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Looking at his hands and position arbitrary control of the ball flying high ballistic

The good Chip and goofy ball, the ball landing heavy low-flying, and then roll some distance. And some powerful players, because the ball has enough distances in the air, so they do not need additional scrolling. Also, sometimes more scrolling, very probably a lot of trouble.
How to make the ball fly a sufficient distance away, and soon stopped the ball needs to be high. And golf is more easier to control, because it always parked in it within a small area near the landing site, especially hitting the narrow fairways or Greens on ten

To have a high trajectory, we have to use \"real Tau Kok\" hitting. Club \"real Tau Kok\" means the sole right to the ground rod head angle, or is the angle mark. Creates good bar head speed, swing posture is correct, use a real bar hitting the head angle, results can be the best also to play goofy ballistic.

If there is no hitting the real Rod Tau Kok, this blow fly too high and not far enough, or too low and too heavy.

In General, the ball was flying too low is because the ball position too bottom, double first pressure too much, or is the mix of both. Have caused a stroke moments this way reducing the angle of the rod head, for example, has made iron into iron, a 5th, 6th (remember, length is less than 5th, iron). Therefore will make a low, heavy ball, have a long scroll distance before stop, because the fairways are not very flat, so this created many difficulties for control of the ball.

Instead, before the ball too, pulling back after double, that is, when you Address, vertical position of the hands behind the head, thus increasing the bar head angle. Result is the ball fly too high, reducing the distance, let originally conceived the best location is no longer appropriate.

If the balls flight trajectory to you it is hard to control, then check the hand and ball bit. When you Address, his hands must be exactly on top of the ball, to be a different hair distance, can\'t have any more.

When using hardcore, the ball cannot be longer than the left heel position, using rods cannot exceed left instep is relative position. Many regardless of what Rod ball friends, likes to have the ball on the left position of the heel, no problem, but if you don\'t want to use iron, balls are all the same, then moved the ball back, move around a ball of hardcore in width, width of the two balls short hardcore.

Actually try change of position of the ball and hand until you can play most distances scroll minimum. In addition, learn how to play different trajectory, can help you in making a low-flying or under special circumstances when goofy ball more power to multitask.

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