gmelinii of Taylormade RAC LT, if the guest is not power-players, and the distances are not very good, being a PLUS that we generally will advise the customer to choose Rod r on a paragraph, as this adaptation is very extensive, and the shaft and does not appear soft. Many people, like steel shaft of iron, because the price is a good one, seems to have some nice again. But we believe that the only confirmed himself to be power-players, and the sense of distance has good ball friends select the steel rod would be better. Because the hits takes strength steel shaft, and at a distance of carbon than the same model on shaft distance of ten yards. And the choice of steel shaft was a standard, we usually advise the customer to select the hardness of steel shaft r, such as hardness is R100 RIFFLE steel shaft, universal customer reflects the better.

Select private likes and dislikes of the pusher is very important, especially feel, now very popular TWO BALL instead reflect many ball friends are not easy to use, and who are willing to choose traditional style push rod. Putting replacement period is the longest of all time, so must be carefully.

Should such a distribution of retail prices in the market for about 33,000, beat some discounts, 25,000 almost complete configuration.

We will also recommend United States brand Cleveland. this brand also recently sold very well, because the price is suitable and feel very good.

Cleveland launche series of rods, especially 400 a lot of people like it, it FUJIKULA is the shaft of a specially-crafted, shaft-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, hardness is generally R. its selling point is the shaft of the fine, and fault-tolerance is also very good. Cleveland has come out since the TA3, experienced TA5, TA7 now most new TA2, evaluation of these products has made the market very well, a unique micro-hole design, exquisite face, TUNE TEMPER of the shaft, there is reasonable price will undoubtedly become the darling of the market.

CLEVELAND complete configuration down market retail price should be around 23,000, when discounts are generally around 18,000. Especially the last customers always single a bunker of 56 or 60 rod, which is the best product of CLEVELAND, s ranking in the world it must be first.

Above is that we often recommend to customers the configuration of the two brands, write, and we learn from, Exchange together. (Zhang Yan)

Pole number raise ≠ levels lower

You is note to in golf field of score card Shang, apart from the hole of hole,, and serve Taiwan distance code number, and standard Rod zhiwai, usually also has ball hole almost let Rod value (Handicap Strokes), it is by 1 to 18 of digital does not rules to distribution in 18 a hole, many people think these numerical representative of is ball hole by difficult to easy of arranged order, facts is not so. Almost let Rod value said in a wheel play in the, high almost players most need from low almost players Department get let rod of ball hole has order, in other words, almost let Rod value for 1 of hole, usually is high almost players and low almost players of play results difference larger, and high almost players most has may need get let rod of ball hole, instead, almost let Rod value is 18 of hole is representative a wheel in the high almost players last need get let rod of ball hole. As the United States high society are mentioned in the USGA Handicap System Manual \"players in a Regulation is not easy to measure the results of the players in the holes need to be a valid index. ”

Reasonable distribution of holes almost correctly value almost the race, especially the match fairly have almost decided to victory in the players played a very important role. To in the score card by as shown in than hole match for cases, entries players-a stadium almost for 13, players b Stadium almost for 20, in second people Zhijian for has almost of than hole match Shi, players b can from players-a Department get 7 Rod let rod, that is in almost let Rod value 1 to 7 of seven a hole in the, players b each hole can are 1 Rod let rod (with *, standard out). In almost let values for 3 second hole, although both sides were making a 6, because player b on the hole to be 1 bar, his net score is 5 on the hole, so player b wins the 2nd hole. In almost let the bar values are 4 18th hole, player a scores for the 4-bar, player b making a 5, player b on this hole are 1 rod, net result is 4, so both sides playing the 18th hole.

Golf course 18 holes nearly let the value of distribution usually has two methods: one is decided by the club almost Committee, another is based on a different level of players playing achievements of the Court to determine.

Method one: by the Club Handicap Committee to inspect and determine the hole almost let value

Are you familiar with the Golf: English terms in table (a)

Address Address, hitting preparing action Advice to others play or Again hitting the back of other technical matters, abbreviation for Play again Against logy and a race Against par standard hammer Rod race to require hitting number for an object, to decide. The ball hole provisions \"hitting number\" and \"actual hitting number\" of than, winning ball hole more more more good Against wind wind, and against Albtross double eagle, than standard Rod less three Rod Approach near distance cut ball, is in fruit Ridge near to to ball playing Shang fruit Ridge Approach cleek light hitting rod, hardcore of a, for push ball into hole of with Approach part light hit area pusher, makes ball near small flag pole of long pusher Apron ball hole around grass slope, grassland around droop bevel Approve competition end of signed Arc Rod head arc, waved Rod Shi, Rod head after of track Arwy scoring Rod number (Qian nine hole of results depends on handleap) Atert correct mark (competition end Hou score Member check score card proved \"is\") Attend accompanied (Rod brother accompanied of meaning) Average golfer skills medium who (almost 15~20 who)

How to choose a good putting-golf splendid article introduction

Select a right push rod, recurrent training, master of its features, will be handy. Must remember do not randomly replace pusher, because each Rod shape, the weight of different, no change will need to be adjusted, go on like this, eyes, hands, arms, waist, legs, head and Club, can never be together, naturally not conditioned into reliable putting skills. Described below if you choose pusher:

On first appearance. Push rod Rod head into \"chip-type\" and \"hammer\" in two ways. Hitting the head looks on people\'s
Psychological impact is very large. Push rod must be feeling, visually if you like this style, feel it is reliable, this is the selection of the first step in putting.

On the second from the weight of it, stout man with a heavy rod, female and gentle man with a light rod. Because the rod head heavy pusher of stable, people who have difficulty putting with rod ball is heavy pusher will increase the scoring rate, even is gentle-man, going to use a medium weight of pusher.

Material of third watch. To use forged or cast out of copper or stainless steel pole. Carbon fibre or steel rod head can also, most importantly his hardness to moderate. Regardless of what material is used, preferably with sticky, holding in their hands to fit.

