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文章标题1 Do pregnancy parking meters do antenatal instruction and nutrition-related


Good adequate nutrition, can promote fetal brain development, is actively carry out antenatal instruction material basis. Only the rich, balanced and proper nutrition in order to adapt to pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy on the physiological changes, also for the maternal and child health.

In order to meet the needs of mother, reasonable and comprehensive nutrition should include protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral water. Proteins include: meat, milk, eggs, fish. Due to increasing energy intake, food than when not pregnant in this month there was a slight increase can meet your needs. Heat is mostly fat and carbohydrates. Supply of minerals and vitamins from milk, soy, seafood, meat, sesame seeds, fungus, animal liver, peanut, walnut, etc. Vitamin foods include: corn germ, lean pork, liver, eggs, vegetables, fruits. The general requirement is: eat more nutritious foods, to eat more easily digested food, to schedule light, delicious, not greasy dishes to stimulate their appetite. In order to prevent vomiting, after getting up in the morning, drink a glass of boiled water and eat bland food, a little lie down for a while and then get up.

For example recipes: raw materials: lithium fresh fish, weighing 500 grams or more. Practice: fish scales, intestine and stomach.   Reset the dish, 15-20 minutes, remove to fresh steamed into its cage. Feature: disable all oil and salt dressing. Vomiting of pregnancy get more delicious to eat. On the treatment of hyperemesis Gravidarum, especially good effect.

文章标题2 How pregnancy nutrition mix


After pregnancy, mother to what to eat? How to repair? After most mother to confirm their own pregnancies, began to worry about their nutrition. Worried about inadequate nutrition, afraid of baby development. The nutrition of pregnant women has become the family and friends "peoples attention" focus. Then, principles of nutrition of the mother to eat has to follow it? In strengthening nutrition during pregnancy, mothers are matters which need special attention? Let us work together to find the answer! Special Recommendation: trimester for good nutrition supplement nutrition in pregnancy on maternal and child is bad PART1 three stages to add nutritional principles most of trimester pregnant women in early pregnancy appears reaction of pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, eat anything sweet, under such conditions, how can nutrient intake to guarantee? In early pregnant mother of most of them suffering from reaction of pregnancy, poor appetite, this stage, the mother does not deliberately let what you eat more, instead of on a daily basis with worried about chickens, ducks and fish, might as well select their favorite foods to increase appetite. For greasy, suppresses appetite of food, not just eat. Nutrition principles 1: early pregnancy diet to light, easy digestion and absorption. Nutritional principle 2: pregnant women should choose their own favorite foods as possible. Nutritional principle 3: to ensure the intake of protein, pregnant women may be appropriate to add milk, eggs, beans, nuts food. Nutritional principle 4: early note intake of folic acid in pregnancy, because the folic acid related to the development of the nervous system of the fetus. If lack of folic acid during pregnancy, can easily cause fetal neural tube defects, if there is no brain or spina bifida and cleft lip and palate also rise. Many natural foods rich in folic acid, a variety of green vegetables (such as spinach, romaine lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, etc), and liver and kidney, soy, fruit (bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc), dairy products are rich in folic acid. Nutritional principle 5: supply of vitamins to be adequate. If the mother's pregnancy reaction seriously affected the normal eating, can appropriately was advised to add synthetic vitamins. Diet specially arranged according to their appetite eat, do not have to deliberately eat more or less what you eat. Eating less meals can eat eat, is the main principles of the diet of pregnant women during this period. During this period, such as eating habits change without taboos, eat acid foods may enhance appetite. Medium-term entering the second trimester of gestation, mother to appetite getting better when many prospective mothers in families under the persuasion and fully cooperate with, began a large-scale nutritional supplement program. Not only nutritional losses back some time ago, but also in the third trimester before poor appetite, Stockpiling enough nutrition. Second trimester are fetal period of rapid development, in the pregnant mother to rapid increase in weight over the medium term. At this time, mother to sufficient heat energy and micronutrient supplementation, to meet the needs of themselves and the rapid growth of fetus. Of course, pregnant women also cannot fail to limit excessive consumption. Eating too much will cause mother not only excessive burden on the body, may also cause of gestational diabetes mellitus. Nutrition principles 1: effects of dirty cover, thickness matching, food varieties. Nutritional principle 2: avoid finicky, partial Eclipse to prevent lack of minerals and trace elements. Nutritional principle 3: avoid excessive consumption of fried and fatty foods and sweets (including fruit), prevent their too-rapid weight gain. Nutritional principle 4 due attention to the supplement containing iron-rich foods, such as the liver, blood and beef to prevent iron deficiency anemia. At the same time vitamin c can increase the absorption of iron. Nutritional principle 5: an increase in the demand for calcium in pregnant women, eating food containing calcium and more, such as milk, soybean products, such as shrimp and seaweed. Diet specially arranged this period pregnancy is gone, mother to his appetite is good, fetal growth is faster, therefore, mother to fully absorb nutrition of pregnant women to ensure maternal and child needs, but not eating too much, carbohydrate foods, to fully guarantee of calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein, vitamin intake and appropriately increase calcium-containing foods and whole grains. Third trimester at the final sprint stage, nutrition is especially important for storage at the mother. Safety, health, and rational diet, was born in fetal health necessary prerequisite. However, some weight too-rapid growth of pregnant women in the control diet doctors start at his request, to prevent the fetus grows too large, they had to put one's own? quot; shrink shrinking. " Last 3 months is the fastest fetal growth stage, the diet of pregnant women to ensure the quality, variety. Because of the different specific circumstances of each pregnant woman, obstetricians usually be based on the nutrition characteristics of late pregnancy, combined with the specific situation of pregnant women, pregnant women's diet and make the appropriate adjustments. Nutrition principles 1: food quality, full range. Nutritional principle 2 appropriately increase thermal energy, protein, and essential fatty acid intake (eat more fish may facilitate the supply of DHA), the appropriate limit the intake of carbohydrates and fat (that is, reducing the amount of staples such as rice, flour), eat fruits to avoid fetal grows too large, affecting the smooth delivery. Nutritional principle 3: increased intake of calcium and iron. Regular intake of milk, fish and soy products; dried small shrimps, animal liver and blood with a high iron content, should be regular consumption. Nutritional principle 4: control of salt and water intake to avoid bloated, and even of pregnant HIV; nutrition principle 5 for some high energy foods, such as sugar, honey and other sweet foods are advised to eat less, to prevent the appetite reducing, intake of other nutrients. Nutritional principle 6: the select small size and high nutritional value of foods, such as animal food; reducing the food of low nutritional value and volume, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. Diet specially arrange mother according to their own body weight increased to adjust recipes, storage necessary for delivery of energy. Seasoning to make light of the diet, eat less salt and soy sauce, when it is hard to swallow, jam, vinegar can be used to flavor. Usually can eat more meals.

