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Player than hole championship penalties should be to inform the opponent

Q: Jim faced an uphill hardcore hitting of the ball. In his preparations for hitting and after has been started on pole, moved the ball, he did not stop the swing and hit the ball, ball in the hole next to the area. Pursuant to rule 18-2, Jim was a penalty. Later, Jim\'s opponent in the match-play in the 2nd. When you next to the two players came to the Putting Green, Jim tells Harry he fined one, therefore he has completed three instead of two. Jim is this appropriate?
A: (he did) not appropriate! Rule 9-2 is so described: punished players should be \"as soon as possible\" to rival Tong
Unless he clearly is in accordance with the rules about the disposal procedures of punishment action and that action was under the observation of the opponent. Because of Jim penalties is not under the observation of the opponent, and Jim there prepare notification, such as Harry, so, Jim will be considered on the hole provided wrong information to the opponent, he should be in the negative. Meaning behind the rules tell us: player\'s strategy and tactics under the influence of the error message.

For example, if when Harry knows when Jim had completed a three-bar, you can select the alignment hole in his next regional security in the middle of their game. In short, the players should be informed before hitting the opponent to the next bar. But \"as soon as possible\" meaning of the term, players themselves punished to the maximum extent possible be notified of your opponent, but not all cases had to be done. For example, when the opponent at a distance of players far away and soon hit the ball.

The above match only.

How, then again when the following conditions?

Q: Jim on the preparations for hitting and has begun after rod, ball moved, he hit the ball, but did not realize that according to the rules should be one penalty. His opponent Harry then hit the ball. When two peers, Jim tell Harry when his swing, the ball moves. How they should be fined? Answer: Jim is the hole in the negative, because he is not punished notices as soon as Harry, Jim was not aware of (or don\'t understand the rules) is irrelevant and should be punished.

Define explained:

Addressing the ball: (address) on the body condition of the ball when hitting the station and prepare, including hitting two feet of the location you have chosen in the direction, then bar facing the ball ball this series of actions. Rules, players do station, hitting the ball contacts the ground shall be prepared. But bottlenecks in the area, prepare players for hitting the station when the.

Match: (match play) is not round but with the pole against the number of holes, the game has nothing to do with other groups of players, just the same set of players fighting, wins the number of holes in a round is the winner of the competition. Is the first to use the longest history of golf competitions. Common games are: individual races, three of them two-game, four two-game, three-ball game, best game and four games.

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