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Understand your swing speed teaches you choose fits your ball bar

Recent Sina online about \"playing golf friends survey\" form, one of the topics are: in choosing a ball with you what are the key factors to consider? Nearly 60% ball friends chose \"trial of after effects\". This shows that the domestic golf enthusiasts buying the ball with time more and more tend to mature, which promote the development of golf in China, I believe that is of very great significance.

In the store, we can see an increasing number of friends to ask sales staff for more some balls with specifications of the data, learned from the current situation, General friends notice are: Rod head size, Club face angle (LOFT), Rod length and rigidity. More professional ball friends also to understand the shaft torsional moment (TORQUE), bent (KICK POINT), and Club swing weight (SWING WEIGHT), these data basic clubs (especially dial products) to see. Even golf is not clearly identified above, also mostly from sales or recognition on the specification of the product.

But there is some data to non-professionals cannot understand, such as the rod head of centre of gravity position (including the focus distance, height, depth), inertial energy rate (including Club overall inertia ratio, head of horizontal, vertical inertia ratio), the angle of gravity, and so on, up to now, even if these data are also almost no records in the specification of the product. We should not look down on these data, in fact they are when we choose the right equipment, will play a very important role. For example, there are many brands of equipment in their clubs are low, deep focus, but the lowest Center of gravity of which brand? Ball friends are unknown. Provisions in accordance with the manufacturing of Golf: golf ball is 42.67 mm diameter, so to ball up on the fairway, the key point of their best was 21 mm or below bar head centre of gravity height 21 mm can be called \"low gravity\". That is: Rod head of gravity height in 21 mm following of ball with, will more easy to will ball hit up, but in ball road Shang grass in the of golf of focus on points may will more low, especially for waved Rod speed enough fast of ball friends,, select more low gravity of ball with very important, because we cannot always in ball road Shang using in the, and short hardcore to hitting. I collected data, KASCO\'s #44 universal members the lowest Center of gravity, is 18 mm. In fact, apart from these \"low gravity\" of ball Rod yiwai, also has many model of ball sleeper of gravity height are in 22 mm above, they is for waved Rod speed comparison fast of players design of, for waved Rod speed soon of \"storm type\" players,, apart from using more hard of Rod body zhiwai, Rod head of gravity height also cannot low, otherwise will produced excessive of Hou Rotary, not only distance by loss, fly out of ball anti-wind sexual also does not strong. Rod design specification for each brand and its various models are not the same, although the gap is very small, but the result is a big difference. And this gap is generally difficult to try out in practice, because the grass does not hit the pad and in the trenches.

Golf famous brand TAYLOR MADE is first in Japan launched (this year April launched, then will will in Europe launched) of R7 series, was golf industry persons called \"has landmark significance of golf with\", its maximum of features is in kick off wood rod of bottom has 4 star can any demolition swap of distribution heavy (2 star 10 grams, and 2 star 2 grams heavy), ball friends by simple to swap this 4 star distribution heavy, on can get different of gravity location, to get different of ballistic. Such as: swing the ball friends fast enough, you can lower the center of gravity, to obtain a high trajectory to increase distance if the ball\'s trajectory is always the right song can change again the Centre of gravity position, shortening the distance to the center of gravity Rod head faster return of some correction curve ball to the right, but also against. Though the ball did not formally listed, evaluation of ball we do not know, but just from the design concept is of epoch-making significance, because consumers are more likely to choose to suit your equipment. In addition, the authors also speculate: the ball has launched, is able to get Golf brands as soon as more detailed data out, let the ball friends reference when buying. While author personal also think, the paragraph ball with of launched for domestic of ball friends, significance more major, because has too more ball friends too focus on technology and ignored has ball with of importance, after all most ball friends does not will playing golf as own of occupational, we impossible every day to exercises field playing Shang hundreds of a, and even Shang thousands ball, we cannot in short-term within makes own of action more perfect, effective improve results of another proven of method is: select a support for own waved Rod action of ball rod.

What about how to choose the right Club? You must first understand your swing speed, which is the selection of the most basic and most important clubs of the data, I found in the actual work 80% more consumers are not aware of their swing speed, which is very important to choose to use the hardness of the shaft, to know the club shaft in role of to account for more than 70%. Select Rod body probably of standard (kick off wood rod) for: 75 miles/hours (34 m/s) following: hardness for L;75-85 miles/hours (38 m/s):-a or R;85-95 miles/hours (43 m/s): r or S;95-108 miles/hours (48 m/s): s or X;108 miles/hours above: x or XX; in here members to note: the brand commercial of r, and s, and x of hardness standard is does not as of, more science of measurement standard is Rod body of \"inherent vibration number\", but to currently also no for the brand using. In addition to hardness, should swing speeds also determines the use of \"bend points\" of the location where the shaft, as a whole \"swing weight\" for how many clubs, in addition for kick off wooden pole, also determines how many degrees you should use (Club face angle) of the Club.

> Second, ball friends in for exercises and end play Shi, to note and own around of people for comparison, more observation own hit out ball of ballistic: is partial high also is partial low, and partial left also is partial right; flight distance enough enough; \"hoeing\" and \"shaved\" of phenomenon more does not more; effective hit rate high does not high aspects of status; these are is comparison easy understanding of information. There are other aspects that need little reflection, can be seen such as Rod surface better catch the ball well, Rod, and Rod surface speed: speed, what are the features your swing posture and so on. If you have access to this information, and the purchase of equipment, that information tell sales, are easier to buy the right equipment.

Third, we must fully understand their cue that you are using the basic data, such as what brand and model? Hardness of the shaft, head size, type of bar head and so on. If you do not know can take their existing equipment to equipment shop in order to put this information to those sales. In addition, replace the ball with time, not a and replace all of the equipment, at least to retain 1 today you sense the best clubs.

IV, actively participating in the brand organization trying to play, to experience to understand the brand, model, equipment performance. At the time of trial, for feeling better clubs, to time in what is now the best equipment to use compared to test for compatibility between them matches. Try again when you open the ball wood, each making one feel better after the ball, immediately using their now try fairway wood or iron type, just as if you were on the pitch to play ball. Because in practice we can\'t always use the same rod to hit the ball for all locations. If possible, you can use try rod end to play, in actual combat testing this bar is for yourself.

It is said that there were thousands of golf brands in the world, brand of equipment (and each brand will have a variety of types) should also have hundreds of species? I believe that they all have their own reasons to survive, but for consumers, how to find these many brands of equipment that suits their 14 clubs, certainly not an easy thing. Hope that the method described above, to give you a ball from friends in the selection of equipment to some reference. I believe that if you use the right Club, not only can enable you to rapidly increase performance, also for improving swing technology certainly plays an important role. (Golf Zhang chaojie Takeda)

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