PART2 mother nutrition after good thing many mother once found herself pregnant, began to worry about whether this deficiency lack it, worry about your baby's nutrition is not complete enough. In their opinion, as long as something is helpful for fetal, it should try to eat, it will not let their baby in the belly on the starting line of the transmission and development of the body. In fact, some nutritional supplements too much is not good. Quasi-

Mother eats too much, and have too much, in the end is still unlucky little baby in the belly. To mention some pregnant women are continuously getting fat, belly babies did not enjoy much of "Fu". Then some excessive nutrition, what adverse consequences? Vitamin overdose pregnant women if taken every day more than 10,000 units (I.U.) Vitamin a, there are one-fourth opportunity to cause fetal abnormalities, such as congenital heart disease and eye, palate, ear malformations, and another one-fourth opportunities with intellectual disabilities. If too much vitamin d supplement (more than 15 mg per day), easily lead to soft tissue calcification in pregnant women. Zinc supplementation is excessive, if the mother is added more than 45 mg daily of zinc, cause preterm birth. Be cautious of iron supplement, it is recommended that pregnant women when more than 3 months and then iron supplementation in pregnancy. In General, pregnant women added 30 mg iron pe
r day (unless there is a severe anaemia), taking the iron should be fasting and when not to take calcium and magnesium because of calcium and magnesium inhibits iron absorption. Fruit is excessive, many prospective mothers in order to have a healthy, beautiful baby and trying to eat fruit, even when vegetables to eat fruit. They believe that eating fruit the more the better. In fact, and not a substitute for vegetable fruit. Cellulose ingredient in fruit is not high, but vegetable cellulose ingredients is very high. Some very high sugar content in fruits (such as watermelon, grapes), eating too much, could lead to gestational diabetes. Old man on everyone knows eating fruit may cause the mother to the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus. Excessive eating, overweight. Pregnancy is not sick. Some mother to see themselves as the long-term patient, 280 days of pregnancy, eating too much, too good, and exercise too little, resulting in excessive weight significantly. Mother of consequences of overweight is not to be sneezed at, not only increased during pregnancy can cause complications in pregnant women, is not conducive to fetal development, at the time of delivery, there will be difficulties. Mother to advise based on individual body mass feeding of most of the mother is healthy. A pregnant women in good health and a balanced diet before, she only under medical supervision appropriate to add the necessary food and nutrition during pregnancy to ensure quality intake of protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, totally do not deliberately dabu-fill. Enter the middle and late pregnancy, not only without too much food containing high fat and sugar consumption, also the amount of control. And for physical thin, weight less than normal pregnant women, should try to eat during pregnancy, increased food intake, so that the body has enough energy and heat, afford it bred mission of healthy babies. For multiple births of mother, you should try to eat, to meet each child's nutritional needs. For those who have a history of diabetes or high blood sugar during pregnancy pregnant they should strictly monitor and control blood sugar during pregnancy, strictly follow the doctor's instructions to schedule a daily recipe. PART3 food taboos and misconceptions pregnant woman eating taboo often hear elderly people say, a pregnant woman is not to eat of hawthorn, litchi, longan and also to eat less. The diet of pregnant women is this really so much attention? What foods to eat, what to eat less? Below we will list for you some of the main taboos in the diet during pregnancy. Taboo 1 in pregnant women: hawthorn fruits and their products, pregnant women not to eat. Modern medicine confirmed uterine contractile effect of Hawthorn on women, if a large number of edible food of Hawthorn in pregnant women, it will stimulate uterine contractions, or even lead to abortion. Taboo 2 pregnant women: pregnant women should avoid eating hot food, because, hot food, body heat increase, hinder fetal body poly blood, litchi and longan fruit just belong to this class. Taboo 3 in pregnant women: pregnant women avoid irritant foods to eat: coffee, tea, spicy foods, alcohol, smoking husbands are will to cause adverse fetal stimulation, affect the normal development, and even fetal malformations. Taboo 4 pregnant women: processed