Fourth to test pusher\'s sense of balance. Balance is not touch out of sight, but he really is essential. There\'s a simple detection method, putting you placed on the index finger, with other hand moved him. Until you can hold the Centre of gravity. At this time, if the club heads can be flat, which is hitting on the face or down, the Club\'s centre of gravity is the best, most reliable; if tip points to the ground vertically, this club can also use; if head was reclining, there is no sense of balance about, it is recommended that you do not use the pusher.

V, select the length of the shaft problem. Push rod length of habits and needs of the individual to decide. In accordance with the customary method of holding the rod handle, Rod head gently touch the ground, the body naturally leaning, your arms and Club extension lines form angles less than 45 degrees, explain your hand position is too low, clubs are too short; on the contrary, your hands will move up, indicates that the Club is too long.

Sincerely hope that members will choose a suitable rod.

Match your manners

As we all know, golf is a gentlemen, then Stadium need a gentleman. Gentleman level only because it\'s expensive, its swing gesture handsome and charming, its stadium elegant environment informed, participate more should be reflected in the campaign of a true gentleman of style and grace.

Many requirements in golf ball friends must have manners and politeness. Say you play smoothly enough, feel very unhappy, what do you do? This performance and the gentleman actually has a far, and golf in small provisions on this point: when you fall to the ground rods, the next kick off fall bent rods was found while you do can change in the context of a piece?
The answer is: no!

In accordance with the relevant provisions, you can only replace \"in the normal way competition\" \"badly damaged\" clubs, such as shaft is damaged, either loose head, separation or severe malformations, and are within the scope of the normal game. If you throw the ball too hard or the ball is still in the water, or a damage swing when the ball, were not allowed to replace, not to say you have no grace broke it. Therefore, on the golf course is important to note that your manner, let the gentlemen can truly reflect your a gentleman.
In countries where golf, emphasis on personal style must in no way inferior to few. If you golf like a joke says, \"originally was a great walk, but be disturbed\", then in place in golf, many will say that disrupt it is usually part of people\'s gambling, cheating, drinking and noisy and abused your caddie. Following some phenomenon, hope so bad not your creation and play.

Phenomenon: noise
Michael could hardly believe my eyes. See a number of novices in the same location the hit and insulted the ball hitting the child did not remind him too fast easy to cut him. In other play ball friends still if no one drove the ball through, siren ringtones from time to time, Greens free to play loudly on the phone, do the unsavory guy from the Earth? Did he play golf?

Phenomenon II: temper
American Chinese Liu said a story: a business partner friend shot missed, the ball is still in the water, and let the children into the water to catch the ball. When you play golf like a \' blind \', deliberately ignored the ball and court rules, so personal positions, this play to them you have to eat humble pie, the ball hitting the ball deep grass area, he waved a few bar and move the ball out, but a rod is not too. Faced with this situation, what can you say?

Three: politeness
According to a General Manager of the Stadium said that some newbie seems to know nothing about basic etiquette for handball, waiting at the swing even when other people do not know how, can sometimes see some balls at the same time playing out, he said: \"in Hainan, I have seen scenes of 8 balls at the same time fly. ”
Golf is an elegant sport, but someone\'s point of view is: I don\'t mind, I had money, I want the ball to where the ball will be out there.

Four: rules
Alternative \"rules\": \"golf car can do whatever it takes to run I hit a telephone than to a person, time, and concentrate on more important; violence encouraged; scorecard can be free to fill out sth\"

V: speed
Bell is a traitor of the golf, slow playing slow, never raked sandbox and fix to the bunker. In his view, this is a matter of losing face.

Six: cheating
When a business celebrity in the game the ball flew into the Woods, he raced to the forest, took from his pocket a ball on the ground in shouting: \"my balls in it. \"Other people have a look at the quick, the next ball on the fairway of hole see\'s peer, go a few steps, step on a foot.

Seven: gambling
No gambling, no results. Gambling naturally slow, do not want gambling on football matches in front of a group in a hurry, gambling later in hope that when a group of slowly, 18-hole 6 hours is nothing, a $ 200 dollars a hole 100, RMB \"live\" (settlement) which tube etiquette.

Eight: dress code
Provisions on golf attire is someone bold contempt, end up wearing jeans, insists on not obey stadium staff representation, repeatedly shouted: \"Let me end, I will back! ”

Nine: abuse
In one case, caddy is ball bar into the fracture, fault was going to pick up a ball, but insisted on identification of the play ball was his.

For humans, golf is one of the most wholesome sport, it can improve people\'s temperament. This movement and are very similar to real life, is a Bell never-ending challenge, teach you to perseverance, broad-minded. For golf, play golf culture first, play second.

As the solemn Royal ancient Golf Club of sugelanshengandelusi (Royal&Ancient Golf Club), modify the rule in the additional provisions of wrote: \"to take into account the other participants in the campaigns, and follow the rules, that rely on participant an individual character. All participants should be self-constraint, any time you want to show a courteous demeanor and athletes. ”

Are you familiar with the Golf: English terms in table (b)


Play top priority aim and in the right direction up

Many people overlook the Address position and direction, but this is the important part of the swing action. Before the bar, ready to hit directly affects the entire swing. Target orientation alignment, stance for accuracy, will affect the swing path, status and location of the body during the swing, and eventually affect the flight of the ball. Here said the most important thing is up and the target direction.

Aim orientation is one of the Foundation. Many people there is a misunderstanding, think target is determined by the feet
, This is just one of the right thing to do is: take when hitting the attitude, clubs (clubface), physical (body), including shoulder (shoulders), hip (HIPS), knee (knees), toe (toes) referred to parallel to the direction you want to target an imaginary line.

Checks for the correct way to do this: first, check the feet direction method: simple access and pose Address, drop a ball before the toes of both feet, and then aiming sight after the cue point to the specified target. Second, check the hips and shoulders point to the target, it is best to use a mirror. Put a mirror on the right side of the body (right hand, contrary to his left), put a ball in the shoulders and hips horizontal bar, and then look in the mirror ball bar points to a target. If there are no mirrors, you can also aim aiming down this Club before the Club with his feet parallel, if it is, that\'s right.

