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Century review: research on the origins of golf

History is that we have moved many, is because those classic moments have been held into volume makes people enduring aftertaste.

For golf lovers, a classic swing scene, can bring us many memories of that era; a classic Stadium, can we learn about golf\'s Legends of the; one stunning events, inspire our endless vitality and passion of sth

More than 500 years ago, elegant taste of golf, from the history of St Andrews opened its first page. Since then, this close to the green movement, from here to show it the infinite charm.

Century review column, is that we in the history of golf, for you collection of classic clips. Here, we will accompany you into the style of classic golf course, for the moments you catch people swing classic-bashing, accompany you to enjoy the exciting without the smoke of classic games, and inspired the classic stories of life in golf history.

Scotland, cradle of the birth of golf

Trace the origins of golf, from ancient times to the present, has been popular with such an interesting legend: a Scottish Shepherd in a way back home, Shepherd sticks by chance, in a rounded stones into rabbit holes, inspired people to get, this noble sport invented golf.

Resist the charm of

Golf, the oldest sport, its history can be traced back to long ago.

According to research, golf (Golf), the word first appears in the 1457 Council paper of Scotland. Because golf is very popular at that time, it attracts many young people from the archery. Therefore, the Government is prepared to order the prohibition of this campaign. March 1457, King of Scotland Royal zhanmusiershi, enacted a \"complete cessation of bing and outlaw Golf\" decrees. Reason is the pastime of the strong movement, seriously affecting Scotland Scottish young Walkthrough \"martial arts\"--archery. This Act was the first time mentioned the golf files.

But in fact, this ban was Bing did not play a role too much constraints. Many youth still keen to play golf in Scotland, archery walkthrough is worse. Later, we can no longer ignore the ban. Because even the Kings of Scotland making 1491 legislation zhanmushisishi, themselves become a frenzy of golf fans in the end, visit Golf almost every day. While the King and Queen of James v, follow the example of zhanmushisishi also play a round of golf.

On the origin of three

In golf history, about the origins of golf, has been mentioned in the beginning of this article is a saying. So far, people are still controversial. According to historical records, experts summarized three statements:

I. originating from the Netherlands

Golf Netherlands KOLF transliteration of the text. More than 1000 years ago, Shepherd Shepherd have spare time, often with a small stone Shepherd of a stick in his hand, over time they often who shot far ahead and throw a good time, or both. This is the prototype of golf.

Second, originated in Scotland

For the United Kingdom and the origins of golf, maybe we are more familiar with. However, there are still two different story in the history: first, when considered Scottish shepherds in Shepherd, discovered this interesting \"hammer stones into the Wo\" game. Second, it is said that the beginning of 15th century, stationed in the North Sea coast city of St Andrews in Scotland of the soldiers, in addition to training, often a drop on the lawn games.

Third, originated in China

China\'s golf development while more than 20 years, but according to historical records, China as early as the Tang dynasty, a technique called \"chuiwan\" sports, like golf. As its name implies, hammer hammer, shot the ball, and is shot into the hole. The song and Yuan dynasties, \"chuiwan\" activities popular in northern China folk song a chuiwan drawings can support.

More than three words, are to follow. However, as is recognized in most countries of the world\'s sport in the world, there is no doubt that golf is the birthplace of Scotland.

St Andrews

English name of the golf of Golf, is in the Scottish dialect \"hit,\" mean. First Golf Club in the world was born in Edinburgh in Scotland, but the golf really rise began in 1457, Sheng·andelusi of Scotland (St.Andrews City).

Unique geographical conditions of the city of St Andrews, it has a natural place to golf obstacles you want-the sands of the sea breeze blowing into WA, sand dunes, meandering streams, sea breeze, people here to play golf in Scotland. Therefore, for the Scottish people, true golf course should be in between the dunes, while the other pitches were relatively is \"inner court\".

In 1854, in the city of St Andrews officially organized the \"Royal ancient Golf Club of St Andrews city\" (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews). It is said that the Club is made up of 22 nobles and gentry, their competition, to compete for a silver ball rod, and develop the 13 basic rules of golf. Today, thousands of golf courses in the world still follows these rules.

St Andrews, it can be said to be \"Golf capital\", every year, tens of thousands of \"pilgrims\" come here to visit the golf course. \"Ancient Royal Golf Club\" leader\'s inauguration ceremony is also very special. Traditionally, the new leader must be inauguration ceremony Wednesday in the third week of September. At that time, he

When you first on the pool table, a group of caddies respectfully. Then he sent a ball, caddies are scrambling to pick up the ball, picking up awards a pound. Subsequently, an old Cannon has been rung in this Rumble in guns and billowing smoke, the Minister announced the inauguration. Now, every new Club Director will donate a silver or gold ball, it has become traditional.

Royal flames

In 16th century, golf gradually by the high society of Scotland, and even the Kings of Scotland before 1603 inherited the British Throne, the zhanmusiliushi also plays golf. His mother, Queen Mary of Scotland (Mary), was also obsessed with a high player. Once a Mali·Saite of the Queen (Mary Seton) servants playing golf, and later because she lost, and gave the workers a very valuable necklace. There are similar records, King zhanmusisishi was in the stadium and one Earl bet results lose, so Earl of his Royal Treasury had to pay 14 shillings.

Influence of Royal, as the popularity of golf in Scotland, and is finally going to the world, had played a positive role in promoting. Oldest golf center associated with the education and the Church, education and the Church are two pillars of the social impact of Scotland \"St Andrew:\" it is Scotland\'s oldest academic centre and seat of the powerful church. At the same time, the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is the seat of the Supreme Court. So, golf as a result of the Royal asylum, in the capital and surrounding areas to develop vigorously. (Finishing/recall)

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