foods, and canned food. After processing of semi-finished food delicious, but such food during processing, require a certain amount of additives, such as synthesized pigments, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives, mother should try to eat less. Taboo 5 pregnant women: pregnant women avoid eating uncooked fish, meat, eggs and other foods. In fresh fish, meat and other foods often contain parasites such as tapeworms and cysticercosis, direct consumption of these foods can make the human infection with the disease. Raw eggs are difficult to be proteolytic enzyme hydrolysis of proteins, not easily absorbed by the intestinal, bacterial contamination and raw eggs and they are often, eat directly could easily have gastroenteritis. Smoked, marinated, BBQ food should try not to eat. Taboo 6 pregnant women: is reinforce vital energy of ginseng, ginseng abuse mother supplement, can lead to Sheng-yin, it is easy to put fire; also seen vomiting, edema, hypertension and other symptoms, early production can lead to see red, abortion and other dangerous situations. In addition, the antlers, deer fetus, Royal Jelly and other supplements, prospective mothers should not take. Pregnant women taboo 7: fennel, pepper, chili powder, pepper and other spices of heat and irritation, mother to intestinal peristalsis of the slow, if using this type of food, prone to constipation. Supplementary nutrition, do not go astray due to traditional attitudes and lack of nutrition knowledge and many other reasons, 280 days in the process of strengthening nutrition of pregnant women, often inadvertently walked into some misunderstanding, cause unnecessary trouble. Error: blindly buying nutritional health products. Expensive nutrition than ordinary foods, will you? When the mother on select nutrition, mainly should consider is whether your body needs to supplement, rather than blindly follow vendor rhetoric, many nutrient absorption is not better than ordinary food (such as fresh milk of calcium efficacy not necessarily worse than the direct calcium supplementation), some nutrition is not suitable for pregnant women to eat at all. Mother before deciding to purchase of nutrition, it is best to consult an experienced obstetrician. Myth II: health products instead of the normal diet. In order to strengthen nutrition, some prospective mothers day would add a lot of nutrition, such as protein powder, synthetic vitamins, calcium, iron, and maternal milk powder, and so on, a large number of under nutrition stomach, some mother to think your nutrition is sufficient, daily meals nutrition can not guarantee it doesn't matter. In fact doing so to the disadvantage of the body, because most of the nutrition is to strengthen a certain nutrient or improve one of the features of the product, than using simple guarantee normal dietThe nutritional balance is more effective. Myth three: one meal for two persons. After many women aware of their pregnancies, efforts began to increase appetite, hoping to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus. Almost all mother to believe that as long as their own, the baby will be healthy. In fact, pregnant mother even intake doubled also does not mean that the baby in the belly of the mother can absorb all mothers eat all the food nutrition than ever before, that part of the mother to eat, probably most of them become your own body fat. Child nutrition is enough, mother is the key to the science of food choices, and not by blindly eat to reach. Myth four: have nutritional intake, the more the better. In strengthening nutrition during pregnancy is essential, but nutritional intake is by no means the more the better. Too many nutrient intake would increase the burden on the body, the coexistence of excessive accumulation of fat, resulting in obesity and occurrence of coronary heart disease. Overweight also limits the prospective mother of physical exercise, resulting in their resistance to drop and create delivery difficulties. Myth five: eat more vegetables, eat less. Many people believe that food more nutritious than rice, the prospective mother should leave the stomach to eat more vegetables. This view is extremely wrong, rice is the staple food such as rice, was a major source of energy, a pregnant, pregnant women should intake a day in the late 400~500 grams of flour and its products. Myth six: calcium supplement to drink soup bones. For calcium, some prospective MOM pointing punish in accordance with the old man's bone soup. In fact, bone soup drink effect of calcium supplementation is not ideal. Of calcium in the bones do not easily dissolve in the soup, is not easily absorbed by the human stomach, and drank too much bone soup, but likely due to the rich, cause pregnant women do not apply.