Aim orientation is important, as can be determined by the direction of flight of the ball. Is to be noted that many amateur players often play right or left curved curl ball, so the offset Address to the corresponding, although this will resolve the immediate problem, but there is no doubt is a very bad habit, this an expedient measure for improvement of skills is of no use.

Another point is right up. In standing posture is the most important thing is the back angle, or lean forward angle. When you lean forward beyond the toes of both feet, the appropriate angle of around 45 degrees, this is an ideal up because shoulder rotation that can be effective throughout the swing.

Wrong stance can affect many aspects of the swing, such as standing straight, caused his left hand before the turn to the left rear, and pulled the ball back to the left that is \"inside\". In sum up wrong, will cause the error location top of swing, swing under the influence and ultimately affect ball flight.

Decided to own up is correct, a simple method is to see whether their shoulders on top of the legs, ideal upright, shoulders is just over the feet.

Remember, before the ball out, don\'t forget to carefully prepare, look at yourself up is correct, whether the target alignment, which is affecting the entire swing basic issues of process and ultimately affect the ball\'s flight.

Crossroads of control of swing

\"Golf waved rod of crossroads\" is Asia PGA golf College Kai · Lu Newcastle Emlyn (Kel Llewellyn) coach on Hou waved rod to top Department of special appellation, Lu Newcastle Emlyn the Australia waved Rod genius yiqian in Professor Qian Asia ranking first of Lande Havana (Jyoti Randhewa), Kyi Hla Han (Kyi Hla Han) Shi are taught has this a concept, now he to Malaysia of Danny (Danny Chia), the 2002 macro base Taiwan open (Acer Taiwan Open) champion teaches Shi also special stressed has this.
Newcastle Emlyn Lu said: \"usually swing after I called the vertex for the moment of truth. This location is important, it basically determines the quality of the golf ball better Cup. Under the transition from the vertex to the start-bar required very smoothly, and cannot be rushed. In this critical link, under any stress and anxiety caused by Rod moving Rod head does not listen to the dominant hand. Once that happens, head to be consistent and hand coordination very difficult, it is bound to have a bending ball in or out the ball. ”

Century review: research on the origins of golf

History is that we have moved many, is because those classic moments have been held into volume makes people enduring aftertaste.

For golf lovers, a classic swing scene, can bring us many memories of that era; a classic Stadium, can we learn about golf\'s Legends of the; one stunning events, inspire our endless vitality and passion of sth

More than 500 years ago, elegant taste of golf, from the history of St Andrews opened its first page. Since then, this close to the green movement, from here to show it the infinite charm.

Century review column, is that we in the history of golf, for you collection of classic clips. Here, we will accompany you into the style of classic golf course, for the moments you catch people swing classic-bashing, accompany you to enjoy the exciting without the smoke of classic games, and inspired the classic stories of life in golf history.

Scotland, cradle of the birth of golf

Trace the origins of golf, from ancient times to the present, has been popular with such an interesting legend: a Scottish Shepherd in a way back home, Shepherd sticks by chance, in a rounded stones into rabbit holes, inspired people to get, this noble sport invented golf.

Resist the charm of

Golf, the oldest sport, its history can be traced back to long ago.

According to research, golf (Golf), the word first appears in the 1457 Council paper of Scotland. Because golf is very popular at that time, it attracts many young people from the archery. Therefore, the Government is prepared to order the prohibition of this campaign. March 1457, King of Scotland Royal zhanmusiershi, enacted a \"complete cessation of bing and outlaw Golf\" decrees. Reason is the pastime of the strong movement, seriously affecting Scotland Scottish young Walkthrough \"martial arts\"--archery. This Act was the first time mentioned the golf files.

But in fact, this ban was Bing did not play a role too much constraints. Many youth still keen to play golf in Scotland, archery walkthrough is worse. Later, we can no longer ignore the ban. Because even the Kings of Scotland making 1491 legislation zhanmushisishi, themselves become a frenzy of golf fans in the end, visit Golf almost every day. While the King and Queen of James v, follow the example of zhanmushisishi also play a round of golf.

On the origin of three

In golf history, about the origins of golf, has been mentioned in the beginning of this article is a saying. So far, people are still controversial. According to historical records, experts summarized three statements:

I. originating from the Netherlands

Golf Netherlands KOLF transliteration of the text. More than 1000 years ago, Shepherd Shepherd have spare time, often with a small stone Shepherd of a stick in his hand, over time they often who shot far ahead and throw a good time, or both. This is the prototype of golf.

Second, originated in Scotland

For the United Kingdom and the origins of golf, maybe we are more familiar with. However, there are still two different story in the history: first, when considered Scottish shepherds in Shepherd, discovered this interesting \"hammer stones into the Wo\" game. Second, it is said that the beginning of 15th century, stationed in the North Sea coast city of St Andrews in Scotland of the soldiers, in addition to training, often a drop on the lawn games.

Third, originated in China

China\'s golf development while more than 20 years, but according to historical records, China as early as the Tang dynasty, a technique called \"chuiwan\" sports, like golf. As its name implies, hammer hammer, shot the ball, and is shot into the hole. The song and Yuan dynasties, \"chuiwan\" activities popular in northern China folk song a chuiwan drawings can support.

More than three words, are to follow. However, as is recognized in most countries of the world\'s sport in the world, there is no doubt that golf is the birthplace of Scotland.

St Andrews

English name of the golf of Golf, is in the Scottish dialect \"hit,\" mean. First Golf Club in the world was born in Edinburgh in Scotland, but the golf really rise began in 1457, Sheng·andelusi of Scotland (St.Andrews City).

Unique geographical conditions of the city of St Andrews, it has a natural place to golf obstacles you want-the sands of the sea breeze blowing into WA, sand dunes, meandering streams, sea breeze, people here to play golf in Scotland. Therefore, for the Scottish people, true golf course should be in between the dunes, while the other pitches were relatively is \"inner court\".

