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Introduction to golf

One of ball games. Is Rod drop of an activity. Game player 2-4 are a group, in the service area of the stadium with a Golf Club in turn after the ball out of their own, together via ball road to the placement of the ball, continues to hit a ball until the ball into the hole. Hitting the standard number is 72, hitting the pole is less to win. When the competitions for the four rounds of 72 holes, need to loop on the 18 hole golf course four times.
Game there are two kinds: one for the \"match\"; a \"Stroke Play\". Originating from the Scottish folk, formed in the 14 and 15th century. Now popular in North America, Western Europe, Australia, South Africa, Asia and other countries. Was popular during the song, Yuan, Ming, China of a golf-like activity, known as the \"hammer\". Modern golf in 19th century China. Guangdong established the first golf course, in the 1980 of the 20th century. At the Asian Games in 1994 and 1998, Chinese athletes were Golf second and women\'s team third for male personal name.

Golf course

Golf venues. Stadium 5943.6-cent meters long, covers an area of 50 hectares to about 100 hectares. Located 18 hole, the hole between first and last ball road of convergence, ranging from more than 10.0015 million meters in length. To which hole the ball on the fairway length divided into long hole, Cave and short hole. Between the end of each hole \"service area\", \"lane\", \"Rough\", \"bunker\" and \"Water Hazard\" and \"hole\".


Golf equipment. Round. Ball cores made from hard rubber-like synthetic material, shell packages are covered with many micro-concave circular hard glossy synthetic material, or ball then a layer of rubber around line between kernel and shell. Diameter of not less than 42.67 mm and not exceed 45.93 grams in weight.

Golf Club

Golf equipment. For hitting. Rod about 1 meter long. Grip, shaft and Rod heads a three-part, hitting the bar head. There are iron rods and attack two. Wood poles by length is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5th, mainly hit long distance ball. Hardcore by length is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9th, easier to control the ball in the direction. In General, Club number, the greater the number of small, long shaft, hitting the bar head surface and the angle between the shaft axes also smaller distance hit the ball farther.

Golf venues and equipment

Golf venues

Golf course linearly (see left), laying on wide-open ground. Stadium include kick off lawns, supporting placement will kick off a ball on the lawn in the formation of a location, and then put the golf ball on the plate, after the ball with the cue out. Hitting the aim is to hit the ball into or hit a ball to the hole. Holes are dug in on a flat piece of turf, with a flag flag to indicate where the hole. After the ball is hit into the hole, the hole where the lawn is the new kick off lawns, a hole the ball down.

However, to hit a hole in a cave as described in the text above is by no means easy. First of all, between holes and hole ranging generally from 90 m to 540 m, two hole farthest in the world is Japan a Golf Club has a golf course between the sixth and seventh holes, 830.8 metres apart. Second, each hole has a natural or artificial setting around obstacles, such as: sandbox, and grass, streams, ponds, or bushes. But without the special permission, no matter where the ball landed in the stadium, are not allowed to move, must be in the Colony continued to hit the ball. If the non-moving to when hitting, player may stand in the placement Office, facing down a hole, hand ball lifted shoulder from behind the ball the next, and then continue to the new placement, hitting. Set between the hole and the hole usually kick off lawn-> open grassland-> undulating terrain or bushes-> obstacles-> hole lawn.

Currently the world\'s largest golf course is located in the United States, Massachusetts, Bolton Stadium 7,609 meters long, it provides for the standard hitting number 77. And the highest golf courses in the world is Peru\'s taketu Stadium, the stadium its lowest point at 4,369 metres above sea level. Lowest golf course in the world is United States Califonia death Canyon Creek Stadium, stadium 82.9 meters of below sea level.

Necessary golf equipment

Golf equipment including clubs, balls, shoes, ball caps, gloves and clothing. One of the most major launches world\'s first 125°c club. Ball bar and function in terms of differences, often affect the achievement of hitting. Therefore clubs is absolutely don\'t skimp.

1. the Club
Ball head rod by Rod, shaft and grip consists of three parts, its length of about 0.91-between 1.29 m. According to different needs of hitting distance, each player can take up to 14 different types of ball rod into play. The 14 balls Rod should be configured as follows: 4 wooden rod, 9 die and 1 push rod. For starters, just taking the odd rods is sufficient.

(1) wooden rod made more use of persimmon wood. In accordance with their length and Rod clamp bevel angle can be divided into different number. Smaller the number, the length of the longer, hit the ball higher and farther. Wooden rod used in the service area, the most commonly used are 1, 3, 4 and 5th, for starters, 3rd rods more applicable.

(2) hardcore soft iron making Club heads, thinner than wooden pole, small. It is mainly used to control short range combat, hardcore can be roughly divided into long and short, three categories. Long hardcore is easy to grasp of directional; hardcore in easy swing, easy, suitable for beginners; short hitting the hardcore applies in a difficult position.

(3) putting bar head is made from soft iron, mainly used to push the ball into the hole. Push rod can be divided into t-, l-and d-type, surface flatness is their shared characteristics.