Pregnancy Nineth Chikayuki 59th day

Surface smooth of baby brain development, only a main groove back. Double eyelid has formed of the fetus. Structure of fetal eye has been developing very well. Fetuses are 4~5 mm long, weighing about 5 grams.

Antenatal instruction of information between the mother and fetus by daily communication of chemical components in the blood. Chinese medicine is "pregnant mother take gas to students, with one mind, joy and anger, a bias, that is, child diseases caused by" theory. Medical studies have shown that mother's emotion directly affects the endocrine changes, and endocrine changes and blood flow to the fetus ' body, such as adrenal Medullary hormones increase through blood affect the normal development of the fetus, so emotional antenatal instruction is necessary.

Pregnant mother care during pregnancy breasts grow, so by the breast size you want to replace the nipple-shield. Before you purchase the nipple-shield measured dimensions. Most-with tape measure first through two nipple bra. Then minimum bra breast following anti-line on both sides, sold in nipple-shield number is the minimum number of bra. To use the maximum minimum bra bra minus, divide by 2, find the approximate height of the breast. When choosing a nipple-shield, not only the number right, also under nipple-shield whether the height of the cone-shaped uplift commensurate with the approximate height of their breasts, breast-tapered can accommodate, not nipple-shield sold in all the designs are very scientific nor as nipple-shield can be purchased, fit, not many nipple-shield to up hold up stable effect of protecting the breasts.

Lower than vegetable diet nutrition content of inorganic salts in fruits, therefore not a substitute for vegetable. Advocates of pregnant women eat 500 g green vegetables, and staple the amount of fruits, but not fruit instead of staple food and vegetables, selecting fruit to pick fruits containing less carbohydrate as well.

Try the steamed custard: with eggs, small dried shrimps, sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, minced scallion adequate. First the egg into the bowl, add salt, small dried shrimps, monosodium glutamate, stir with chopsticks, the eggs. Then add warm or cold water 1~1.5 times. Fine egg on Mong Kok water steam for 15 minutes. Under fire, cast a soy sauce, sesame oil and minced scallion.

Did you know that due to the heavy metal pollution, edible seafood may affect fetal development of the nervous system, without getting the fish security, small fish eat once a week more safe, and steamed.