In 1854, in the city of St Andrews officially organized the \"Royal ancient Golf Club of St Andrews city\" (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews). It is said that the Club is made up of 22 nobles and gentry, their competition, to compete for a silver ball rod, and develop the 13 basic rules of golf. Today, thousands of golf courses in the world still follows these rules.

St Andrews, it can be said to be \"Golf capital\", every year, tens of thousands of \"pilgrims\" come here to visit the golf course. \"Ancient Royal Golf Club\" leader\'s inauguration ceremony is also very special. Traditionally, the new leader must be inauguration ceremony Wednesday in the third week of September. At that time, he

When you first on the pool table, a group of caddies respectfully. Then he sent a ball, caddies are scrambling to pick up the ball, picking up awards a pound. Subsequently, an old Cannon has been rung in this Rumble in guns and billowing smoke, the Minister announced the inauguration. Now, every new Club Director will donate a silver or gold ball, it has become traditional.

Royal flames

In 16th century, golf gradually by the high society of Scotland, and even the Kings of Scotland before 1603 inherited the British Throne, the zhanmusiliushi also plays golf. His mother, Queen Mary of Scotland (Mary), was also obsessed with a high player. Once a Mali·Saite of the Queen (Mary Seton) servants playing golf, and later because she lost, and gave the workers a very valuable necklace. There are similar records, King zhanmusisishi was in the stadium and one Earl bet results lose, so Earl of his Royal Treasury had to pay 14 shillings.

Influence of Royal, as the popularity of golf in Scotland, and is finally going to the world, had played a positive role in promoting. Oldest golf center associated with the education and the Church, education and the Church are two pillars of the social impact of Scotland \"St Andrew:\" it is Scotland\'s oldest academic centre and seat of the powerful church. At the same time, the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is the seat of the Supreme Court. So, golf as a result of the Royal asylum, in the capital and surrounding areas to develop vigorously. (Finishing/recall)

Learn to determine the ball hitting two balls into the letter t

The importance of the location of the ball to a lot of people overlook off and think that this is not important. Everyone knows, know what ball in position, status, is the most important part of hitting the bearing on the swing. Because each player\'s lateral games vary, so this is not the same for each player, everyone has to find the right ball, of course, under normal circumstances (unless the service) is to adjust yourself to the ball, instead of moving the ball to accommodate you.

In General, according to the length of the ball bar, the ball should be in the middle of station to station intermediate 3-inch forward of the period

How to determine ball, give you some suggestions below:

1, with two clubs formed a letter \"t\".

2, in which parallel to the target line a is defined by foot cable, the toes of both feet down the location of the root ball bar.

3, a pendulum and perpendicular to the goal line in the middle of the station.

4, put the ball in front of two hardcore intersection, if you are using wood, first, the 3 inches apart.

Remember that all full-swing the cue ball, the ball should be in the heel and stations after the middle of the front foot between the clubs.

Try it first!

Serve: low-angle may not be good

Development professionals Tom Wishon clubs said low angle ball bar does not represent a far distance. We can find the examples-in Ford Championships, 2003 used the service less than 9 fewer players than in 2002 of more than half.

Editor\'s Note:
When you hear some tour players in the past two years using a serving bar is more far higher in terms of serving distance, this should not be surprised. This principle has been recognized in tour: a low angle not equal to the greater distance. Angle of many professional players have now found a higher degree of service may be able to hit the ball farther. Found in an investigation of the Ford Championship in 2003 using the angle of less than 9 degrees serve fewer players than in 2002 more than half and 2002 only 5 players using the angle of more than 11 degrees serve bar, but that by the year 2003, this number increased to more than 30.

Face it, low angle ball bar is not a symbol of strength and masculinity but also stupid symbol, say or too far, but if you are still using low-angle ball bar, at least you don\'t really know what kind of perspective really can serve to increase the distance.

Thanks to being called \"serving detector\" (Launch monitor) swing of recording equipment, as well as higher ball flight computer analysis of the application, proved different swing for players, choose different angles and high balls, this distance can serve increase 10 yards, even low speed swing can do.
Tom Wishom is the boss of Tom Winshon Glof Technolgy, study of golf equipment is 24 years old, in the rod head design, analysis of shaft, ball-bar configuration research achievements.
More tour players have begun to abandon the low angle of serving bar, this is not by accident, more and more producers of professional clubs and ball point experts have begun to recognize the service and the relationship between the players swing. Let me explain it slowly. Serve when you\'re in the water by Rod shaft a head edges against flow issue used what is the point of maximum distance? To balance of water on the club hit, Rod a rod angle is 45 degrees for the first connection, serving most of the degrees than you. However, serving after all, the same as against water. For a player, higher service point from you swing after hitting arising out of that moment, we all know that combat does not like when in the water after hitting that can produce a cyclotron, and water hit 45 degree angle against a decision of how far the water on earth can fly out.

A serving of 10 rods for swing speeds of 85mph players, can produce after 2000rpm roundabout, overhead can fly 200 yards. Swing to a high ball after the upgrade, like a wing of the airplane, thus increasing the height of the high ball in the air and the flight time, high ball after takeoff speed, hitting the angle determines the distance of the cyclotron, and serve. Players higher swing speed, ball speed and more swing after that distance, plus the best serve, the ball stays in the air longer, can also be the farthest distance.
Serve many players require a higher degree of angle to get the maximum send distance because they swing speed, a typical 8, 9, 10, even 11 serving bar does not really make for a high ball was sending enough Korai most long distance, also did not fully utilize batting swing speed. According to our study observed that the lower player swing speeds, angles it needs more to get maximum distance.

This has been confirmed, but you don\'t really recognize. So, have you ever used the 3rd, 5th, hitting the wooden rod distance than serve? If so, then you are experiencing what is known as a higher degree of service point get more distance this fact, even if your 3rd wood shorter than the serving bar, lower-velocity, but hit a ball farther than the serving bar. So now that I think, what kind of angle and length matches serve to serve better?

