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Several points-good bunker shot \"bunker man\" game

We must face the fact: every man the ball into the bunker, sooner or later, to get out of this dilemma. Lucky is that we have a simple, reliable skills so that they can from the bunker \"explosion\". Also, lay a good bunker shot did not just skills, appropriate equipment is also very important. The following main points is to use good sand bars:
1, the best proposals

-Change the speed of swing to change distance. Keep practising until you can control your swing speed to measure distance.

-When hitting the ball, to a larger point into the sand to play short balls, and smaller angle to hit the ball farther. Greater angle of the rod into the sand to make Rod head end of insert ball and ball \"prop up\".

-Club heads should be 2-3 inches behind the ball into the sand, too little sand will make the ball turn more badly, and this is very risky. Practice time to draw a line behind the ball and hit on that point.

-Gently feet pressed down into the sand, to ensure that the body stable.

-Using open stand (left foot evacuation) to limit the swing range and increase the swing after.

-Open bar, with the opening stand. If you want to play a higher, landing a softer ball, it will open a little bit.

-By hitting the point when the wrist fixed, do not relax before hand.

-Be a adequate, \"u\" type of swing.

2, understanding characteristics of sand-bar

Understanding of the sand bar design, understand its principles, playing good bunker shot is very important. A design of fine sand Rod has three important features:

-This leading edge of the more prominent down the back edge. This design so that when the bunker the ball club heads pop up as soon as possible after the hit a sand sand without too much into the sand.

-Rod Tau Kok for the ball, and flew over the edge of the bunker, and ensure that it can gently down to the ground are very important. Sha Tau Kok is typically 56-60 (cut Rod angle is 48-52).

-\"Roots to the front of the arch\" sand-bar looks like the bottom edge is oval, this can prevent eating too much sand. (Imagine sand-bar is \"Pai\" in the sand, instead of Sha \"dig\". )

Remember, if you used a Pitching rod in the bunker can sometimes avoid some unnecessary troubles.

3, with \"mind\" to feel

In factors affecting good bunker shot, tension is more devastating than any other factor. When you nervous when the swing is not open. Try to imagine a good keep your body relaxed and optimistic attitude. Someone once said: \"if I become a master, this is only one reason: no bunker ball intimidated me, also no will in the future. You according to the good sense to play well every bunker shots. \"(Source: LearnAboutGolf)


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