2. the ball, golf bags and shoes
Age of Golf from Scotland to the modern, great changes have taken place. Core-first golf is done with feathers, leather shell sewn together, not only process difficult, the authentic and low rates. Early 19th century, golf manufacturing craftsman can make up to four or five a day \"good\" ball. But feather-Golf is not durable, especially at a rainy day, sewing thread easily broken, often result in rupture of ball in flight, feathers flying all over. In the late 1850 of the 19th century to a \"rubber ball\", this ball is made of eucommia rubber similar to rubber. Solid at the beginning, back to solid substance or liquid core. Modern golf with liquid core, made of rubber shell. White rubber ball on the surface there are many regular arrays of \"dimples\" depression, in the interest of flight and improve accuracy. Rubber golf balls are divided into United Kingdom and the United States two. Ball of a maximum weight not exceeding 50.38 g. American minimum diameter of the sphere of 4.26 cm, for the United States domestic use. British type ball-the minimum diameter of 4.11 cm, for the United Kingdom, and Canada as well as international groups used golf.

Golf bags, mostly leather, diameter about 8 inches or so, good golf bag has reset Rod stable and smooth textures, the overall skeleton strong and so on.

Golf shoes sole soles of around 12 nails to prevent sliding, so that when players swing to keep the body balanced. Fixed these spikes screws must be secure. Otherwise, the screws a pine, shoes were also useless.

Origin and development of golf

Playing golf is a sport for item has a special charm. It is the people in the natural elegance of natural green environment, exercise, edifying, skill-raising activities.

On origin of golf there are all sorts of different story, one of the most widely spread is a Scottish Shepherd in ancient times when grazing or occasionally a round stone with a stick into the rabbit hole, get inspired, invented and later known as the golf sport. Therefore, the \"Golf\" the word first appeared in the 14th century in the files of the Scottish Parliament.

Lead soldiers involved in golf is the North coast of Scotland, then gradually caused the Palace court aristocrats and civil interest of young people, eventually became a traditional project in Scotland. Thereafter passed in England. End of the 19th century to the Americas, Australia and South Africa, 20th century spread to Asia. Prevalence due to play golf in the Royal Court nobles at the earliest, coupled with the golf venue equipment expensive, it is \"noble sport,\" said.

20th century Golf into our country. In 1931, set up a golf game centers. The same year, British and American businessmen in joint Golf Club, opened next to the mausoleum in Nanjing Stadium golf course.

The 80 \'s, golf in China to be quickly developed. In 1985, the establishment of the China Golf Association, in January 1986, China\'s first international golf tournament--\"Zhongshan Cup\" career, amateur mixed Invitational, held at the Zhongshan hot spring golf. Yihou, held once a year. In recent years, the golf has been the rapid popularization and development in our country.

As the identity of a fashion or a vaguely hinted that golf had gradually infiltrated into our urban life, and many people long for. \"Golf\", this is the English transliteration of golf. In English, is the word Golf from green (green), oxygen (oxygen), the Sun (light) and friendship (friendship) consisting of these four words begin with the letters. A movement, both of the above four attractive contents, in advocating leisure in modern society, it is no wonder that it has become the darling of the people. Most people\'s understanding of this fascinating sport may also at the stage of a face unfamiliar, here we will introduce to you a simple.

Basic knowledge of golf etiquette-

Chapter I basic Golf etiquette--you can\'t ignore knowledge on basic play

Golf etiquette – serving table etiquette

Good start-chapter III-serving table etiquette

Before you play golf etiquette-etiquette tips

Chapter II notes on etiquette before prepared to play--

Breaking the push rod ball three myths have the correct set of push rod principle

Maybe a lot of people see on some skills instruction, use the rod swing hitting three principles: straight settling, which bar head has been parallel to the ground, close to the ground sway; settling lower ball club heads when lifting upward motion; swing to the rear as slow as possible. In fact, this is not necessarily effective, very often, it\'s just three easily shattered the myth of.

1, Rod head motion path parallel to the ground. In order for the push rod hitting more freely, swing should not snap when the ground movement, pendulum swing before and after the formation of the path is a slight upward at both ends, winding tracks. Each player on the push rod and its transport
Are very sensitive, when we should be able to feel the ball arc, if you stick to natural path of motion, Head-speed will get much easier than hitting the clubs sudden uplift.

After 2, swing low, close to the ground when the swing, to make the Club forward and upward motion in the ball. Many people push when hitting the ball forward, which is in the middle of the station in front. When settling down Golf Club, in a horizontal path forward, when the ball lift rod head. In fact, if you hit in this way, careful analysis, we can see that in the case of bar head lifting ball, the ball is snapped forward 8-10 inches on the ground, which means that the air moves forward as a whole, rather than rolling on the ground, so completely scroll ball will jump two times before, though very slight, we easily found. This jump causes the scroll ball to deviate from the correct route.

Correct action does not require the lower pendulum, but neither to natural arc of swing, but to slow down the next. If so, Rod ball left after surface within a very short distance (2-3) has a small stuck, start only after scrolling. Putting a priority is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. If you can swing by hitting the lowest point, then you hit will be stable.

After 3, slower swing speeds. The consequences of this is lost the rhythm of the swing is a topic many people are talking about, but few people can explain clearly. If placed after slowing, then also hem at the same speed, and then forward swing, bereft of an accurate rhythm. Slowly settling a certain level, the ball when the inevitable when sudden, have led to sudden, fast forward sent-bar, as well as lose rhythm. So, the swing to the rear must have a certain speed, and have a certain rhythm, hitting is not too far. Many errors that occur on the push rod is caused by the ball too far.

We\'ll review it again: discard of flat, low and slow swing to the rear, slightly curved arc, and after a certain speed and rhythm, in the lowest point of the arc the ball.