We did a test, using a computer model analysis method. If a player\'s swing speed is 85mph, the tests serve while Rod angle is 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14 degrees, serving bar titanium surface and rebound coefficient consistent with United States of the high society 0.820, the catcher in serving on the horizon, wind-free environment.

Point when serving at 9 degrees, 85mph swing speed hammer for players out of the 182 yards. When the angle increased from 9 to 14 degrees, although ball speed decrease as angle increases, but ball distance was increased to 197 yards, added 15 yards than 9 degrees.

Different types of high player should send perspective and how to choose the most suitable for their own clubs angle? This must be based on the player\'s swing speed and serve hitting the bar varies depending on the angle. Lower player swing speeds, you need a higher degree of service point, which means serving bar angle has to be higher.

Match after a series of tests, we concluded that, for some low swing speeds of players, serving stem degrees higher than the average sale on the market. Some equipment companies have come to realize this, started production sale of 12, 14 or 15 degree Club. For those players swing speed is very low, such as General, and the level of beginner, don\'t even consider the service, and should use the 3rd, 5th, 7th, even wood instead, but with higher sending angle and distance.

Finally, when players choose to serve another point to consider when, how to make them play out in terms of the most long-serving distance? You should consider the angle of the swing. At the time of swing on if the player hitting the bar head to an upward angle of movement, serving degree angle reduces can best serve. But if the player when hitting the head down, Club angle should be increased.

If you tend to

For 9 or 10 degrees serve rod to hit high balls, is evidence that the angle just right for you. But if you used this angle of ball-bar, play high balls are much lower than your partner, then you need to replace a higher angle of ball-bar, so as to let you make long distance.

Cold winter insisted on indoor exercises improve action spring

Winter has come, for some pitches, in the North, due to the effects of cold and wind, to end play has brought a lot of difficulties, even over a period of time, stadium closure may be required, so many people end up less playing time. Many people have such a habit, that is, in the end to warm up before exercise, and the end time less, less exercise opportunities. Wait until the following spring or after playing once in a while to the South, find their skills have been far less. Lack a certain amount and frequency of exercise, is taboo Golf, exercise does not need to end, or specifically to swing golf to complete, with home DVD player and a mirror can be carried out.
In the winter for a long time to do some basic physical training every day, checking their basic actions can give the following spring campaign a great deal of difference. Winter exercise is the basis of consolidation, is the technical preparation of the spring end playing for the coming year. If the consolidation exercise has been very good in the winter, that you do not need to waste good spring practice for the coming year on the field, when in warm spring breeze blowing, we enjoy the fun will be the end, rather than annoy people boring exercises.

Although we do not like hitting the golf swing, but still be able to stretch the body training in the winter, this exercise in swing. No effects of ball flight, it is easier to improve their swing, because we are not worried about bad results and deliberate pursuit of desirable course of action and any adjustments to the swing cause instability in the swing. Our goal is to form the body of the correct move, and by training do every movement is correct, and then the rhythm and the other the ball straight down near skills adjusted. These do not need to see the flight of the ball as feedback information, DVD player and a mirror was enough to give us to provide the necessary feedback, and these are no problem for us, in the Interior you can manipulate.

If you are an absolute enthusiast, you should rearrange their living room or find a dedicated a room (preferably a garage), body layout before a TV, and layout on the right side slightly higher than man in the mirror. Believe how using these two tools is self-evident. In short, winter still needs movement, adhere to bring more fun to the spring of next year.

Learn how to correctly transfer weight skills increase play unlimited fun

Weight transfer done seems to be very simple: when you start to swing on the weight evenly across the two feet, and distribution on the left and right toe of the foot when, after all, every time we have to do. Correct weight transfer on a good complete swing is very necessary. Following is to help you understand how to use the correct method of weight transfer to hitting a few practice.

First of all understand the weight transfer

Usually, very difficult for beginners to understand and feel the weight transfer. At the beginning of the best way is to close your eyes to do some swing exercises. Then, during the initial phase of feel in swing (Address), Midway, and at the end of swing legs percentage distribution of weight. If your swing is correct, place it in a flat, initial stage or when Address should feel the weight is evenly distributed in left and right feet, at the time of swing to the top, if you do a full shoulder and did not swing should feel 80% in medial right foot and cent of weight in the inside of the left foot. Send Rod just feel the opposite. If eyes closed doing these exercises are far from these data or to the contrary, then try the following exercise:

Take another step

Address by General posture, and swing it to the top. When you swing down and through the ball, moving the ball forward after a step, just as if you were walking. The exercise and posture can make you feel right weight transfer.

You can also do

One step after the ball away empty cans, using short hardcore, try hitting without hitting an empty tank. You will find at this time forced to a greater angle downward swing, you were forced to transfer the weight right from the right foot, and in front of the ball and cut up a piece of turf. If you do, you will find yourself in the back or a Top of the ball, which usually is caused by the right foot step. Did some such swing after exercise, try cans in front of the ball about 2 feet in places. Send Rod low near the empty cans as possible without really hitting it. This extension on exercise induced you to transfer the weight onto the left leg, let your head through the ball instead of a hammer on top of it. This is a man who often play Top is very helpful.

On the slopes practicing swing

In order to feel the weight transfer is natural, try standing on the slopes practicing swing. For example, in a down slope, gravity will pull your weight to the left foot, when it makes you swing it easier to do a full weight transfer. As this exercise when determine shoulder line parallel to the slope of the ground to avoid hitting behind the ball.

Weight in the inside of the foot

The rear swing weight in medial right foot, which is critical for proper weight transfer. Weight transfer to the outside of the foot will get you in \"rebound\" to the left out of a solid foundation, this will lead to terrible body sway, these will generate extra movement and on the correct swing damage. In order to form a correct posture, when aiming the ball and swing after, keeping above the right knee at the inside of the foot. Obviously, during the swing to think this is not a very good remedy, but sometimes at the top of the swing to time is necessary to stop and check your posture. These exercises will give you some benefits in time, let you enhance the strength and achieve more consistent hitting.

