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Learn how to correctly transfer weight skills increase play unlimited fun

Weight transfer done seems to be very simple: when you start to swing on the weight evenly across the two feet, and distribution on the left and right toe of the foot when, after all, every time we have to do. Correct weight transfer on a good complete swing is very necessary. Following is to help you understand how to use the correct method of weight transfer to hitting a few practice.

First of all understand the weight transfer

Usually, very difficult for beginners to understand and feel the weight transfer. At the beginning of the best way is to close your eyes to do some swing exercises. Then, during the initial phase of feel in swing (Address), Midway, and at the end of swing legs percentage distribution of weight. If your swing is correct, place it in a flat, initial stage or when Address should feel the weight is evenly distributed in left and right feet, at the time of swing to the top, if you do a full shoulder and did not swing should feel 80% in medial right foot and cent of weight in the inside of the left foot. Send Rod just feel the opposite. If eyes closed doing these exercises are far from these data or to the contrary, then try the following exercise:

Take another step

Address by General posture, and swing it to the top. When you swing down and through the ball, moving the ball forward after a step, just as if you were walking. The exercise and posture can make you feel right weight transfer.

You can also do

One step after the ball away empty cans, using short hardcore, try hitting without hitting an empty tank. You will find at this time forced to a greater angle downward swing, you were forced to transfer the weight right from the right foot, and in front of the ball and cut up a piece of turf. If you do, you will find yourself in the back or a Top of the ball, which usually is caused by the right foot step. Did some such swing after exercise, try cans in front of the ball about 2 feet in places. Send Rod low near the empty cans as possible without really hitting it. This extension on exercise induced you to transfer the weight onto the left leg, let your head through the ball instead of a hammer on top of it. This is a man who often play Top is very helpful.

On the slopes practicing swing

In order to feel the weight transfer is natural, try standing on the slopes practicing swing. For example, in a down slope, gravity will pull your weight to the left foot, when it makes you swing it easier to do a full weight transfer. As this exercise when determine shoulder line parallel to the slope of the ground to avoid hitting behind the ball.

Weight in the inside of the foot

The rear swing weight in medial right foot, which is critical for proper weight transfer. Weight transfer to the outside of the foot will get you in \"rebound\" to the left out of a solid foundation, this will lead to terrible body sway, these will generate extra movement and on the correct swing damage. In order to form a correct posture, when aiming the ball and swing after, keeping above the right knee at the inside of the foot. Obviously, during the swing to think this is not a very good remedy, but sometimes at the top of the swing to time is necessary to stop and check your posture. These exercises will give you some benefits in time, let you enhance the strength and achieve more consistent hitting.

For transfer weight to the inside of this \"concept\" method of exercise there are many, but at least you have to learn how to feel and notice how your swing is in the process sustainable. You can do this, you will find consistent batting and good relationship between the weight transfer. That is why professional players played very well and looks very easily cause. Let you right foot first root of sneakers dirty, that you have a full weight transfer and the transfer of shoulder tag. Also, don\'t forget to get some fun.

Interpretation of the words:

Top (top): the leading edge at the bottom of the ball club heads hitting the mistakes in the upper half of the ball or the ball. (Source: LearnAboutGolf)

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