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Learn to determine the ball hitting two balls into the letter t

The importance of the location of the ball to a lot of people overlook off and think that this is not important. Everyone knows, know what ball in position, status, is the most important part of hitting the bearing on the swing. Because each player\'s lateral games vary, so this is not the same for each player, everyone has to find the right ball, of course, under normal circumstances (unless the service) is to adjust yourself to the ball, instead of moving the ball to accommodate you.

In General, according to the length of the ball bar, the ball should be in the middle of station to station intermediate 3-inch forward of the period

How to determine ball, give you some suggestions below:

1, with two clubs formed a letter \"t\".

2, in which parallel to the target line a is defined by foot cable, the toes of both feet down the location of the root ball bar.

3, a pendulum and perpendicular to the goal line in the middle of the station.

4, put the ball in front of two hardcore intersection, if you are using wood, first, the 3 inches apart.

Remember that all full-swing the cue ball, the ball should be in the heel and stations after the middle of the front foot between the clubs.

Try it first!

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