For transfer weight to the inside of this \"concept\" method of exercise there are many, but at least you have to learn how to feel and notice how your swing is in the process sustainable. You can do this, you will find consistent batting and good relationship between the weight transfer. That is why professional players played very well and looks very easily cause. Let you right foot first root of sneakers dirty, that you have a full weight transfer and the transfer of shoulder tag. Also, don\'t forget to get some fun.

Interpretation of the words:

Top (top): the leading edge at the bottom of the ball club heads hitting the mistakes in the upper half of the ball or the ball. (Source: LearnAboutGolf)

Disable long push rod---

May 20-European tour, held----German bank SAP Open (Deutsche Bank SAP Open), South Africa players teleifu·yimeierman (Trevor Lmmelman) following South Africa aviation open again after winning the European tour Crown, all in addition to shock---long pusher has also led to a gentle debate whether it should be disabled? The argument by ENNI·AISI detonated, he gave a long push rod of criticism after the game harm.

Complaint decisions difficult
US tour and European tour golf management groups of officials believe that many players are willing to abandon a long rod, but the biggest problem now is how will this decision implemented. Golf management groups together two opportunities each year to discuss rules and equipment, and by the United States higher Concord Royal Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) co-sponsored conferences often have long rod is to ban as one of the discussions. But so far, not yet listed by specific implementation of the programme, their given explanation is that solving this problem requires a process.

\"Every time we enter the subject is more difficult, cannot find a way out to resolve. \"United States high-society\'s Executive Director David Fay said,\" cannot say that we have not discussed. But first we have to find a solution. ”

When two weeks when Axworthy proposed to disable long rod, this again aroused the concern of everyone. Stimulating Axworthy remarks fuse comes from South Africa new horizons teleifu·yimeierman (Trevor Lmmelman), he was in the middle of May Germany-Bank SAP Open with an abdominal pusher to a advantage removal of Crown. Axworthy said: \"I asked for the courage and putting technology in the sport is a very important link. You must have the capacity to deal with, and not rely solely on equipment. \"Immelmann abdominal type used in the match after putting---Club is firmly fixed in the abdomen. This let him have his confidence, and also recognizes that he can play better.

Paul Azinger became the first in the 1999 Sony open abdominal type pusher and winning player, Vijay Singh was also used in the past few years a such a push rod, so as to board the bonus list No.1.

Axworthy said: \"I think this has become a push more easy way, you can easily get a perfect strike. But no matter how you grip, all may not be able to obtain a very good position. \"This question is not only against the abdomen push rod, also for long broom-handle pusher, the push rod can be fixed in the chest, players can stand more upright, to gain the pendulum effect. Fay believed that many officials want to disable the long putter. But how do?

\"If you need the body to a fixed ball bar, you need a pad,\" he said, \"but the problem is that this will not come into contact with the body yet? If you are wearing a windbreaker? More weight if the player is a group of players do? ”

Limited length to justify
One solution is to restrict the length of the pusher, \"so you\'ll have to use the old-style push rod. ”
The idea has been there for a long time. Fay has retained a old magazines, there is an article written by Paul Runyan articles above, is a 1966 as written by Golf Digest, why use long push rod mentioned above. Runyan referred to the 1936 Boston held----of Belmont open a storm under the game, when he was putting, are unable to keep the body balanced.

Runyan said, in order to let their stability, his standing broad, inter-and with his left hand to hold Rod fixation for lumbar, right hand grip. \"In a short push to play a greater good,\" Runyan wrote, \"but long when pushed out of control. \"Many years later he found the solution that is more long rod.

Axworthy will feel relieved when I read the following paragraph, and can understand why so many people choose to use a long rod. \"Another benefit is that I do not have estimated that, such a long push rod to reduce tension caused by poor performance. \"Runyan wrote that and said to Ben Hogan, to better reflect that advantage.

Fay said he hoped to hear had used this long putter to win victory in the players talk about this with the body to putting what disadvantages of fixed. It is worth mentioning is that never players had used this long putter to win any of the four competitions.

Push shot double-objective \"2D\" comparative distance and direction is important

In the technology of push hit, we have two objectives, which is 2D: distance (distance) and direction (direction), they are interdependent, less pushing any one is unable to complete a perfect strike, but anyway, the relative direction, distance is more important. Try recall that your balls are often stopped at the line of putt was short a few minutes, then direction well, distance is not enough; or rolling ball impact after the cave after the Cup edge to the other side, the same, good direction, and distance is far away.

You can see, direction is important, but did not have good distance, still is useful at all. Push shot outside as from 20 or 40 feet, if 2 step directions, distances are just words, next push only 2 steps, therefore, does not need three pushed into the hole, which is a prerequisite for par. Relatively speaking, errors led to three in the direction pushed into the hole or more chance of a number of smaller, without having the right distance is the Achilles \' heel.

Many people have this kind of puzzle: analysis cannot be correct observation of green and green. The key to solving it is, having the right push shot distance, which is also overcome the problem of turning the ball. \"If the ball enough, all push shot is straight. \"This is a fact, but if you do not have good speed, ball will cross hole Cup. Instead, the lower the speed, the ball on the Green, the more contacts, the greater the effect of grass, so it will turn, usually distance is shorter. It can be said that all push-click will turn, because at least stadium when setting slope for drainage. Observation effect of hitting the Green effect is to understand two important factors: slope and Grain, which is also affecting push shot distance of where the problem lies.

Green is a three dimensional body, we need to know the Green contours and the surrounding environment, such as, in General, green is always time to low-lying tilted, because this will help to drain. Downhill fast balls, distance; going up the slower ball, short distance, this is common sense.

Grass growth is sunny, so you can determine the Grain direction according to the direction of the Sun. For example, in the open where no tall trees, the grass to Nanchang, from South to West\'s push hit will be large resistance. In addition, the wind also affect the Grain, push against greater resistance of blow.

Next we need to consider the impact on the direction from where. One effective way is bent, Imagine Cup from hole out of a unit of water, the water flows where, where is the problem, that is, the ball will turn towards this direction. Next step is to set the speed and turning coordination.

People can\'t grasp the distance due to swing does not have a stable rhythm and speed. Different players will have a different rhythm, speed, therefore observe the green way also be different. Two different players not in the same angle to the bunker, as a result of different, as they strike the ball turning will not. Key is a good push hit the hand of a steady rhythm, they were able to grasp how to launch distance.

How to find the distance of feeling? First, find a comfortable rhythm of their own, launching the ball, and then to the original position pushing, if accurately stays in its original location, the feeling of this rhythm or control the ball speed already have. Once form a stable pace, distance control is changing the amplitude of swing. In fact, it is often said of pendulum motion.

For a short push, of course, you don\'t need too much amplitude; long push, we need more speed, greater range to at the time of the ball to the ball more dynamic. Do not need to violent knock balls, you need to change the swing on the line. So each push is to maintain a steady rhythm, changed swing to control distance.

Exercise: get 5 balls ladder, find a uphill on the Greens, 5 yards apart into a the ball one side of the ladder into a straight line slightly below the 5-step swing-ball outside, maintain a steady rhythm, hit the ball out, so there will be some turn, first hit the first ball, followed by the second, and so on. Note change of swing range and different distance relationship. When the control distance can be a good time, and then hitting the disruption of order. This approach can feel the distance changes the fastest.

Finding fairway landing to avoid excessive force to kick off more accurate

When you serve after the ball out and found that it falls in a poor location, then you are also able to \"grasp the bird\", or also to Par? Opening strike is important part of playing the entire game. However, it is not easy to complete, especially in the game, when there is external pressure. The following tips can help you better open strike.
Imagine positive results

In any sport, imagine positive results are very important in advance, especially Golf, because it is a psychological game. When you set foot on the ball, the first step to do is stand behind the ball, aiming your target. Clearly a target and feel free to select a different direction is different, correct posture and correct selected goals are equally important. Now, the focus in the design of your flight online, watching the ball shoot out from the bar, in the air, straight to the target. Next time when playing, remember to return to the active state, carefully chosen targets, watching the strike occurred. Remember, prior to \"see\" you want will make your chances of success increase.

Depending on the situation with kick off

Many good players will tell you, there are two situations when they kick off, a conservative, and the other is to make every effort to take risks. When the fairway is wide, conditions permitting, you can hold the ball wants to try to get the ball away. But need to make sure that the ball on the fairway, then your swing should be guaranteed only, not to make every effort to all costs. Swing must ensure the highest accuracy. When the speed of the swing must be 80% and have a certain rhythm. In addition, when swing after reducing hip rotation is also very helpful. Remember, kick off to ensure the ball along the line of expected flight when flying and has better scrolling. If you do this correctly, the ball was low and straight out, and scroll farther.

To maintain body balance

Balance is the consistency of important factors, should not only kick off the case, other parts as well. When you swing is complete, you should be able to stand up and do a good turn, make you goal-oriented, and stay for a few seconds without stagger. If you find yourself shaking, then you\'ll have to continue their efforts. A very good suggestion is to do a low and full swing practice. The lower action can help you enhance your muscle and makes it easier to maintain balance. Finally, send Rod body balance at the end, you will be able to increase swing speed.

Use the appropriate clubs

If you have no plans to trial Club, the Club used that pick on you would be very difficult, and will waste a lot of time. Fit clubs can make you faster and master the skills to improve the standard of. No two swing is the same, do you think of the best clubs may be the worst for others. Outside has a ball for you Rod strike is important.

Attention of the spine is the core of trunk rotation swing principles of spine

We know that you want to hit the ball far, need to be using the large muscles of the trunk, this is the main power source of the body. If our body as a machine, then the spine is the core of the machine, it has been consolidated in other parts of the body, making it fully functional. Correct use of the body of the large muscles, the most important is to recognize and correct position and angle of the spine. During the swing, while the torso is rotated, but the spine angle you want remain unchanged until delivery.
Because maintaining a correct angle than the spine during the swing is more simple to form this perspective, therefore, when in the Address on the spine should be allowed to form a good angle. We need to think about curvature and gradient.

1, bending

When the Address to be able to form the right spine angle, must start with hips forward incline and keep the spine straight as possible (we can make use of a stick across the spine above to check). Straight spine ensure torso leaning forward as a whole, rather than stoop. Natural droop and arm from the shoulder, leaning forward 6 inch until hands left thigh, that is, from which a fist to easily pass through, this is the correct bending of the spine. When we start with hips bent to it, don\'t stretch tight straight legs, but to keep the knees slightly bent. To go shoulder to a more fully, the spine must be as straight as possible. In addition, note Chin lift, not deliberately bow bow, top will bend the spine.

Tilt 2,

Many people believe that when the swing plane is vertical ground of the spine, actually hitting the from Address to this process we need some tilt the spine, which can store and play enough. When the Address, we assure the ball forward, at the same time also need to target some skew in the opposite direction. Head, shoulders, and sternum in the ball behind the head to get this up when Rod along the path of a horizontal sweep out.

Then tilt should be how much? We take a general stand (feet and as wide as the shoulders, knees slightly bent, and upper body from hips start leaning), hold the kick off wood posted live sternum, let stand up to his chin up bar head, shank natural hanging between two feet at this time, do not adjust the legs movements, tilted to the right body, until the Shanks contacts inside of the left leg. This is the head, shoulders, and correct placement of the sternum.

Looking at his hands and position arbitrary control of the ball flying high ballistic

The good Chip and goofy ball, the ball landing heavy low-flying, and then roll some distance. And some powerful players, because the ball has enough distances in the air, so they do not need additional scrolling. Also, sometimes more scrolling, very probably a lot of trouble.
How to make the ball fly a sufficient distance away, and soon stopped the ball needs to be high. And golf is more easier to control, because it always parked in it within a small area near the landing site, especially hitting the narrow fairways or Greens on ten

To have a high trajectory, we have to use \"real Tau Kok\" hitting. Club \"real Tau Kok\" means the sole right to the ground rod head angle, or is the angle mark. Creates good bar head speed, swing posture is correct, use a real bar hitting the head angle, results can be the best also to play goofy ballistic.

If there is no hitting the real Rod Tau Kok, this blow fly too high and not far enough, or too low and too heavy.

In General, the ball was flying too low is because the ball position too bottom, double first pressure too much, or is the mix of both. Have caused a stroke moments this way reducing the angle of the rod head, for example, has made iron into iron, a 5th, 6th (remember, length is less than 5th, iron). Therefore will make a low, heavy ball, have a long scroll distance before stop, because the fairways are not very flat, so this created many difficulties for control of the ball.

Instead, before the ball too, pulling back after double, that is, when you Address, vertical position of the hands behind the head, thus increasing the bar head angle. Result is the ball fly too high, reducing the distance, let originally conceived the best location is no longer appropriate.

If the balls flight trajectory to you it is hard to control, then check the hand and ball bit. When you Address, his hands must be exactly on top of the ball, to be a different hair distance, can\'t have any more.

When using hardcore, the ball cannot be longer than the left heel position, using rods cannot exceed left instep is relative position. Many regardless of what Rod ball friends, likes to have the ball on the left position of the heel, no problem, but if you don\'t want to use iron, balls are all the same, then moved the ball back, move around a ball of hardcore in width, width of the two balls short hardcore.

Actually try change of position of the ball and hand until you can play most distances scroll minimum. In addition, learn how to play different trajectory, can help you in making a low-flying or under special circumstances when goofy ball more power to multitask.

Windy weather and a challenging crosswind ball of some principles

Windy weather does affect the effect of the play, but also adds a lot of fun playing. In general we consider is playing under the wind, headwind and crosswind conditions, wind direction, of course not always parallel or perpendicular to the goal line, but we can from the wind, headwind and crosswind hitting skills to understand various changes of wind direction, the lessons learned. Some article talked about Shun, against the wind the ball in front of the play, this article mainly introduces the crosswind ball\'s principles.

People often increase or decrease the number of the Club to go with the inverse, the impact of wind on distance, mainly of wind power in view
Size and personal experience. Crosswind handling becomes even more difficult, because the crosswind effects not only distance, also affects the direction.

In General, faster than 10 miles per hour winds are likely to change the direction of flight of the ball, especially high and soft ball. Under the strong winds, attacking Greens, hardcore, the smart play is to use the 7th, and swing with three-fourths instead of the normal use of the hardcore, 9th. As for the long-ball, we need to consider is the use of the wind is against the wind, Breeze and strong winds described separately below.

Breeze: 5-10 mph breeze, you can easily reduce its impact, mainly to allow the ball to pass through it: from left to right wind blowing to make a small hook; from right to left wind to blow a small right curve ball. But note that you must direct aim at the target, so that effects of wind and curving shots can cancel each other out, which eventually enables remains straight shots. If the wind had slightly larger point, or curvature of the sphere is slightly more or slightly less than planned, it will still be able to let the ball close to the target point.

Strong winds: we here more than 10 MPH wind as strong winds. For strong winds, bent to offset the effects of the wind still need a course of action, sometimes consider a sudden strong gust blows on the ball. For example, for strong winds to blow on the left to the right, we could aim a bit to the left of the target, and then made a right curve ball, the wind will bring the ball back to the real destination point. Address wide range of large, making the ball requires much of bending, which relies on the experience. Each time you play carefully record the data, you can even choose a \"second goal\" hitting, rely on the wind brought the ball to the real goal.

Better posture balance = better = better golf

-Hagen said, wrong stance and posture of the body to a large extent affected the success of the entire swing.
Body posture refers to each of the major parts of the body is how to coordinate arrangements. Most simply, position is before the start of body movements and looks at the end. Posture affects many of the important swing foundations, such as balance, swing plane, and the movement of the body (). Any part of the Foundation for distance, direction, and tracks ball flight path has a significant shadow

Body balance is in the process of direct control and balance of the body, which will affect the control of the Club, swing plane and force the play.

Swing plane refers to clubs around the body across a plane, this is affecting the ballistic trajectory of the ball flight and in the direction of flight.

Body movement (moving) is under the back swing and bar until your bar the two stages on the transfer of body weight and body rotation control, this will affect the power of play and hitting.

It can be said that not playing the ball well, taking attitude and Address is the biggest reason not to do in place. If the Address when the body will not balance, the swing is no way to achieve stability, are incapable of, or consolidating a reasonable action. Once the loss of balance, the body increases the tension, clubs cannot be very well controlled, causes the lack of rhythm and not hitting the stable (thick, is shot in the back of the ball on the grass/thin, cut the top/right curve or a surface or Zuo Fei fly right/left). Wrong posture not only resulted in the lack of technical, but also caused or aggravated damage to the back, shoulders, and elbows. Tendons of the foot and back good flexibility is the basis of players complete the ideal Address position, provides stability and muscle strength, muscle endurance and let us repeat over and over again in this position, so as to achieve stability of the swing.

Of course, good posture not originally able to blow out. This takes practice, then go to the understanding and comprehension. Perhaps for many people this mode will help establish a balanced and stable stand:

Stand up straight, have to stretch on his feelings, do not bow. You can take a cue to measure it, put the Club back in the Central, head snaps the ball and the other end against the tail spine. (At this time the entire body is balanced. )

Feet and shoulder width apart, not strained knee, let the slightly bent. 34-38 degree inclination from the hips forward, if there is something behind, you will open things behind. Bow not arch back or, if there is a Golf Club on the back, head and back not to leave the Club, it can be said, is a straight spine and head. (This body while leaning back top, two opposite force to create a balance. Note that the focus should be on foot, not the toes, nor in the heel. )

Natural hanging hands hold the Club, don\'t stretch before. (Before the hands stretching or pulling back would be out of balance. )

To stand as the basis of a balanced, stable under, the arm will have adequate space to turn, allowing clubs to correct plane of movement, and the body weight can swing smoothly transferred to after his right leg, and then in the left leg swing naturally transfer to, either to the entire body relaxed.